I dont think it lives up to the past blazer name and id much rather have a bronco or a wrangler. But now chevrolet is pulling back the wraps on the blazer ev and i have to say one thing: damn: Music right off the bat. This thing looks fantastic. The design team did an excellent job here, theyve treated this one visually in the same manner. They treat their sports cars and it shows the base. Lt gets an ev centric. Looking 19 inch wheel, the mid grade rs jumps up to a unique 21 inch wheel, while the top spec ss gets an excellent and clean 22 inch setup. The rs and ss models also get a bit of extra led lighting up front. It does different light shows for when you walk up to the car or when you walk away from it. It also lets you see the state of charging when the blazer is plugged. In back to the exterior aesthetics, though, this blazer looks nicely muscled up, i like that the rs and ss get a blacked out front fascia. I appreciate the sharp cuts around the fenders and i like how it flows with the shoulder line, also check out that large powered charge port door Music. The coolness continues on the inside as the cabin space looks pretty great. The vents look like little turbines and rs and ss models get flat bottom steering wheels. You have an 11 inch display ahead of the driver to serve up the gauge cluster information, while a large 17.

7 inch display sits atop the center stack, but the heart of any eevee discussion has to focus on power, performance and range right. Well, gm isnt spilling all of the beans just yet, but the top spec ss model delivers up to 557 horsepower and 648 pound feet of torque. An all wheel, drive setup and zero to 60 mile per hour blast of less than four seconds and brembo brakes to haul all that speed back down. Whichever version proves to be the range focus model will deliver up to 320 miles on a full charge. Chevy plans to offer front rear and all wheel drive versions via the 1lt, 2lt rs and ss trims. The blazer ev will recharge at speeds of up to 190 kilowatts. So if you find a dc fast charger near you, you can pump in 78 miles of range in 10 minutes and theres no start button for when youre ready to set off just hop in with the key fob and the vehicle is up for action once out. On the road you can operate the blazer ev in full one pedal driving mode. If you desire, you can also let it do some of the driving itself via the available super cruise system. All of this adds up to an extremely compelling and cool looking ev option with the new blazer ev its a 2024 model and goes on sale starting in the summer of 2023 order. Books are actually open now, if youre interested and the price starts at forty.

Seven thousand five hundred and ninety five dollars for the two lt model, rs versions, start at fifty one thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars. Those two will be offered. First, the ss comes shortly after and wears a starting price of 65 995. Then, in the first quarter of 2024, chevy will begin production on the entry level 1lt with a 44 995 price, and it will also start production of a police, spec fleet model version 2.. None of the prices mentioned here include destination and handling, so be mindful of that Music.