So what they tell you and what you get sometimes can be two different things. I noticed that the front wheels are d.o.t approved like they talk about the rear wheels coming are not d.o.t approved so thats. One thing you if youre trying to get it registered youre going to have to change right away. Also, the glass markings im going to see if these are good enough here in the state of florida, because they dont have a d.o.t number, although they do have all the markings of a shatterproof glass that they use on vehicles. So they may accept it, because the ccc with the circle around it is commonly referred to as made in china and and also produced in china, but its for distribution in the european countries, and they consider that the same as an asi one. The other thing is the steering wheel. It has all these buttons its upside down right now, but it has all these buttons, but ive never found any of them to work. I was hoping to be able to change uh from kilometers to miles per hour, but have not been able to figure out a way to do that. Yet uh it comes as they said, all metal. It sounds good when you close it. The only thing is they ship it with damage to it already uh the truck driver, thankfully signed for it, is damaged before he would take it from the shop, so they couldnt say it happened in shipping.

You know one of the other things youre going to have to work on right away. Is the air conditioning unit which is right in the car uh? It comes unlevel and facing back so the condensation doesnt collect in those hoses so by by looking at other sites. I was able to know that you have to lift the dashboard up level it out lean it a little forward this way, itll collect into tubes and go outside the car, if not the first time. You turn this on youre, going to have a lot of uh leaking water in your car from the condensation. The buttons here, the one to the closest to the knob uh does control the flood lights up top the one next to it controls nothing. It is a switch there, but its a dead switch, its a heater switch, but they have moved the heater to the dashboard, along with the air conditioner, its all one unit, the heat and the air conditioning. It does sound like a jet engine going off in your car, but it will cool it down. The other problem with the speedometer to edit in kilometers is its way off. As far as the speed youre doing its going to tell you youre doing 51 52 kilometers and in actuality, thats 31 32 miles an hour, but its not. I put a mile per hour, uh app on my cell phone, and i do over 20 in the high speed, and it went as fast as 23, which is perfect for an lsv here in florida, were just going to make sure that the batteries have to be Fully charged for hit to hit those speeds uh, you have to be careful charging your batteries, ive read in facebook pages about these cars, where, if you dont turn the charger off, if you let it go at night, you stand the chance of melting your batteries, because The charger does not shut off, sometimes automatically.

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. The other thing is, the seats are super cheap. These are going to have to be redone. There is no cushion in them at all. Theyre very flimsy. The other issue is the seat belt. They give you the seat belt, they give. You is not one thats going to go through the state of florida. You cannot have a lap belt for a bench seat. You have to have a seat belt for each seat in the car. So since theyll see four seats, that means im gon na have to install four seat belts on the car. The sunroof is nice. The racks are strong. I have no connect issues with the rack. The flood lights work good. The sunroof doesnt leak so ill be doing another review in a couple weeks to let you know how things go, trying to register it, the other hassle with them. Is they wait to get the uh mso from china? They dont, send you the mso with the car. I think thats just a way to make a little extra money, because if you dont want it, they dont send to china for the information.