Well, i was not here earlier, but since everybody has been saying it, i will be saying it again, but simple energy has got us their scooter now. This is the proto form. It will be in production within two or three months, but right now this product looks very promising and in todays video ill tell you five reasons why you should definitely consider this over any other ev scooter before we can subscribe to motorbeam and dont forget to hit The bell icon, the first thing is the design now look at it, although i will say there are a few panel caps going around the color on this the plastic over here. The quality is not that great everything is not the best because its a prototype vehicle, but what i do like is the design is. The edges is the flow that goes around. This is a scooter which has a freaking winglets right over here. So, my goodness, there is a lot of things going around in terms of design and overall this looks like a very balanced, yet a very compact scooter, the resemblance with aether, is definitely there. But yes, this is definitely a bit more stand out. The alloy design is very very attractive. It has a kind of a star design going around and not just that. You get petals both at the front, as well as the rear, one of the most attractive tail designs, ive seen till date and in person it looks so much good and not just that the grab rail is tough.

You can actually hold on to it. Ah, this one also gets a total of four color options. My favorite is not over here, but it is the white one. So the moment you turn on the scooter. This is the second feature which i like quite a lot is that you get a complete digital cluster over here. Well, this is a five inch cluster. It is comparatively smaller to the ones that we have seen on the ola as well as the ether, but then the information that is provided is just massive. You get 20 meters, you get average speed. You get a lot of details in the center. The map my india map works well too, and not just that this scooter gets tpms. That is tire pressure mounting system, and you can see that right now in the vehicle status at the front wheel, yeah 30 psi in the rear with a 32 psi. This is so good and you can customize a lot of things. You can go to the dark mode right now. Dark mode is not available on this scooter, but you can go into different themes, not just that connectivity feature system, information theres a lot of thing going around and in this scooter you can store your documents as well and right now i can say there are two Deals there, you can have those registration certificates front and back insurance certificate theres. So much here and the best thing that i like about.

This is not just the dpms here you get a complete joystick, which you can play around with to change modes, to go, reverse and so nice. However, the plastic quality over here feels a little lackish and then, when i talk about the switches, this piano black finish, but then the quality needs a little bit of improvement here now the undersea storage is something that i like when i say this is because this Is the first time ever a full face helmet my full face helmet has fit inside a scooters boot and its not just that you get a removable battery that is 1.5 kilowatt hour and its not as heavy. You can take it home, charge it and get some backup charge as well to get around to move anywhere else, theres a fixed battery down over here in the footprint thats 3.3 kilowatt hours. This is 1.5 kilowatt hours and the total capacity is 4.8 kilowatts. In total. You get close to 200 kilometers riding range in the eco mode, however, in the sonic mode its come, it just comes down to 72. Well, that is quite a lot less, but the power and torque. Let me talk about it. Look at this look at this done. The scooters performance is for this motor and the motor is mad because it peaks out at 72 newton meters of torque, and that is that in the sonic mode. Well, in the other modes, its not there, it gives out close to four point: five kilowatt hour, continuous output, when i say this that eco mode its black, because it does not move at all, it does not feel like its moving.

It is very, very basic. It gets livelier in the ride mode, which feels good dash mode. Is the craziest its basically a city mode, going a little bit havoc because you can actually feel the punch after you open the throttle completely and sonic mode is just mad. With my weight, ive been able to clock under 3 seconds in 0 to 40 on a scooter. Oh my god. The panel over here feels very nice. The headlight looks very very nice and the illumination well its decent enough. We are, we havent been able to test it in bright, daylight conditions, but it seems promising. However, there are a few things like the panel gaps over here and the quality of the panel up here. The color thats finished its not in the production form. Even now, it needs little bit of improvement, as i had talked about the buttons as well. The footboard is spacious enough, not as much, and there are no luggage hooks right over here, but another problem is that it needs a foot board kind of a thing. It needs a rubber mat over here, because my legs have been slipping continuously on this. The seed is not that long, but it is good enough and spacious for the rider. However, you will take like a minute or two to get used to it, because you dont know where to stick your butt here. But then, if you see the space for the pillion, it is a little limited.

There is space, however, here, but the seat size is a little small. The amount of performance this scooter gives out its just mad and to match that brakes are not the best. However, the calipers are from vibrate. They give good feedback to the levers, but then it could have been a little bit better. I know simple has been getting a lot of negative comments because the scooters havent come out of the streets yet where ether and ola have been giving it out. But then simple is gon na go by the offline mode and hence theyre taking some time and its. Not just that they have been improving the scooter for the last whole year and with the test rates today i can definitely say they are coming out very good. Now. The price for this quarter is somewhere close to one lakh, ten thousand with central subsidy for state subsidy. It will drop even more, but then this does not include the state cost. Sorry, the rto cost, as well as the insurance charges, so it might increase. So this quota comes at a price of close to 99 000 to 195 according to your state, and for that it perfectly competes with the aether 450x, as well as the ola s1 pro, and for anyone who wants a sporty looking scooter, which has taken off range Anxiety with a portable battery option definitely consider the simple one and, yes, you will get it within two or three months once you get it once you book it.

So thank you so much for watching. I am impressed. This scooter needs a little bit of improvement, but i guess in the few months it will be there.