I had a chance to take a look at it early this week and i only had about an hour to do it. Now. I sat down with the product manager and also the lead designer of the blazer ev, to ask some questions and to check it out now. This is a show model, so it doesnt run, but i can give you some of the stats they mentioned, but also a lot of it could change depending on when the car comes out, because these are all early estimates now also a disclaimer im, not a car. Guy but im a person who loves to explore new evs coming to the market. If that sounds good to you, hit subscribe that really helps the channel out and uh yeah lets dive into it. The chevy blazer is based on chevys altium platform. The altium platform is gms ev platform, and this gives gm the ability to scale evs faster and also gives them the choice to add or remove battery clusters depending on the vehicle, they are still making a gas powered blazer as well. So if youre not ready for an ev, but you really want a blazer, you can still buy one too. The blazer will come in different trims, but the one you are looking at is the ss and theres also going to be a police version 2.. So the entry version of the car is going to be called the lt1, and that is 48 000 and all the way up to 66 thousand dollars.

Roughly for the ss version now, depending on the trim, youll get thatll dictate the range, but you can get up to 320 miles on a single charge. It has 11.5 kilowatt level, 2 charging and standard dc fat charging at 190, kilowatts, meaning you can charge it up at home overnight without a problem. You can also fast charge at around 80 miles of range and roughly 10 minutes of charging theres, also different levels of regenerative braking, and that can definitely help with range as well now, if youve never driven an ev before essentially regenerative braking is when you let go Of the accelerator, the car starts to slow down as if youre hitting the brake. Now to me, i think it is a better way of driving and also it does help you regain some of that energy back into the battery and i think its a win win situation, so this car has that but its something you have to toggle on now To me, i think the design of the car looks great. It has an aggressive stance which i enjoy, but it doesnt scream eevee, which is a good thing to me. I think rolling down the street. You just see it as just a suv that is pretty good. Looking, i think it is about time that car manufacturers are just starting to make good looking cars that are evs and not cars that look like evs. If that makes sense now on the rs and the ss models, there is a full array led panel out front, which does a whole lot of different lighting effects, depending on whats going on.

So when you walk to the car, it does a little dance. When you leave the car, it shows a different animation when its charging, you get these indicators, letting you know what the status of your battery is. Now i absolutely love the 21 inch wheels on the ss version. I think that makes it look more aggressive. I kind of mentioned that before, but just the aggressive appearance of the car, i think just makes it look good to me. It just stands out for me. Now, when talking about raw numbers, not all the numbers are released just yet, but the ss version gives you 557 of horsepower and 648 pounds of torque. It also has a launch mode called wow, which stands for wide open watts. Thatll get you from zero to 60. In less than four seconds look gm and their launch mode names – i mean the hummer had wtf, which was watts of freedom, and now we have wow with the blazer im, not sure of the standard 0 to 60 time, because the launch mode is going to be A mode you have to put the car in and thats, not true real world driving, i mean youre not going to put it in launch mode when youre at a red light. You know its just one of those things that theyre putting on the cars to kind of get those numbers to look really good but day to day driving. I wonder what the 0 60 speed is actually going to be.

It does have a bose audio system and i wasnt able to test it in the car, but it looks like theres quite a few speakers and if its anything like how the new hummer bowls are set up, it should sound, really good the way. Bose and hummer work together. It made for a really unique sound system, and hopefully the blazer is going to kind of share some of that stuff. Now, inside the car theres, a horizontal 17 inch display and its angled towards the driver, which gives the driver full access to the display right from their seat without having to lunge forward now. Theres also buttons on the dash too, and you can get to things like wipers and hvac control without having to touch the screen. Theres. Also, a few usbc ports on the back, some accent, lightings and a nice panoramic roof, but only the front portion will slide back and also i like the red seats on this version. Obviously you could pick different versions and some of the entry level versions of this car will only have cloth. The red interior with the red exterior is kind of like a really cool look im, not sure if i would do red but yeah i like it. It has built in supercrews, which is available on all, but the entry level trim, which is essentially autonomous, driving on freeways and im, not sure if you guys have used supercrews, but it works really well.

It does require a lot of attention from the driver, which is good, and i found it to be very accurate and it can deal with driving variabilities better than tesla can also it switches lanes. It slows down. It speeds up without an additional subscription or an additional expense, which is definitely nice now, all in all, i only had one hour with the blazer ev now this car should be coming out next year sometime so as the blazer gets closer to being final ill, be Sure to have a video for you guys, but i want to know what do you think about this car? Is this car the car that youre going to get to be an ev? Now they did talk about the tax credit that is not available as of right. Now because, obviously, gm has sold so many cars, so the tax credit is not available, but when this car comes out there may be an additional tax credit to knock that price down even further. But right now this is kind of what were at kevin.