My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the combo e life, which is the passenger version of the combo e that we know and love based on the slantus platform. So that means youre going to get this version in a pugil youre, going to get it in a vauxhall or an opal youre going to get it in a fiat youre going to get it in a citroen as well. I dont think toyota do a van version. I know they do the commercial pro city but anyway, but this is also based on a combustion engine platform. So traditionally there would be an engine in here, whereas now its electric motor and battery pack in underneath. So there is no trunking underneath starting at the front. Moving down along the side well take a look at the back interior and then take it out for a drive. There are chapters down underneath, if youre interested in a specific area of the convoy life and lastly, if you havent already done so, please subscribe to the channel were on a push to 10 000 subscribers before the end of 2022. So all interactions and subscriptions really make a huge difference with the support of my channel um. Its got from here to about here is the exact same as pretty much all of them, and then it starts to get a bit different, and this one is probably the one that looks the most traditional in the sense of it has a grill, whereas with the Citronebrolingo or the uh, its blocked off peugeot, part or rifter or partner will look kind of like its actual combustion engine version.

But youve got your chrome flashings either side and then either your opel badge or your vauxhall badge and youve got your body. Collar bumpers and youve got some active air cooling in underneath the top part of this grill is cooled off, but the bottom pad is actually opened and nice colors in this combo e life. You get copper, blue lots of different grays, black and a white. I believe youve got this led daylight running light again, unfortunately, were in the slantus. Vans were going to see uh halogen bulbs. Here, youve got your fog lights. In ireland we only have the one trim, one spec one size which is h1, which is the standard height across all of them, but this is only coming in the l1 version. At the moment, five seizure, some markets – you will get the longer one. We will get that at some stage in ireland and you also have that seven seater option as well again coming to ireland, but at the moment its just one trim dont worry about it, get the chews to color thats, pretty much. It then on the outside down. Here youve got your 16 inch steel rims with hubcaps on the burlingale. They are alloys with glass black, so ive got that berlin eberlingo review on the channel so ill. Stick it on the screen and also in the description. Youve got that little stellantis indicator and your smallish wing mirrors theyre not retractable id love to have these a bit bigger, but they are in black cladding on this van mpv again on the citroen, youve got roof rails, whereas on this one you dont now there is A difference between this is coming in around 33 000 euro after vash.

If i remember correctly, the citroen was around 36 37, so really good value and probably thats. The theme of this review is: is it the best value electric vehicle at ireland uh if youre? Looking for large moving people, etcetera, etcetera, youre up against the likes of the mg zs ev youre up against the likes of the mg5 40 kilowatt hour, um leaf was as good as any boat body colored door handles youve got this black cladding underneath um. You have sliding doors, either side and a really smart feature as well as if, where it has the charging flap, which is where the traditional fuel filler cap would have been ac. Youve got 7.4 and dc. Youve got up to 100 kilowatts, but if this flap is open, this door wont so you have to push it in close this and then the door pop open. Then again, so i said this is the l1, which is the length number one it does come in. A longer version thats what the citroen brand are bringing in ireland theyre only bringing in the longer version at the moment, so theyve kind of done it slightly different um to opal or vauxhall in the united kingdom. I think thats everything on the front and the side lets spin the van around and have a look at the rear and go on the inside and take it out for a spin Music coming down along the other side. Youve got that second sliding door, and then you have thats the lantus tail lights again, unfortunately, in halogen, not bad but great, to see if we saw it in led, you have this little black spoiler that we got on the eberlinker as well and that high level Brake light, unlike the ibr lingo, it doesnt have that secondary hatch that you could open up and window wiper.

The only way that youre going to really know that its an electric vehicle number one by the sound number two, the fact that it hasnt got any tailpipes and number three, then that e is the only e thats actually across the whole van and thats. The same me that oprah and voxel are using across the maca e the course e, etc, etc. Youve got your combo badging and then this is a hatch door, a barn door, and so inside here you have very decent space up to the window. Sill you have about 600 liters and then, if you knock the seats down above 2, 000 liters nice little feature here as well with regards to the parcel shelf, can be put at multi multiple different levels, with two different levels, but its strong. So you can actually put stuff down on top of it if you wanted to separate your um luggage, etc, etc. Ive even seen one review where they put their dog up on top of it got this cut out here because of this brake light sensor or sorry. The window wiper unit housing unit inside here so space wise and utility wise phenomenal, its got a single halogen little light in the back here i cant see 12 volt youve got some pockets on. On the right hand, side youve got some straps, etc, but otherwise its fairly utilitarian youve got a 60 40 split there in the seats as well. Lastly, its a pull down handle dont be expecting anything.

Any electronic assistance here lets have a look on the inside whats. It like on the inside of the combo e life, pretty similar to the regular combo eve cargo that i reviewed on the channel so either this ones going out first or that ones going to first push on the door. You have your adjustable wing mirrors and then you have your front electric windows and you, instead of it being a cargo area lock its actually, the child lock on the v on the passenger version and youve got a fairly decent door bin as well, and youve got A speaker and a tweezer on it across the dash, then youve got those coffee cup holders theyre, not really big enough for large water bottles. Youve got your document holder up on the top. Youve got some storage in behind the infotainment screen and then another cup holder on the back up on top youve got a nice parcel shelf and in some markets you have the option of a panoramic sunroof with some extra storage as an option as well. Steering wheel is a great multi function steering wheel. I really like this. I cant, remember being as good in the eberlingo youve got your cruise control on the right hand, side with heated seat and, on the left hand, side. Youve got your audio, your um voice activation. Your phone etc. Three spoke leather, clad behind that, then, on the right hand, side youve got your wipers and, on the left hand, side, youve got your lights, etc, and it has automatic headlights, the steering wheel itself is reach and rake and the dials are analog again.

Comparing to the citroen, which was digital youve, got power, whether youre, taking it or putting it back in with regenerative braking on the left and on the right hand, side. Youve got your speed. Youve got your weather, how much energy youre taking for heating the cabin dial analog, and then you have your power gauge or battery gauge, but again its analog. The key is a traditional key over my right. Knee is lights, give them automatic front and rear poor other lights or fog, lights and youve got the brightness and the level of brightness of instrument and level of the lights itself, and then underneath that, then youve got your timer for charging and then your adaptive, uh Or your esg on or off lets turn it on and in between the two dials in the middle and youve got your uh infotainment little collar display its a couple of inches, and that switch is then between okay um, your kilometers per hour. It shows the range as much as the battery is an analog little needle. It shows your range in kilometers underneath that there and you can switch it using this stock here. So you can go um lane assist, you can go power flow. You can go two trips and trips and you put your current usages of energy and then your speed as well, so good information uh. It has android auto on apple carplay, wired. It has radio car navigation, apps settings and then the phone itself, hazard lights and full center, locking on the middle button, analog manual or manual manual, air conditioning and so its good that you have a physical knob and you have your different air conditioning modes.

And then the temperature youve got this socket holder for a grip accessory. I dont know what it is. Youve got a coin holder, an electronic handbrake, your drive modes, you have, it should be power normal and eco against atlanta, switchgear youre, seeing them across all of the brands and toyota, then, who have licensed it for their commercial vehicles, then youve got park, reverse neutral drive And then two stage regenerator braking its not one pedal driving but nice to have it. This unit on the commercial van is kind of eaten into the cabin bush. The fact that this is two pilot seats with an armrest on the drivers side youve got that center column again in some markets, ive seen a kind of a covered off central column. Here as well, you have a 12 volt down at the bottom. You have a glove box up on top and again lots of different storage and theres. So much storage about another 190 liters worth of storage. Excuse me, across all of the pockets and et cetera, et cetera, thats central hard wearing dash console there. Stuff would be floating around that, so you probably need to tidy it up in the head unit. Youve got um, call assist sos and your lighting system, all in all it isnt as its very black plastic, whereas the berlingo puts a small bit of color into it, not much, but it does liven it up, but again the value 33 000 euros after grants.

Its a fairly um compelling ev if youre looking for space, if youve got kids and well pop into the back row now to have a look to show you the benefits of that and the features there. Music sliding doors in either side, which is great great for car parks and getting in and getting out so youre, not the kids arent messing with doors, um, three guy headrests. What i like about the stalantis minivan kind of taken from the commercial is they have wide enough to have three isofix in the back. So again the eberlingo this, the rifter. They all have three bench seats in the back with three isofix, which is great. If people are looking for putting in those child seats, these seats arent adjustable because theyre locked into place so space wise im. Just about touching, i probably can move that foot move that seat forward or small, but im 180 887 centimeters six foot two um. So i could have a bit of space, but otherwise this leg room is grand for if battery in the floor you what theyve done is theyve raised the floor, so the transmission tunnel isnt as visible headroom, is massive, absolutely like huge, so tall people, no problem on The doors itself again in the berlinger there are electric, whereas with the opal it is just a pop out system just to let a bit of air in theres, no theres, no in and out there, and then there is no air, as in coming from the b Pillar, as in um climate control, i cant find any power, and again this is what i a issue i had with the the citroen id like to see a bit more functionality back here.

The opel doesnt even have tables in the back of us, but again were looking at price, some very narrow door pockets. You definitely wouldnt be fitting a bottle in there, so otherwise you know what its not bad but id like to see a bit more functionality in the back of us lets. Take it out for a drive to see what its like to drive. Child luck, brilliant whats! It like driving the combo e life really good. As i always say. I love that seating position of a van and the visibility in a passenger version of vans because of so much glass its its its phenomenal visibility. So seating position is nice, its nice that theres an armrest its not adjustable, so it is either down or up and thats the the choices that you get and then got distracted there by a postman on a recent muller e bike more coming to the channel soon. So the practicality in the space etc is great Music, but it is um Music, its just because of the weight its about 2.3 tons with that battery pack and the battery pack is a 50 kilowatt hour battery pack, 48 kilowatt around about usable wltp range theyre saying About 280 real world probably going to be getting near the 230 220, but the way that theyve set it up because of that battery pack, theyve made the suspension not as firm as what was in the traditional van combustion engine van, because the van version of this And the passenger version was, i think, both ride really well theyre a small bit uh because they had to soften up suspension because of that weight.

There are small theres, a small bit of body roll, but otherwise not so bad seats, arent bad theyre, not the best in the world, but theyre, not bad. And again, we have to remember the price that youre getting 33 000 euros for a five seater with a massive boot. Three iso fix decent enough range, super fast, fast charging and then slow charging overnight, youre, probably going to fill it up on a 7.4 wall box. Youre gon na get do it in about seven hours just over seven hours and with that fast charging, if you can get a 100 kilowatt dc fast charger or above, and this will do 10 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. So i think thats a really good sweet spot for cilantro some of things like id love to see this with a bigger battery with a 75 kilowatt hour battery. Will it come potentially, as im im told across this, the cargo and the the vivaro e um, but otherwise its not its, not bad um? As a package, i like the stellantis, offering be that pews or be that opal be that citroen um, so visibility is good. Driving is good, the ceiling is, i think, is a good size uh, its not too big. Its not too small suspension is decent storage, as i said, is phenomenal visibility, yeah and then its its pokey for a van power wise, its a 100 kilowatt motor, and that gives you 130 ps, 130 brake horsepower.

Torque is about 260 newton meters. Acceleration is not going to win any speed tests, its zero to 100 kilometers and over 11 seconds, i think they say 11.7, so power wise its actually not bad, but youre not buying this. For the speed youre, not bringing this to the to the drag strip. It is getting the kids around the place, getting the shopping done, bringing the dogs whatever it may be. So as a overall package, i really like it. I think its great value thats, what i like about it. I think theres enough overpriced electric vehicles out there and some people have an issue. The fact that it looks like a van, but you know what you want the value you want, the practicality. This is what you got usage that open claim is between 17.5 watt hours per 100 kilometers up to 19.5, so thatll depend on how youre, driving at the temperature, etc, etc. Warranty battery warranty on the opal is really nice. It is eight years 160, 000 kilometers. Whichever comes sooner and they guarantee that youll have a minimum of 70 of battery health after that length of time, eight years and youll have 70 battery health, you might even own the car by that stage, so making sure that you understand that how these manufacturers are Standing behind this battery check is is important as well. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the combo e life, one of the best value electric vehicles out there make sure you subscribe to the channel, as i talked about, where to drive to 10 000.

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