Today we have a special vehicle, a new vehicle, a 2022 kia ev6, all wheel drive so were gon na. Do the exterior first were gon na, come back to the interior and then were going to just run through the driving how it drives and were gon na? Take a look at all that stuff, so lets get started. Lets do the uh lets. Do the exterior? First. All right, all right so um here is the kiwi ev6 exterior. We have uh pretty much. The only reason im able to do this kind of video at all is because of our friends at uh prn, test drive. This is nile, so uh yeah. Thank you very much for having me out and allowing us to test this car out so well. Just continue with the uh the walk around so its got nice a different designed headlights for this year and also like a uh, its got a front grille and i noticed some evs dont have a front grille at all, and i have driven the ioniq 5. So youll notice i didnt film it but youll notice that the the ride height is slightly higher. This ones slightly set up to be more sporty, but its its very nice. So uh lets just get a quick opinion from the uh producer of prn test drive. Now, what do you think about the kia ev6 nice looking car? I think it looks better than the ionic 5 personally very sporty yes design, similar, though to a lot of the other electric cars jaguar, ipays mustang, exactly all right so well, just keep going.

You notice how the uh the door handles dont pop open when im close to them with the key thats, because its probably on the higher trims. This is. This is very mid level trim so well, just quickly go over the specs ill show you the rear. First, the rear. It reminds me of a a lot of people say its a aston martin dbx its like with with that, with the way that the the lights kind of join each other, its its very, very interesting um. Also, you have your charge port right here. You one touch it opens and then you want to touch again and it closed one of the things youll see uh in in the prn test or video that we highlight that i also want to highlight. Is these these lights here? There is a light here, but it kind of only highlights this portion of the vehicle. It doesnt actually highlight the charging port. All right so well show you the trunk room before i forget so now, its absolutely huge trunk room. You can even put the seats down and have even more uh its, not power because it uh thats on a higher trip. When you have a mid level trip, like i said so uh, but you could fit anything you want in here and i think, like the size of the vehicle, is very good for the trunk space. So uh you have your little a little bit more storage there.

There is no really front, and i think thats, because its an all wheel, drive car. They had to put a motor in the front. I think the ionic might have one uh, also something as were already in the back. Uh theres no rear wiper, but you do have these interesting, like aerodynamic holes here in the in the body. Probably im assuming to help with some airflow so well go over the specs really quickly uh. So it is 320 horsepower 444 pound feet of torque from a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery uh its quite fast and its its just enough for what you need it to do its enough for your daily driver, its enough for all that stuff. So with that being said, lets get in the car lets. Do the interior uh lets see what kind of features we have in there? Its very different so lets check this out all right. Moving on to the interior, as you can see, there is quite a big difference in the interior of the kia. So you have this center console right here that kind of uh doesnt move but its its big. So it gives you that driver separation that me in particular im looking for it um you have your which im im indifferent on this. I feel like i really like how the ionic has the physical buttons on this. This has like touch screen kind of things, so you can kind of switch back and forth for your dual zone: climate control, your heated seats, heated, steering super important and again this is a all wheel, drive car, so its super nice.

You have your memory seats here. All your steering controls here, you can open the charge port manually as well as the trunk of your drive mode right here. Uh, you have different menus uh, your you know your navigation menu tire pressure, this kind of tells you what regen youre in and everything that will get into more of that on the driving you can see. It has a really interesting shifter, its its more like a knob, a big knob that you turn. It really is quite big, and then you press the middle for parking, and you also have your start stop here and also all your seating controls here. But if you press this button uh, you can see its its a park button and you can actually have your camera on. We can see nile in his kia sportage right behind us, hes, actually going to be giving us a little tour, because i have no idea where i am so well. Go there and well just go here. Look at this glove box, its its not its a glove box, its not a glove drawer. Like you see in the in the hyundai ioniq, you have some nice little storage area here. This is uh wireless dc, fast charging um, and then this just kind of lifts up, and you have some little bits of storage in there as well. So yeah. You also have your infotainment. These screens are very big and extremely nice.

Extremely high quality super responsive, even with android, auto and apple carplay, extremely nice. I really like the responsiveness. They are very very much the same, so youre getting the same infotainment as you can see this. This picture right here kind of looks like the ionic v, so youre getting very much the same infotainment the ionic five infotainment looks almost exactly like this. Obviously, the middle, the car has changed just a little bit. All right lets get a move in the kia. Ev6 2022 lets see how this thing drives. So you know you kind of have to make the comparison to the hyundai ioniq 5.. There just isnt a choice because they share the same drivetrain. They share the same kind of i think the same battery technology kias might be slightly different um, but overall it is a its a different car but the same drivetrain. So it drives similar its very hard to tell the difference, but i think just the kia is just that a little bit more faster. Its set up to be a little bit more of a sporty vehicle, and i feel like its its competition is, is probably set up to be a bit more uh of a like a relaxed luxury type car. But this still gives you the luxury and im just gon na pop it into sport mode, because why not? Why would we drive it in any other mode? Ev mode in sport mode is very good, so yeah this its its very comfortable and i mean on quebec roads.

Its trust me theyre, the absolute worst, its super comfortable, either way even knowing it is set up to be a little bit more. I feel anyways its its a little bit set up to be heavy in the front more pointed in the corners a little bit. Obviously, youre not going to track this vehicle because the battery performance just isnt there, it isnt a performance. I think kia will be coming out with their gt line this vehicle. Pretty much does it all. I mean its making im im currently in the market for for an eevee and then maybe later on something thats gas powered thats fun to drive on the weekends and its making. The decision i feel like hyundai and kia are just leading this charge into the next generation of vehicles, the ev, the electric vehicle, its its so cool and nice to see that to have such a big brand get behind it, uh, so its making the decision to Do to get the car very, very difficult because theyre so similar, but this feels very nice. I really like how the steering feels in it. It feels i feel, like i have a little bit more connection to the tires in this versus the iona 5 and the ionic thats, just the normal ionic that you would have seen on the channel as well. It just feels very positive and the regen the regen is exactly the same. This car also has ipedl im currently on level one regen, because im just not used to driving with a higher level of regeneration, regenerative braking it does benefit.

It does add power back into your battery. It does all that stuff, but if youre not used to it like, if you dont drive an eevee every day. For me, i get car sick quite easily, so it does its very abrasive, its very like boom, heres, the brake and now im, braking and now im. And if you dont do anything, then its going to stop on ipedal mode. You have your lane. Keep assist too, which you can see, is probably flashing at me, because the roads are a little bit weird here in quebec and im sure that this as a winter vehicle would be excellent, like just absolutely excellent uh because of the all wheel drive im, not sure How the rear wheel would be in a winter environment, especially in a harsh winter environment like we have here in in canada, slash quebec, if youre in, if youre in a harsh weather environment – and you have the you know, you have the cash flow to get an All wheel drive, i think this one comes in at around like 55 000, which is fair in the price point. I really do think you get what you pay for in this price point, but it isnt going to be for everyone. All right were just gon na. Let him get away a little bit and were gon na. Do well, do a little pull here. Oh my god! That friggin takes your oh, my god.

It really even knowing its probably its not as fast as a tesla its you know. It maybe can compete with a porsche but im, not sure, im, not sure if thats, real or true or accurate at all, but it is fast and its exactly what you need if youre on a highway, and you want to you know if you want to go To zero to 100 to get on the highway, no problem at all like no problem, no problem like its so so good for that and its so much fun to just rip it. If youre somebody who likes roller coasters get an electric vehicle, you know specifically try the ev6 go to your dealership. Try this car its so so cool too, especially if youve never been in an electric vehicle. It might change your mind. It did change mine, which is super cool uh. You have kind of. I just want to point out quickly to you like the the interior is nice. I do prefer the black interior versus the one that i drove the ionix white interior, the black interior just looks better to me a little bit uh its kind of got like a lot of plastic, though the kia so with thats. In the only the only thing, i would say in its price point that isnt really worth it um as i get a warning to keep my hands on the steering wheel because im doing a lot of hand gesturing.

Thank you kia for keeping me safe um. So, like theres, a lot of these strange materials or its like really textile, it just feels strange and its got a lot of piano black, which is, if youre a detailer by any means its hard to clean. That and for the price point like, i was saying the price point, its hard to justify 55 000 for itd be nice to see a little bit more premium. You do. I do feel like these. The buttons on the steering wheel are a little bit nicer, um and then also like the buttons on the steering wheel. So if youre driving uh like a hyundai, like all your controls, are here for picking up and hanging up – and i think now theyve switched it now over here you have your cruise control and over here you have your infotainment uh, like volume and song switch and Everything like that um i havent tested the sound system just yet im, not sure why that person is honking exactly and there seems to be a little. Oh, the joys, the joys of driving on public roads, okay, anyways, all right. I just want to take a second at this point in the video and just again uh thank niles, so much uh for allowing me to come out here and do this theres no way that a channel my size gets their hands on a vehicle like this. It means absolutely everything and uh deal if youre watching.

Thank you so so so much you have no idea what it means um. I will absolutely pay this forward. If theres any small creators when i grow at all, i will absolutely pay for it. So, thank you again shout out. Neil his channel will be in the description. Hell be linked, hell, be annotated, everything go check him out, hes, so so good at doing car reviews um and i hope to be at that level. One day now, maybe we could talk a little bit about range. I dont know because, like this is my first day with the car, i havent had it for a week uh. For me, i just feel like the range would be pretty good if youre charging at home, like if you install one of those fast chargers uh, they might be level two chargers. I believe you can get one in your house, then you absolutely have nothing to worry about. I have heard some complaints with the charging infrastructure here in canada. I dont know if in all areas its good uh but its okay and i think its gon na get better, as we add more vehicles to the lineup, its its just going to be really really good. We have 90 and it feels like ive, been at 92 to 93, the whole time its really really good. On range and like you see, i want to close up on nile just a little bit here and i can just rip it, and the battery is is very very.

I think i think the battery technology is very good. I dont believe that it has um see thats, where the lane keep assist, can kind of bother you a little bit. It can kind of pull you out when youre trying to get past the car anyways. I dont believe it has a battery that can pre condition for charging so say you, you navigate to a charging, navigate to a charging station and you say im going to charge and it doesnt they dont speak. So the battery cant pre heat itself. So in the winter youre gon na get affected by that, especially on this model, um of the kia i dont know if theyll change that in 2023, i hope so because that would be really useful and itll save people time and also save the battery, because the Batteries dont like to be extremely cold and they also dont like to be extremely hot, theres kind of that sweet spot to get the best range and overall battery life because we dont want our batteries dying at you know: 40 000 kilometers in we want these to Last a hundred thousand kilometers and then some before we even have to think about replacing the battery, but i do really really enjoy this car. You could easily do a road trip in this car its. So you know i know i talked about how you might feel the bumps a little bit more but its its not unless you drive them like absolutely back to back.

You know or youre somebody whos really into car feeling and stuff, like that, your the chances of you noticing are very, very little uh, its just so comfortable that the cloth seats in here are just nice. The floor feels like its just a nice place to be absolutely no complaints from me its i really really do enjoy driving this car. The steering i find like i find it bigger im, pretty sure they are the same size, the you know the the iona 5 and the keys im pretty sure theyre the same size, but they it just feels this fear. This steering wheel feels very nice in your hands and especially like driving this in the winter. I feel like the the leather would heat the like the i dont know. If this is real leather or not, but it would heat up quite fast and quite nicely too. The climate control is very good too, like you think that in an eevee it kind of is stingy on how much air its giving you it really isnt its perfect its a really hot day here and i get in the car, its been fine and im sure Im pretty sure a lot of these cars, you can control from your phone, so you can actually turn the car on and then have it all heat up and heat up or cool down or whatever you want in the winter. So if you have the cash to do it, i would definitely recommend going with an all wheel drive long range.

If not, then the next step down is probably a rear. Wheel, drive uh long range. You really want to get your range, especially if you live in a climate where its constantly snowing, or you know, i feel like six months out of the year here, its constantly going like that, so you really have to choose like look at where you live and Look at how cold it really gets, because you are gon na lose a little bit of range uh again i havent driven this car in the winter, so i dont know exactly how much uh, but you will definitely definitely lose some range doing this, but if youre In a warmer climate, then well the range doesnt really matter. You just have to the cage again how warm like i was saying before the batteries really have that sweet spot, but if it were me uh and i had the cash flow right away right now, right like live, i would definitely take a you know. The the all wheel drive, i would definitely take this version. I dont really think that you need like a performance, uh kind of like gt thing. I really dont think you need that so much so with all that being said, uh the kia ev6 is a really fun car to drive, even in its mid trim levels, i i think, even faster in the gt levels and when they come out with their more Performance level, i cant wait to try to get my hands on that one as well.

Itd be really cool to check it out, but yeah with that being said, its been really good driving this vehicle. Thank you once again, uh pr and test drive and nile for allowing me to come out and do this check them out in the description. If you have any questions about the car, let me know in the comments im also going to be a little bit in in those video two. So let us know in the comments and make sure you like and subscribe, because i need to get my hands on more of these cars.