You do also have some other e trons on market, such as the e tron s, sportback, the regular e tron sportback and then also the original e tron. Now the latter can be found for roughly 62 000 pounds and the model that we previously reviewed on the channel was the 55 quattro, which is somewhat comparable to what we have over here and prices start from around 72 000 pounds again without options. If you want a detailed breakdown between the different trim levels and what is on offer, do check out our written review, which will be down in description below or indeed in the pinned comments. So what does that extra word of cash actually get you well theres a secondary motor planted on the rear axle and when combined with the front motor, it means youve got a tri motor configuration now with its 95 kilowatt hour battery pack, it outputs a whopping 370 Kilowatts of power that equates to 496 horsepower and gets you 973 newton meters of torque when you have it in its over boost function, frankly, its absolutely exhilarating and we had it tested from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 4.04 seconds. So yes looks from the exterior can be deceiving because this is a relatively chunky suv and yet, when you put your foot down well, youre, certainly going to feel it now just to put things into perspective. The regular audi e tron 55 quattro has 300 kilowatts of power and we had it tested at 0 to 60 at roughly 5.

5 seconds, so you can see that increase of power is certainly noticeable and that extra motor does do its work. Now, as for top speed is limited to 130 miles, an hour which is slightly disheartening for those people who are going to live on unrestricted roads, namely the german crowd on the autobahn, but for most consumers like us in the uk, it will certainly suffice now, aside From its raw straight line speed what about when it comes to its handling characteristics? Well here it should be no surprise to learn that the e tron s does suffer from a little bit of body roll its not gigantic and is definitely better than some cheaper alternatives, but its no competition to the likes of the bmw ix. The bmw ix3 the jaguar i pace or, for example, the likes of the smaller audi q4 e tron, all of which just feel a little bit better planted on the road. As for the drivers, feel even in its sport mode. Presets, the e tron s just doesnt, give you that same sort of level of connection as the likes of the bmw or jaguar alternatives. However, it does make up for it with its all wheel, drive configuration, whereas some of its competitors offer a front or rear wheel. Drive configuration only and therefore gives you plenty of confidence if youre going on trickier terrain now, this does bring us on to the four corner air suspension, which is an absolute work of art, see here if youre pottering in and around town, its going to be soaking Up anomalies, speed, bumps or potholes, with absolute ease and better still, given the name suggests, it can also be adjusted on the fly.

So, for example, if youre going off roading, you can set it on an off road mode and therefore it really raises the e tron ss profile, preventing you from actually damaging the skirtings of the vehicle. Now, if you were to go at faster speeds, the suspension will drop automatically and, of course, if you go on one of the dynamic presets its going to do that as well. Ultimately, what were trying to say over here is that audi provides one of the best suspension systems thats available in an electric suv, but the german automaker actually goes that one step further by providing one of the best in cabin experiences and no were not referencing. The plush interior, which well touch upon very shortly, but rather the quiet and serene interior, and by this, its thanks to the acoustic glazing thats found on the windscreen and the dampening material around the cabin. The combination makes it one of the quietest that weve tested and if you want some more information about this and youre fascinated about it, do check out our dedicated audio review that can be found down in description below or indeed in the pinned comments. Now, while its all very positive so far, what does let us down is his electric range now, despite its housing, a 95 kilowatt hour gross or 86 kilowatt hour net battery pack, the vehicle attained 190 to 210 miles in our mixed driving test and considering the weather Is good, you might expect a little bit of a lower figure if it was in a winter climate, frankly, here its very similar to the regular audi e tron and therefore that extra motor actually doesnt impact range.

All that much. However, given that the price that youre paying you might have expected better range, optimization and see in comparison to its rivals, for example, the jaguar ipays, the audi q4 e tron, the mercedes offerings or, for example, ones from volvo or tesla, all of which will give you Better range and therefore gives less range anxiety when youre going on longer excursions. Worse still, the audi e tron s also has a very light regenerative braking. Yes, you do attain some energy back when you put your foot down on the physical brake pedal, but if we were to lift off the accelerator pedal wed expect even harsher deceleration than it currently offers, and this can only be customized by the flappy panels, which are Found by the steering wheel or for you to select an auto mode which frankly uses gps data and in our tested environments, just didnt work all that well, when were just lifting off the accelerator pedal, it would have been great here if audi provided a true one Pedal driving like youd, find on a volvo or tesla, because then it would have made inner city commutes like we are doing now far less cumbersome. Now, if you do want to return energy at a much more rapid rate, you can of course plug it in, and here youve got a ccs and type 2 port. The latter is present on both the driver and passenger sides, which makes it quite convenient to plug.

In at a public charge point speaking of which, here, via the ccs port, you can attain up to 150 kilowatts of inputs, which is a little bit lackluster in comparison to the likes of tesla. But nonetheless, will take you from five to eighty percent in just a mere 30 minutes. These charges can be a little bit hard to find and, of course, you might have the ability to plug it in at home or at a workplace. Now, if you have access to a three phase, power supply, in other words, an 11 kilowatt charger, it will go from zero to one hundred percent. In roughly nine to nine and a half hours opt for a seven kilowatt wall box, which is far more common and less complicated to install, of course, if youre installing it for the first time, itll take you roughly 14 hours to attain a full charge. A three pin socket will, of course, take you a lot longer at roughly 35 hours, but we expect most people over here to actually have a wall box, given that the price of the e tron s actually offers now its worth. Considering that you can upgrade the 11 kilowatt on board charger to a 22 kilowatt one and therefore it will shave down that time when youre plugged in at home so moving swiftly on we get onto its interior design, and here we suspect, a lot of you will Agree with us to say that its interior is absolutely stunning from the choice of materials around the dashboards or the door frames or the stitching work around the upholstery or the steering wheel.

Everything is absolutely beautiful and here its no surprise, because it is a premium audi vehicle. After all, now, when it comes to a technology, stand point of view, youve got a 10.1 inch display thats planted towards the center of the dashboard. Although we really do like the fact that it supports haptic feedback and also the fact that its also slightly angled towards the driver making a little bit more usable when youre on the move, or indeed, if you want to see key information, speaking of which here it Does support android, auto and apple carplay, both in a wide and wireless format, which is certainly appreciated over previous audi iterations now below it? You do have a secondary display, and this is pretty much dedicated for your climate controls. While we would have preferred physical buttons and knobs, it is still a really nice vivid screen and one that also still has haptic feedback and therefore gives you the sensation of pressing something, rather than just touching something. Now moving on towards our driver. Display weve got an elongated 12 inch fully digitalized instrument cluster. It provides all the key information and can be customized to a certain degree, although its slightly ashamed that it doesnt feed, android, auto or apple carplay navigation data, and indeed, only relies on the navigation data. That is built in as for the head up display, this is actually not available as an option, at least not in the e tron s, which was previously on the regular e tron.

Instead, if you do want a head up display, you can have to splash out on the vosprong version, which does include it as standard and, of course it cant be added in as an option. Speaking of your options, you do have the ability to upgrade the audio system because as standard in the e tron s, you have got a 10 speaker, 180 watt configuration. If, however, you opt for the e tron s vosprong or the regular e tron s and add the comfort and sound pack at roughly 1 900 pounds, this will add a few additional goodies and also, of course, the bang and olson system which outputs a staggering 705 Watts of total power and 16 speakers now, what well say in a nutshell here is the b o system does provide a hearty upgrade over the stock system, although might leave certain audio files a little bit disappointed. If you want some more information about it, do check it up on your pop banner down description below or indeed in the pin comments, as we do dedicated audio reviews of every vehicle that we get in now for you to connect up to the infotainment system, and Indeed, for you to play back your favorite tracks via smartphone, you have got a bluetooth connection or better still, a wireless android, auto or apple carplay connection. And of course, you have got that fabled wired connection, which will give you the superior audio fidelity here.

Theres two type c ports found within the center armrest compartment. The further two type c ports found towards the rear of the center console are only used for charging now. This does perfectly lead us onto comfort within the cabin, namely at the rear, and here is someone whos. Just under six foot. Ive got no issues when it comes to leg, room or indeed, headroom id go as far as saying that, if someones six foot four six foot, seven, they wont feel henned in better still audi have integrated a near flat foot well design and as a result, means That, if youve got a fifth occupant, they wont be left uncomfortable. On the flip side, however, the seats are diagonally wedged and, as a result means your pelvis sits a little bit lower than your knees and on a longer excursion it might be uncomfortable for all three occupants. The same couldnt be said, however, at the front of the cabin whereby the seats are electronically, adjustable and heated as standard and are very accommodating. Weve got no issues whatsoever in this department and we suspect most people will be left very much comfortable on longer journeys now elsewhere. We should point out that our tesla model came with the four zone climate controls and therefore gives the rear occupants the ability to independently adjust the climate from the front of the cabin. This costs 825 pounds on the subject of your options, its actually quite surprising, not to see a fixed panoramic glass roof, nor the soft door close on the regular e tron s.

And indeed, if you do want, these youll have to splash out a significant extra amount of cash on the vosprong version. Now, no matter which trim level you go for youll actually be quite surprised that at the rear of the cabin, if you were to drop down the windows, well, they stop to around the third and therefore means that if youve got children that are sat at the Back, they wont be able to fully appreciate the scenery or the place that youre driving. Furthermore, given the fact that the rear privacy glass is fitted as standard, it means that its tinted and further dampens the experience for your rear occupants. Now, no matter, if you go for the regular e tron s or the vospon version, youll get an electric tailgate that comes fitted as standard it can be operated from within the cabin via your remote fob or via button found just above the number plate. Now, when it does open up its got that hatchback design and furthermore, im just under six foot – and you can see, ive got absolutely no problems when it comes to headroom. So, therefore, you might be even pushing seven foot and you wont have a problem. Loading in and out goods, which is certainly appreciated now when it comes to total capacity, despite e tron s having an extra motor over the regular e tron, it still boasts 660 liters of capacity, and this extends up to 1 725 litres when the seats are propped Down that is absolutely class leading and one of the key selling points of the regular e tron and, of course, the e tron s in comparison to some of rival offerings.

Now, better still, youve got a 40 20 40 split folding rear seat, which can also be actuated via a lever found towards the rear of the boot and therefore makes it a little bit more handy when youre loading in and out goods the retractable boot cover can Be removed and then youve got side compartments as well for additional storage and just to add the cherry on the top. You then have got an underfloor compartment which can be handy for transporting lets, say a spare tire or even your charging cables. Now there is an additional 60 liters of capacity at the front of the vehicle, which should suffice for taking your charging cables or indeed smaller, grocery shops. Although it should be mentioned that its not as easily accessible as the tailgate, because its only manually propped open and closed and therefore it doesnt have any sort of electronic controls now its similarly excellent within the cabin whereby youve got four large sized door bins and an Equally practical glove compartment and then towards the center console area, you have got two cupholders which can be concealed if you do not want them via retractable cover, and then you have got a little area beside it for your smartphone or, for example, your wireless key fob Here, youll also find a 12 volt socket, which can be handy for a dash cam and as for the area found underneath the center armrest, it is relatively small, although we quite like the fact that audi have included a small little hole allowing you to feed through A usb cable, such as when you are charging a smartphone speaking of the manufacturers, clever design.

This brings us on to its exterior, look and subjectively. We think it is absolutely stunning from the front youve got these very stylish headlights and theyre treated with a relatively large sized grill, but its quite fitting with the rest of the vehicles frame. As for the rear, you have got these futuristic tail lights, which stretch the width of the vehicle and then youve got an integrated spoiler to add to the overall sporty flare of it, speaking of which, towards the side, youve got 21 inch, alloys that come fitted as Standard and then in the vosprong version you move over 22 inch rims. Now it should be mentioned that the pictured color is catalunya red, which looks pretty spicy in our opinion. But if youre not a fan of this, you can go for the solid white or black which come fitted as standard and, if you prefer, another metallic or pearl color, finish itll come in at 750 pounds now. What isnt as impressive, however, are these standard driver assistant systems, because here audi provides only basic cruise control with speed, limiter and lane departure warning which, by the way, has to be disabled each time you step inside the cabin via a button found on the stalk, which Just does seem a little bit cumbersome if you want to upgrade the experience, and you want adaptive cruise control, camera based traffic, sign recognition and also blind spot monitoring. Alongside a few extra features, youll have to spend around 2 000 pounds on the tour pack, which does seem a little bit crazy.

Given the the fact of the starting price of the audi e tron, s is over 80 000 pounds now elsewhere. You do have the ability to add audi, pre sense, rear and side assist at pounds. Suffice to say there are quite a few options for you to choose now when it comes to visibility, ive got no issues at the front rear or indeed at the side. Its very easy to pee around your corners and also to check for lets, say oncoming, cyclist or motorist. Now it should be mentioned here that when it comes to parking, you do have 360 degree sensors, in other words, front, rear and side and therefore takes the stress away from lets, say curbing your rims. However, if you want to upgrade the experience you might want to go for the 360 degree cameras – and these come in – comprised within the comfort and sound pack which comes in at just roughly 1 900 pounds. If you do not want to opt for that by the way, you do have a rear view, camera that comes fitted as standard as you might expect, given the vehicles price and therefore takes the stress away when it comes to doing a complex parking maneuver. So with all of that in mind, it brings us on to our verdict and, frankly, the audi e tron s lives up to the billing. Its tri motor configuration is absolutely ridiculous. You have a very comfortable driving experience thanks to its adaptive air suspension, which comes fitted as standard, and you then have a very premium exterior and interior design and further one thats, quite practical, both in terms of rear occupant, space and boot capacity.

The biggest flaw, however, is its electric range in comparison to the likes of the tesla model x or, for example, volvos offerings its just not as impressive. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a premium ev and you dont mind its relatively short range, then the e tron s might actually be the perfect vehicle for you. As a result, we do have to give it.