But what really enhances this BMWs desirability and appeal is the introduction of a new top spec M sport variant with the petrol engine, which gets smaller sportier cosmetic changes, which seem to make all the difference. So, in line with the sporty theme the front bumper is sculpted to lend a racy appearance. It gets stylish lightweight 19 inch M alloy wheels and blue brake calipers and the rear bumper sports Twin trapezoidal exhausts tips. Its lift back shape with its sloping. Roof lying towards the stubby boot remains unchanged and is still a defining feature of the 6gt one that Garners mixed opinions. Music, engine and transmission Duties are carried out by a 258 horsepower per 400 newton meters. Four cylinder turbo petrol engine paired with an 8 speed automatic transmitting power to the rear wheels. Just like the 2018 version owners will love this engine smooth and refined character, as well as the strong manner in which it delivers performance. Whats more is that this free raving motor spins all the way till its 6 800 RPM Redline, rather effortlessly with three driving modes: Eco, Pro comfort and Sport. The car changes its character from being a docile Cruiser to a quick Sprinter at the touch of a button. You also have the option to leave it in adaptive mode where it examines the driving behavior and adjusts the responsiveness, damping, steering weight and more automatically the 8 speed. Torque converter is quick, seamless and intuitive at all times, so youll seldom find the need to take over manual control using the paddle shifters step into the bright and Airy cabin and the 6gt immediately impresses, with its top notch quality and levels of fit finish.

The lacquered wood, matte silver highlights and ambient lighting strips are Tastefully executed and now, with the larger twin 12.3 inch screens, one for the instrument cluster and the other for the infotainment. The overall design looks properly modern, speaking of which the instrument cluster has been upgraded. From being part digital to a full digital unit and the infotainment screen has grown in size and packs in more features like an advanced voice command system, as well as Wireless Android, auto and Apple carplay, sound quality has been upgraded too. With the new 16 speaker, Harman Kardon system, foreign, the price range for the BMW 6 series varies based on the trim level you choose starting at 73 200 and going to 257 840 for the latest year. The model was manufactured.