The brands first model powered by a dedicated tv platform won a prestigious honor at this years, red dot award product design 2022 in the cars and motorcycles category. The genesis tv 60 embodies the brands vision for electrification and its design philosophy of athletic elegance. With the signature two lines, the two lines headlamps perfectly complement the cars refined voluminous body with the clamshell hood, adding sleekness the body surfacing is seamless and minimalistic. Yet the sculpted, curves and white stamps give the vehicle a muscular look. The coupe silhouette streamlined from the hood to the spoiler solidifies, a more athletic profile with a short overhang and a long wheelbase measuring 2 900 millimeters organized by the international forum design gmbh based in hanover germany. The prestigious contest recognizes excellence in design in a wide range of fields, a jury of international design. Experts uses objective criteria to select the winners in the automobile, slash vehicles, category genesis, 1 3 awards, including the gv60, the genesis, wireless ev charging system and the banyan olufsen car audio system for the gv60. Meanwhile re create an art exhibition with the electric model of g80. One recognition in the trade, fair, slash, exhibitions, category the genesis dv60, a model that embodies the brands journey toward electrification was recognized for its sleek and athletic coupe cv design, which reinterprets the brands athletic elegance design, identity. The interior reflects genesis, design ethos called the beauty of white space to create a spacious and comfortable driving experience.

The bang and olufsen sound system for genesis gd60 was separately recognized as an acoustic work of art. Crafted from high quality materials. The refined aluminum speaker grilles were custom designed for genesis to deliver high res audio output for a luxurious, sound experience. The sound system was acoustically and physically tailored to the gv60, allowing its design to harmonize essentially with the dynamic lines and curves of the car. The wireless ev charging system, which applies genesis, design identity, was recognized for the design in careful consideration of drivers, convenience, the overall height of power supply unit and the location of the indicator were designed to optimize for drivers to see the charging process in the car. The special exhibition re create was held in 2021 as part of the electric model of g80s korea premiere. The exhibition was held at the site of a regenerated cultural park that once was an oil reserve base the exhibition early award for the powerful way it presented. The brands vision for electrification through the display of sustainable upcycling artwork narrating genesis transition from internal combustion engines to electrified mobility. We are pleased to see that more and more of genesis creations are gaining recognition in the form of prestigious design awards, such as the design award said senior lee executive vice president and head of the genesis global design center. It is the results of the passion, dedication and creative collaboration of our design team, as well as those of our engineers.

The genesis brand will build on the momentum from these honors by continuing its work as a pioneer in the world of design. The genesis brand. Second, electric car gv60 is based on a dedicated full electric platform called egmp electric global modular platform, signaling the brands direction towards electrification. The g g b60 represents genesis. While the v refers to versatility. The number 60 denotes the position in the genesis lineup setting gv60 apart. As its most athletic vehicle, yet genesis is evolving. Its model naming scheme based on unique design, identity of athletic elegance, emphasizing athleticism with lower numbers and elegance with higher numbers. The front of the gv60 features a design optimized for this electric car, the iconic and progressive two lines, quad lamps, add character to a refined and voluminous body. A wider and more athletic crush grille has been placed below the quad lamps to emphasize the dynamic performance of the gv60, and also to increase the cooling efficiency of the high voltage batteries in the underbody. The gv60 has also applied a new wing emblem to the grill. After reducing the thickness from previous emblems by nearly 80 percent, it features the same unique aloe pattern, often seen in luxury watches, representing genesis, alignment with high tech innovations to create truly luxurious driving experiences. In addition, genesis has opted for a clamshell hood for the first time. A single panel which combines the hood and fenders completing a sleek impression for the electric car when viewed from the side.

The gv60 reveals the smooth and dynamic profile of a high performance coupe, a simply yet sharp silhouette running from the front hood to the rear. Spoiler completes a progressive character. The chrome line flowing from the windscreen to the top of the daylight opening dlo window extends to a c pillar design that embodies the image of electric. Adding a distinctive characteristic to the electric car digital side mirrors add to a cutting edge appearance, while auto flush outside door handles add to the smooth lines at the rear. Two line, rear combination, lamps, take on a dynamic shape. The rear also features a fixed wing spoiler to extend a kook shaped roof, adding to the image of dynamic high performance. Shoulder volume is emphasized in the rear, fender to create a low and wide profile and further accentuate the image of high performance by combining it with technical functions such as sensors, tail lights and turn signals at the bottom. The interior design of the gv60 inherits genesis, design, ethos of the beauty of white space, creating a spacious and comfortable interior. The most noticeable feature in gv60s interior design is the crystal sphere. A sphere shaped electronic transmission control that intuitively informs the driver of driving modes. The crystal sphere features mood lights which illuminate when the vehicle is off, adding to the aesthetic of the driving experience. The center console, where the crystal spirit is located appears as if floating and along with other features, which come with a fully electric platform such as slim, cockpit and flat floor, provides passengers with a fresh level of spaciousness.

The gb60 has also embraced uniformity in its interior design. By applying circular details to crystal sphere, the horn cover door handles and side mirror controllers dominique bosch managing director for genesis motor europe commented when we launched in europe. We committed to bringing three electric cars to the region within our first year. We are proud to confirm. The gv60 will be our second electric car for europe following soon after the launch of the electrified g80. The gv60 genesis first on a dedicated electric platform will provide a totally new experience as a luxury electric vehicle based on our unique brand identity and will also benefit from our unique customer focused offering where servers come before.