So the plan today is to see what is the absolute least you can get out of an electric car. If you use all of the things that would normally drain a battery so lets turn the engine. Battery on then were going to go. Phone charging lovely lets. Turn on the heated seats all the way up, thats going to make me hot, so we probably better turn on the air con all the way up the temperature, all the way down, thats going to make me cold so well turn on the heated steering lovely lets Heat up the windscreens as well eh, why not? Why not heat it seats on this side? Lovely all the way up? Okay, oh driving mode lets, go on to untamed. Okay lets. Do it so weve all heard about how to get the best range possible from your electric car? You pre condition the battery before your trip. You turn off the heater, you close all the windows, you drive very gently and then you die of boredom or hypothermia thats. All very well, but we wanted to do things wrong if you were totally careless and did everything you are not supposed to do, how fast can we run out of juice whats, the least number of miles we can achieve from a single charge, its an interesting one And our chariot of choice is this: the mustang mackey so heres the thing right. I want to get to know the mackie just a little bit better because its supposed to be a practical family, electric suv, with a little bit of added extra spice, no lemon and herb a bit of spice if you will so this is the standard all wheel, Drive version its the least efficient, so it has the least amount of mileage of all the mackies that you can get, but you can get miles on it, which we did start with and already im down to 238 wow im, not normally the sort of person that Gets range anxiety, but um today might be that day.

I think im kind of getting used to the fake v8 noise, although i still dont know if i like it, but i am getting used to it when you drive it in whisper mode. It is just completely silent. Now, whisper mode is like eco mode, if you will on other cars, but its known as whisper on here. So it just makes everything super sleek super quiet as you pull away its done slightly gentler than it would be, while its in untamed mode like what it is now, while its in untamed mode. I i mean youre, basically gon na win at all. The traffic lights is whats gon na happen. Okay, the range is dropping fairly quickly on the motorway, which is great news for us, but we want to test the mackie on a variety of roads so its time to turn off and head into town im now in town, so im currently going 29 mile an Hour, sticking within the speed limit well done nicola, no more speed, awareness courses for me. Thank you very much, but look this car in town is where its going to be its most efficient. So if you want to buy one of these and be super efficient and get lots of range in town driving is where its going to be at its best and its super duper quiet as well. Well also, what i like about this is: how easy this car is to drive you get in and you go.

I mean the size of this car as well. You would expect it to be a bit more fiddly in and around town, but its its, not its quite lovely right. Then. How are we looking for range well, weve, driven 14 miles, since we charged up but weve taken 26 miles off the total range thats? Not too shabby? We will be giving the mackie a fair test later on to find out how far it can go in normal conditions, but in the meantime, im going to head over to some nice country roads where i can really grab the mackey by the horns. That should really do some damage to our predicted range. So, while were getting there im going to tell you some fun little nuggets of information about this car, so this is the dual motor version that weve got here and it has 266 brake horsepower 580 newton meters of torque, which, let me just tell you now – is Gosh blimey plenty, i mean when you put your foot down naught 62 is in the lower part of six seconds. Thats, not bad! Is it that its not bad at all? What i quite like is when youve got it in the untamed mode, and you put your foot down, you feel like it might end up giving you whiplash, which is fun. I think it makes me like it. I feel, like my face goes. This is where its fun you see. This is where the car shines i mean.

I know it is an suv and theres, not a lot of body roll to be fair in corners. Okay, steering could be a little bit more accurate, but this is where its at its best when youre on a twisty tony country road, you can have a good bit of fun with it, although this is where were going to mostly drain the battery im, not going To lie, which, i suppose, when it comes to a challenge like today, is a good thing. Applause. It is quite firm, it doesnt make it uncomfortable, but i suppose it has to be for an suv though doesnt it, so it stops the body roll just that little bit more after giving it some beans. The car is showing 106 miles of range after 76. Miles of driving so technically the car thinks weve driven 142 miles good job nicola, but before we get onto the motorway and completely kill the battery, lets talk about the interior because theres no getting around it. That giant screen dominates everything now as standard i mean youve got the heated seats, heated steering which obviously were keeping on. So we can attempt to drain the battery a little bit faster to see whats the minimum that we can get. Uh youve got this 15 and a half inch massive screen here, which ive taken a liking to i didnt like it when i first looked at it, but its theres a charm to it, although it is a little bit on the laggy side.

So when you kind of play around with it just takes a second or two to realize what youre trying to do, but it has got wireless apple carplay, its got android auto i mean the climate controls are all touch sensitive, which is a little bit on the Annoying side, but i do quite like the volume control that thats, like one big twiddly, quite like that. I like the sort of red stitching that gathers around it and i like the materials all around the front. If you step up in the range, then you get panoramic sunroof bno sound system. Oh an electrified, boot lid. We dont have the electrified version of this one and speaking of the boot, not as big as i thought it was going to be its 402 liters, which is fine, and actually it does make things a little bit better. Knowing that youve got the 81 litre Music, its called a frunk or a fruit isnt it i cant help, but call it a bonnet hole thats. What i like to call it the bonnet hole, its got: an 81 litre bonnet hole, franco fruit. You know what i mean but thats, where the charging cables are anyway theres a decent amount of space in the back, as well with more than enough headroom and leg room for five adults. If only we had a few extra passengers to empty the battery even more quickly right in terms of mileage, how am i getting on here were on 43 weve got 97 miles left in the tank.

I keep calling it a tank, its not a tank like when i called it an engine earlier, its not an engine, its not a tank. Its a battery weve got 97, no, no seven miles in the battery there. We go whats quite cool about this. Car is the setup here. It tells you where your energy has gone, so the battery being drained 77 of the battery draining is because of how im driving nine percent external temperature. So if it was colder out, that would be a high percentage, but in terms of everything else, accessories and climate use and all that sort of stuff thats about 14 thats, not as high as i thought it would be its mostly just how im driving it. So if you drive, if youve got everything on and you still drive it carefully, you can still make the most out of the battery. I reckon okay, we are officially pulling off the motorway and pulling into the service station. I have 55 miles left, which is 27. I have done 106 miles when actually the car is telling me ive done what a hundred and so its been about 80 miles, different so id say its knocked off 80 miles. I think its also worth pointing out. I have thoroughly enjoyed driving this car. Its quite lovely, its been a really really lovely drive. Ive had a great day. I would call that a success really. The fact that weve had everything on has been pretty blooming good isnt it just knocking off 80 miles.

Really, i expected it to be worse. Im not gon na lie so were gon na pull in and charge up now it will charge at 115 kilowatts, so it will go not to 80 in about 35 minutes 38 minutes its not too bad.