. This is known as the luxury of electric cars so were going to test that out: Music, so Music, to fully test the pulse r2 were going to take it on a little road trip to matlob bath. So, first off, hey, google. Take me to matlock baths navigating to matlockdale off. We go Music. This is the standard range single motor front, wheel, drive version, meaning it gives you 228 brake horsepower and 243 pound feet of torque, which means a reasonable north 60 time of 7.4 seconds, which is plentiful. Volvo acquired post start back in 2015, so you may be wondering why the pole star looks so familiar, and that is because its based on the volvo xc40, so it isnt a new kid on the block. As such, pole, star have since tried to branch out on their own and theyre becoming more of a luxury brand. The whole interior of this car is vegans, as well as being carbon neutral with the ev. It means its been as environmentally friendly as it possibly can looks, wise, exterior and interior its very executive and really lives up to the expectations of being luxury. Now its looks quite square and boaty and in terms of handling actually theres very limited role, because the battery is located really far down and centralized. It means the balance of the car is actually spot on loads of people. Comment with electrics that it doesnt give you the proper feedback like a normal car would and to be honest, i kind of agree because the brakes, although you stop really well, i mean i hate regenerative braking, so thats instantly turned off so its nice to be in An electric car that you can turn it fully off, but the pedal feel just isnt.

Quite there, it doesnt match the braking style of the car. The steering is pretty accurate, but it does still have that synthetic feel and the suspensions a little bit jittery. But, to be honest in terms of other electric cars that ive driven, it just feels really comfy and easy its not one youre going to be ragging around everywhere, wanting every inch of performance from the brakes and suspension its one. You do actually want to sit back, relax and just chill with evs because of the high torque and lack of gears, and all that jazz. You get an instant kickback as soon as you put your foot down the powers there and with things like getting onto motorways and getting out of trouble, you can put your foot down and move instantly like that, so its actually quite safe and secure in having that Power there, and even though its not the highest brake horsepower one they do its not the fastest to 60.. It still packs a punch. Matlock baths is such a beautiful little old town. It is stunning, i think its quite ironic. The fact were, bringing almost a car from a future into this little community. If many of you watch the channel, you will all know by now. I am not the most confident of parkers i like driving forwards, so the technology on this with the 360 camera its actually incredibly helpful when it comes to charging the pole slot, it is quite straight forward, just like any other electric vehicle.

This one has 78 kilowatt hour capability, which means polestar predicts a 294 mile range. However, that is in perfect conditions. Charging can be a little bit different, so for your standard at home, wall plug it can take over 31 hours, upgrade that to a 7 kilowatt hour charging point and that reduces it to over nine find a super fast charger and pole. Star predicts that you can charge from zero to eighty percent in just 45 minutes. So even with the pole star, it has got a really big boot with over 400 litre capacity and little tricks like this means you can even talk from inside. First, off we better clean the screen. We can put it into this really cool little screen cleaner mode just by pressing the home button, stops us pressing anything whilst were giving it nice clean, get all those dirty fingerprints off there we go much better. Paul start has been awesome because a lot of evs have absolutely thrown tech left right and center, and with that it can get really complicated, so pulsar kept it simple, but still really high tech weve got this awesome tablet style screen. So with this weve got things like your cameras, your car, all the data that you need, like your apps and some extra information as well for your personal profile. On the drive side, we actually get a lot of control of what the car is going to feel. Like with the steering feel the one pedal drive creep and also sport mode with the traction control, it gives us our assist options.

Things like driver alert, roadside information and also a lot of information about our charge. Weve got 32 currently so this model in particular, we have got the plus pack, which means weve, got everything like the panoramic sunroof harman kardon speakers and also things like heat pumps. So we get a heated steering wheel and heated seats. It also has the pilot assist part, which means we can monitor lanes cars ahead. Weve got the adaptive cruise controls and also that awesome 360 camera parking, even though these are additional extras. The car costs are anywhere from 41 000 from standard, and this one in particular, is around the 45 000 mark. So i think personally, those extra packs are definitely worth it. You may also be looking around the pole stuff thinking where on earth is the stop start button, so it doesnt have one polestar actually sends itself to sleep and wakes itself up its a little bit bizarre, so weve gone for a wonder into matlab baths and for A coffee before its time to head back setting back off from a lot of baths, and we started originally with 43 of range weve done about 35 ish miles, bringing us down to 31 of range granted. Some of that was stopped starting trying to find a parking space, but 85 miles of range left to go. We have got a 34 mile journey back and its predicting 17 left so lets see how we go on this little day trip.

I found the pole star really smooth and easy to drive. The cabin is so intuitive that everything is just so seamless its easy and yes, its taken away that driving aspect a little bit, but, to be honest in modern day and age, were often stuck in traffic or majority of the journeys on a motorway that this car Is perfect for that? I never thought id be an eevee fan at all, as petrol is still in my heart. However, this is one of the most comfy evs that money can buy, and it has really impressed me from a brand that virtually was unheard of its really important its stamp on the market. Music weve made it back to eden, time, service and swallowing coats. So, overall thoughts of the pulsar i mean weve come back with 19 charge and 50 miles of range. We best charge it back up for the owner, so theyre not left with nothing when they go home. But overall i mean the pole. Star is definitely all that is one of the newest and i think most executive evs are currently in the market. Its got everything you need without losing too much of that car atmosphere. I think some things like the teslas often go quite space, shippy vibes. This still feels like a car, but whether im converted to evs or not yet, im not sure, but if i was looking for a car to travel to and from work.

This is something id definitely look into, because i have no faults really with it. It has been really easy to drive, really classy and comfortable. So for an ev.