Laser review is designed to evoke an emotional response. This thing looks fast. This design is super Dynamic, its really beautiful wow. This is pretty exciting stuff in this place, your UV Music. This is amazing yeah. This is the Blazer EV. I love the shape. Definitely its got a dramatic profile and that lower longer wider stance that we got out of the ultim platform, its very apparent when you first see it Im loving these lights, the shape yeah, the ones have a very Dynamic first impression, so that animated choreography will really Interact with the customer as theyre walking up to the vehicle as a designer in my world, I have to take something and really reimagine it to make it the best that it can be designing this vehicle inside and out. There are some common adjectives that were very key for us to hit. We definitely wanted it to feel Dynamic. We also wanted something highly expressive. Well, I have to tell you first impressions have been the colors the details. It looks beautiful its pretty impactful, and so often dramatic design comes at the expense of spaciousness or to the ultim platform really helps us give us the best of both worlds. So you have the spaciousness and all the drama is still there and then all the light. Thats coming in, you feel that space and roommates, when youre buying a car you want to make sure that you can bring the things that are important to you, which can mean your family, your friends, and that you can still be really comfortable exactly and you needed To move you emotionally got to make a statement, you really took time to pay attention to the little details, thats.

What sets us apart in design exactly or more people are being thoughtful about which EV they want in their lives, and I think for so many people. Blazer AV is really going to be checking a box that they havent been able to check before foreign Music Applause. Music, its fantastic isnt it. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see SS is pricing. This is the first SS off of an EV. My race car actually has SS as well. So I know this thing is going to be fun, not only that, but it also features wow mode producing roughly 500 horsepower 100 horsepower. Yes, thats a lot its a lot of power, so zero to 16, how much in less than four seconds thats unbelievable. The great thing about the Blazer EV is that theres a model for everybody weve seen this SS. We also have the RS and the LT. We have a rear, wheel, drive, we have a front wheel drive and we have an all wheel, drive all right so fit your lifestyle, so you have every single option available. Yes, thats kind of the advantage of the Altium platform. These blazeri VSS has good power. Good braking good grip. What is arranged on this? The range on the Blazer evss is up to 290 miles. Thats plenty plenty itll get you where you need to go all three Blazer EV trims offer multiple driving range options, including an available GM estimator range of up to 320 miles on a full charge.

The SS you see here has a standard, 22 inch wheels and Brembo brakes see how the whole package you want to take a look on the inside. Of course, I want to look to the inside lets, see oh look at this in there. It feels nice and sporty its high quality, you kind of feel like youre in a cockpit you know and its driver centric. I love the steering wheel as well a small flat in the bottom, so if this also just gives you confidence since a very young age Im in love with the race, I think this car has a soul of Chevy racing. I mean that is an SS in there for a reason: Music Applause Music. So what do you think I wasnt expecting this Ill be honest. I thought I could spot an EV from miles away, but the Blazer Eevee doesnt, look like any other Eevee and thats a compliment. This cream, its huge the screen youre looking at, is a 17.7 inch. Diagonal touch screen, complemented by an 11 inch diagonal driver information center. When you first come in and then you see how large the screen is its pretty welcoming, feeling and altify is an end to and vehicle software platform, it enables the frequent and seamless delivery of software defined features. Apps and services to customers over the air. Altify will allow customers to upgrade and personalize your vehicle on an ongoing basis, thats really cool. How do you feel about hands free driving Music? I wish every car had it Music.

Her Crews is the industrys first true: hands free driver assistance technology allowing drivers to travel hands free on compatible roads across the United States and Canada, just being able to have super Crews to take over and make one part of the trip a little bit easier. It sounds amazing. The Blazer EV also has a whole Suite of driver assistance Technologies, including reverse automatic braking and advanced park, assist, and these complement the standard, Chevy safety assist features thats really impressive. To see like all of these high tech features not for me personally, I think my favorite thing has to be the DC charging. How fast can you actually charge this so on a DC fast charge? This vehicle can get just under 80 miles in just 10 minutes. Another great technology is our presence based and automatically because it detects our presence wow. This is some really cool Tech in this car foreign. So what doesnt the Blazer EV do? I cant wait to see this Blazer EV on the road Music, and this thing is nice. I cant wait to drive.