This review is sponsored by bumblebee ev check out the link in the video description. Now much has already been said about these 8 bit headlights and rear lights. They just epitomize this sort of retro modern design. Although the ionic 5 is a bit of a unique design, i can certainly see a little bit of a tip of the hat to the delorean in this. What can you see in it now? For me, the ionic 5 is one of the most distinctive looking vehicles on the road. Today. I think they often surprise people, because on paper they look like a hatchback, but the reality is its a very, very big car, its basically a low slung suv on this ultimate edition. Weve got these 20 inch. Alloy wheels got the very trick door handles that pop out when you unlock the car and pop back in once it closes the paint on this. One is sort of a matte finish, which is absolutely gorgeous feels great under the hand as well. Now, if youd like to pull this car out of a tight parking space, you can also do that with the key fob here. Hold this button down for a few seconds then hold down forward and it will pull itself out for the parking space and then just hold down back, and it will back itself in nice. Boot space is very generous at 527 litres, theres a couple of little cubbies under the floor here, but its not massively deep its the only one issue with this boot, i guess is it doesnt – have the depth of some but its a great wide flat opening that Should be very easy to get everything in and out of so one of the true highlights of the ioniq 5.

Is this amazing cabin theres just so much space in here? The perception of space is incredible: they really do make the most of this cabin space. Its also lots of little clever features like this central cubby. You can move back if you want that, allows you to get a full size rucksack in there and really make the use of that space here. Weve got another huge sort of storage area. It is open, but semi covered by this armrest in this model. Weve got inductive phone charger down here pair of cup holders, two usb ports theres another usb port down there in the footwell next to the 12 volt socket. Strangely, that seems to be the one that you have to use for the apple carplay and android, auto thats a bit odd. It would make much more sense for it to be here, so you can store the phone underneath, but there we go. Maybe thats. Just me extremely nice materials have been used throughout and it really has a feel of luxury and quality. For me, the seats could be a little bit more supportive. They could get hold of you a little bit more than they do, but they are very comfortable material. Again is very nice. The digital driver information display here is brilliant, very comprehensive loads of options to change what you want to see and how you want to see. It also got a head up display on this one, and that shows you the current speed youre traveling at and the speed limit of the road youre on big infotainment display here.

Ive currently got apple carplay running on this, and it makes great use of all that screen real estate. Now the actual hyundai system itself is very good, its one of the better ones available on the market. So this is one of few cars that i get into where id be happy to not plug the carplay. In so weve got a physical dial for the stereo volume and some shortcut buttons to the other features of the infotainment system touch controls for the aircon. Luckily not built into the screen, they are on this separate panel, which is wonderful, very nice steering wheel in this one with a flat bottom weve got a drive mode button. Weve got some controls on the steering wheel itself. Weve got flappy paddles for that regen braking its maybe a little bit busy on the steering wheel for my liking, but at least everythings. There weve got some rocker switches and some sort of touch sensitive buttons, so theres a nice mix in there, a little bit of design fun youve got a plus symbol on the accelerator and a minus on the brake, who doesnt like that, and one of the best Things in this cabin, though, is the glove box, which is a draw its such a simple thing, but why has no one else ever done that you can actually get things in and out of it, its brilliant and visibility is generally very good in the car. Apart from perhaps those rear corners where youve got quite large pillars, but youve got all the cameras you could ever possibly want.

Youve got top down views forward, views back views, side, views and also, as youd expect in one of these cars youve also got the blind spot cameras. So when you put the indicator on, it shows the blind spot there on your driver information display, which is a great safety feature and its a bit trick. Isnt it. This ones got bose stereo system, which sounds absolutely fantastic. Theres led ambient lighting around the speaker, grilles and along this glorious bit design here, which is the grab handle for the door, and i forgot to tell you theres, also a little cubby in there, which is nice. So in the back that roominess just continues. There is a ton of legroom im about five nine and a half and thats set to my driving position, and there is acres of leg, room and somewhere to put your feet. Whoda thought its also completely flat on the floor in the back here, which means carrying three adult passengers: its not only possible, it might actually be quite comfortable. So weve got further two usbs down here and theyve put the rear vents actually in these pillars, which is great so it doesnt mean the person in the middle is getting blasted and no one else is and then weve got a couple of cup holders in that Center armrest, this is a very, very nice cabin indeed now. Charging the car is very simple. Thanks to this little port, which you open up with the key ring and close with the keyring, which is very nice, ive, obviously been charging the car at home.

Using my bumblebee ev easy one charger, but if you were to charge this at the very fastest charging points you can achieve incredible speed. If the battery is already low on the car, you can get 50 percent into it in about 10 minutes on those very fast charges, massively impressive stuff. So this is a very rare thing, a car that, within the first five minutes of driving, you can immediately tell its quite a special thing from the instruments to the materials that have been used in the cabin to the ride. Comfort to the sound everything about this car just screams quality, its obviously a heavy car with a very long wheelbase. The wheelbase is actually very similar to an audi a8. Just to give you some kind of idea of how long this wheelbase is obviously with it being an ev, the wheels can be pushed fairly far into the corners, so it doesnt probably look as long as it is its a very large vehicle, its a heavy vehicle And, despite that, the suspension delivers a really comfortable ride. You dont crash over bumps, nor do you get seasick going round a bend. Its really well put together this thing, its really quiet on the road uh it floats along and really does soak up the miles and despite at first glance it not being the most aerodynamic of designs. You dont get a great deal of wind noise, its a little bit noise coming from the tyres, but again not too much at all.

It just floats along its great now. As for the rest of the driver experience, there are a few things that could be a touch better. In my humble opinion, its got no rear wiper, which is always a bug bear in mind. I just find it a bit annoying when cars dont have a rear. Wiper, i understand that it would probably take away from some of the aerodynamism of the of the design, and certainly it wouldnt look as nice, with a rear wiper stuck on it, but its a practical thing, thats very, very useful to have so. I personally would like this car to have at least an option of a rear wiper. Also, some of the driver assistance systems can be a bit distracting at times. Obviously they can be engaged disengaged adjusted. The lane keep assist, for example, can be a bit forceful. The drive selector is on a stalk down here, and that enables you to have this sort of floating center console, which is fantastic, but to me it would possibly make more sense to have it up here. Essentially, you rock it forwards to go into drive you rock it backwards to go into reverse, but to me somehow, im used to going up for reverse and i want to go up for reverse every time and thats taken a little bit of getting used to and A couple of slightly hairy moments, so i personally would prefer sort of a rotary dial up here in this country, currently to the best of my knowledge, theres no option for a panoramic roof.

That is an option in some other markets. I dont know why they havent sort of added that as an option here to me that ones not a deal breaker by any means, because its such a big light airy cabin aside from that, the only thing i dislike is the fact i dont own one seriously. Its good so start around the 42 grand mark. The one im currently sitting in is closer to 49 grand and for that youre getting what i currently consider to be the best family ev on the market bar none, obviously theres, one very close rival within the group, which is the kia ev6, which is essentially the Same car with a different lid on it, i will be reviewing an ev6 next month, so ill. Give you my frank and honest on that one theres also the genesis gv60, which again is a variation on the same car. If we just look at the wider market of evs that are available, i dont think any of them tick as many boxes as this one and i dont think any of them do everything as well as this one as a great all round car amazing piece of Design and just a lovely thing to spend your time with, i dont know if this can be beaten. I really dont this cars had a ton of attention sitting on my driveway by the way, its difficult to actually go outside the front of my property.

Without someone who happens to be walking past at the time, stopping and asking me about the car its got to the point where its slightly annoying, if im completely honest and when youre driving it along, you do see people a little bit slack jawed, although the ioniq 5 is a car that lots of people do seem to know about. You still dont see a lot of them on the road, certainly not in the leafy suburbs of bournemouth. In any case, tesla model 3s are 10 a penny, but you really dont see many of these and i think when people do see them, the the common sort of comment thats made is always bigger than i expected, and the design is just so striking that people Do just sort of stand and stare a little bit, so i wanted to try this out as a family car. So this weekend we took the kids on a little bit of a road trip. It was absolutely brilliant, as the cabins quite wide. It was quite nice for me and my wife to sit in the front and not worry about the kids being so close that they cause each other bodily injury. Whilst were traveling up the road and the car is so quiet. We actually managed to keep the usual three different conversations going on all at the same time, whilst also listening to the radio which was nice in terms of performance. Despite this not being the liveliest version of the car available, you are never ever wanting for power.

Its all there plenty of it it doesnt, have the naught to 60 drama of some evs, but for normal driving that people actually do on the roads, its great, absolutely brilliant. On the motorway, you just touch the throttle and – and you can just skip past something in front of you – it really is a joy to drive. Obviously, the engineers at hyundai are currently working on an end version of this car, and my experience of encar shows that when those group of engineers get together and and breathe on one of these designs and sprinkle their magic sporty dust on it, what they achieve is Nothing short of miraculous, i think the end version of this car is going to be something that people talk about for a long long time. I think its going to be a classic if you want to check the current lease deals on one of these vehicles by the way. Folks, just look in the video description and pinned as a top comment and youll find a link to lease loco that helps support. The channel also takes you straight through to all the current hyundai ioniq 5. Lease deals theyre available today that updates in real time. So you will always see the latest offers with that link. So, as you know, i always like to sum up these reviews by telling you basically how i feel about the car actually going back at the end of my week with it, and this is going to be a difficult one for me, because im grown so attached To this car in the few days, ive spent with it its rare for me to see a car that i absolutely love on paper and then see it in the flesh and be equally as in love with it and then spend some time with it and again.

Im still equally in love with it, its very rare and its also very rare for me to find a car that i look at and it excites me and it interests me and i drive it and it excites me and it interests me and yet its still Massively practical – and you know something you could live with on a day to day basis, all those things come together in this car which to me makes it a very special thing indeed its that good. For me at the moment, the ionic 5 is just the perfect family car its as simple as that.