And Im going to level with You. Thereve been times I wasnt sure that Lucid Motors was going to make it. The electric car segment hasnt exactly been short of upstart automakers, promising huge things from their EVs.. Neither has it been short of failed upstart automakers discovering that delivering on those promises is a lot harder than it might seem.. Lucid gets some instant kudos, then, because it has already managed to ship cars.. The Lucid Air Dream Edition was around 170000 of pure EV and effectively the halo car for the company. Lucid, staking its flag in the ground triumphantly declaring its arrival.. It wasnt exactly a huge arrival, mind. Just 520 examples made for a start., All of them customized and tweaked, and modified from the standard design, because Lucid says its earliest customers had been mightily patient and deserved that attention to detail. This Grand Touring is that main meal? No longer production capped or specially massaged., Just the promise of real luxury, real speed and really long range. Theyre boasts weve heard before, not least from Tesla and its Model S.. Indeed, a fair few of the Lucid team spent time at Tesla at some point in their career, along with plenty of other automakers.. One thing theyve all picked up on is that speed sells. The Air Grand Touring has 819 horsepower and all wheel drive and can do 0 60 miles per hour in 3. Seconds., The Air Grand Touring Performance is actually a relatively late addition to the line up its 1050 horsepower getting the green light after demand for the Dream Edition Performance far outstripped supply.

. It cuts the 0 60 time to just 2.6 seconds. Lucids pitch, though, has always been more than just power. Range is key too. On 19 inch wheels. The Grand Touring is expected to do 516 miles on the EPAs. Testing., Even on its standard 21 inch wheels. The Performance version is predicted to do 446. Miles., Lucid and Tesla may have been sparring over just whose cars can drive the furthers on a charge, but the broader reality is that both are just on another level compared to the rest of the EV. Pack. Were talking. Similarly, priced luxury electrics that deliver half the range of what an Air Grand Touring can do. When it comes to recharging, Lucids whimsically named Wunderbox onboard charging unit delivers up to 300 miles after 20 minutes plugged into a 300 kW DC fast charger. Theres, no Lucid equivalent Of Teslas Supercharger network, but early Air buyers do get free access to Electrify Americas network in the US.. What stands out after youve got past the giggle value of going very fast in a straight direction. A few times is how cohesive the Air feels., When I strapped in for that first prototype speed demo, you could still make headlines with your electric car just by showing how rapid it was.. Now, though, no less visceral an experience. Blunt speed is a familiar thing., Mainstream. Automakers like Porsche and Mercedes, have waded into EVs, bringing with them not only performance but a legacy of technology comfort and build quality.

. In short, the game has changed.. Lucid Motors can play that game. The Air Grand Touring proves it. On the outside its a little longer than a Mercedes E Class or a BMW, 5 Series. Inside though it has space akin to cars in the segment above, like the industry benchmark S Class., Actually its the cabin which surprised me, the Most., Its more inviting than Teslas stark and creaky minimalism, but less ostentatious than the screen strewn Mercedes and Porsche.. The center touchscreen runs a clean, easy to navigate infotainment system that Lucid built in house.. The driver meanwhile gets a curved display panel that handles the core controls, navigation and multimedia.. There are happily a few physical controls for the features you reach for most often., As youd expect. Lucid is able to upgrade all this with over the air updates. Of the 90 ECU controllers in the car 70 are upgradable and Lucid, already released 17 updates between November 2021 and July 2022.. What it got right on day, one, though, is how cohesive the rest of the interior feels. That comes down to some really pleasing choices for materials and design.. Lucid combines traditional options like leather wood and metal, with more modern textiles and engineered fabrics.. The result definitely feels like it can hold its own against what the Germans are doing, but without feeling old school in the process.. What you cant see just by looking at it is quite how much Lucid has invested into in house designs.

Custom motors custom power control. Custom batteries and custom software to make them all play nicely. Together. Very little here is off the shelf.. What you do see, though, is the payoff to those investments.. The Airs motors are markedly smaller than those found in its rival EVs.. That means more cargo space in both the trunk and the frunk. They and the rest of the electronics have more effective cooling too. So the wild performance is sustainable time after time., Plus its a reflection of the reality that being green isnt just about having no tailpipe on your car. But everything involved in how its built.. That means designing, lighter, smarter and simpler, so that you need fewer raw materials. Are shipping less and requiring less power for manufacturing.? Make no mistake? Though. The Air Grand Touring may be more affordable, but its not cheap. Youre, still looking at 154000 or 179000 for the Performance. Version., In fact, well have to wait for the Air Pure for the price to dip under six figures. Itll start at just over 87000 save money with a metal roof instead of glass along with rear wheel drive as standard. Youll still get about 406 miles of range. Lucid estimates and 480 horsepower though. Lucid Motors isnt alone in the biggest challenge it faces right. Now. Production is the bugbear of the automotive industry at the moment and for relative newcomers, especially those with a long list of preorders and reservations. Meeting that demand is an uphill battle.

. Whats. Clear, though, is that the Air has been worth the wait., Rather than focusing just on speed or range or luxury or even brand cachet. It pulls all those things together., The result is an electric car. That is forgive me. Geeky enough to take on Tesla but well rounded enough to compete with some of the mainstays of the luxury segment.. Now it just needs to build more of them. Check out one of our newest videos right here, Plus even more Slashgear videos about vehicles are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell.