We seem to have finally reached that time with bengaluru based simple energy, who launched the simple one scooter about a year ago, but were finally getting to ride this highly anticipated electric scooter Music, as it turns out the company only let us ride it scooter on a Very short: loop within a gated housing society outside bengaluru. That means that well only be able to share a first impression of this scooter today, and a detailed road test will only be possible when simple lets us ride its scooter on public roads. So it seems like today is going to be more of a preview than a review, but in one way that is a good thing, because the scooters we have here today do not seem to be fully finished. Unfortunately, this has become the way of most evs. We ride these days, but the good news here is that the fundamentals underneath in terms of the motor and the chassis they do seem to be in a good place. Simpleng claims that this will be the fastest electric scooter when it goes on sale and the specifications. Certainly back that up, their in house developed motor produces similar power figures to the ola s1 pro, but its the torque figure that is unrivaled in the e scooter space. The company claims a segment leading 0 40 acceleration time and a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour Music. Those figures are impressive, but what stood out to me is that the accelerator response in all four of the riding modes is smooth, predictable and easy to use.

That being said, the top two modes did display a slight overrun where the scooter continues to accelerate for a fraction of a second. After you close the accelerator to simple credit, a smooth and predictable accelerator response is something that most evs struggle with, and this scooter is already much better than most evs that we have tried. The company says that this mild overrun issue will be fixed by the time. The scooters go into production now, even in the very limited space we had to ride today, this scooter was able to comfortably cross 80 kph in its top sonic mode and from what i could tell i think its about as quick as an ola s1 pro in Its hyper mode, maybe even quicker – that means that the simple one will probably be one of the fastest scooters in the country when it goes on sale. But this scooters real trump card is its range with the total battery size of 4.8 kilowatts. The simple offers vastly more capacity than any other two wheeler ev on sale today, but thats. Not the only tempting detail. Simple has also come up with a clever system where the battery capacity is split into a 3.3 kilowatt hour fixed battery under the floorboard and a 1.5 kilowatt removable battery that slots in under the seat. This will help address charging anxiety issues to some extent, and it also means that the company can easily offer a cheaper version in the future without the removable battery pack.

This is a really clever thing that simple energy has done and for many reasons, but there is one thing to consider because of the internal design of the seven kilo battery pack. It doesnt have the same thermal management abilities as the main pack underneath, and that means that this pack can only power the scooter in eco mode. So that means that a significant amount of the overall range will have to be in eco mode, which limits the top speed to 45 kph. As for charge times simple says that this scooter will take about four and a half hours to charge from zero to full. In an industry first, the company says that it will also sell an accessory fast charger that doubles the home charging speed and brings the charging time down to two and a half hours. It is worth noting that the removable battery will only start charging once the main battery has charged up to about 80 percent heres. What the overall charging times look like. So the performance is strong and simple promises. Market leading levels of range, but another thing that comes across is quite impressive: in most areas is the chassis. This steel, tubular chassis is also an in house design by simple and the company has done a good job with the brakes and suspension setup. The brakes are powerful but easy to modulate. Although we did notice quite a bit of chassis flex at the steering headstock under hard braking, the company says that this will be fixed by the time the scooters go into production.

That issue aside the scooter handles well, and it manages to do so while coming across. As quite comfortable in the suspension department, this scooter currently wears 90 section tyres at both ends, and the company says that the variant with factor tyres will only be offered at a later stage. As for the suspension, there were no bad roads for us to properly test it, but its clear that simple has gone for a nice plush and softly sprung setup Applause that softly sprung suspension reminds me of the tvs and talk and thats in a good way. Now the n talk manages to be a soft and comfortable scooter, but also a fun and enjoyable one when you want it and the simple one seems to pull off that same trick. As for the seating position, the handlebar is just high enough for tall riders to manage and its definitely not as cramped as the aether 450, but its also not as spacious as the ola s1 pro the 775 mmc tight is good for short riders, but the shape Of the seat could improve because it makes the riders slide forward and it doesnt leave much room for bigger forks, simple says: they are working on this as for whats under that seat, the storage space isnt segment leading, but it is quite good. Nonetheless, the companys portable charger design isnt complete. Yet so we cant show you how much space it will occupy in there. Those of you following the simple ones journey for a while now will have noticed that this scooter looks a little different to the one that was launched in august last year and thats, because quite a few things have changed, and some of those changes are rather drastic.

The changes made to the scooter in the last one year include new, led lights at the front and rear and some design changes to the bodywork. That alone is quite significant, but the company didnt stop there and they also made a two degree adjustment to the steering rake angle, as well as modify the swing arm. Pivot angle, those are serious changes to the chassis but thats, not all either. Last year, this scooter was running a chain drive system, but the company has now wisely moved to a belt drive and that will prove to be quieter and lower on maintenance. In all of this, the scooter has gained 5 kilos, taking the total claimed weight to 115 kilos, which is still about 10 kgs lighter than the ola, but it turns out that simple still has more work planned for this scooter. For example, the belt drive that is currently exposed will be fully enclosed on the production, scooters and the company is also working on the motor regen functionality, which is almost completely turned off on our test. Scooters simple, smartphone app is not ready yet either and the 7 inch tft may have a slightly different layout with bigger icons for the ride modes. When the scooter goes on sale, the display software itself is still in beta test mode and a number of features like bluetooth, cruise control and even some basic touch. Functionality were not operational on our scooter. The battery charge indicator was also quite buggy, and it would sometimes jump back up to 100 percent thing that needs to change and quickly is the level of quality and finish for the plastics all around now.

I think that this is a really nice looking scooter. It has sharp lines, it looks fresh and it has a great sense of proportion, but when you start to take in the finer details thats when things start to look rather rough Music, the simple one certainly looks reminiscent of the eighth of 450, which is no bad Thing just like the ether, this also has a premium. Looking side stand, a nice front number plate mount and a beautiful aluminium swing arm. However, there is a lot of improvement that needs to happen in other areas. The body panels had rough and unfinished edges. There were large panel gaps in places and some of the plastics were coming loose all together, simples charging, flap design looked unfinished and felt flimsy to use as well. It was also quite strange that the company did not want us to ride the scooter in the rain or even let it get wet. Now some of these issues should stabilize once production begins, but clearly there is a lot of work to be done here and seemingly not a lot of time. The company says that it wants to open test drive soon and it estimates that the first customer deliveries should begin by september or october. On the bright side. Simple says that, despite massive supply challenges, it is holding on to its initial quoted price of 1.1 lakh rupees x, showroom after the fame 2 subsidy and that the first customers will get the scooter at that same price.

That is a fantastic price for this level of promised performance and range when it is ready, the simple one will undercut its rivals for as long as the company can afford to sell it at that price. There is a lot going for the simple one and its clear that this company is genuinely trying to address the issues of usability range and price. I also believe that the basic fundamentals mostly seem to be in place, but from what weve experienced today, it is clear that simple still has a huge amount of work to do. If it wants to address all of these issues before customers start getting their scooters, then theres also the fact that this completely new company still has to prove its ability to manufacture at scale.