Now i get all of them. 49. I have. I have. I have done. Thank you! Oh 12.. Okay. I have only two honey. I have. I have five thats thirty. I have thirty. I two. I have two okay. Oh i Music. Oh okay, im back on track again: Music. Music. What number do you have me? Oh, no, no, no, no, honey! You need! 35. 15. 15 or 15 15. – i have ah daddy ready Music, yes yeah! I have appreciated. Thank you. Who is the winner. I wear four one more one more two more one more. We need two more two, nine, nine, nine, nine. Oh shisha. You have a lot why you don the winner 42. I love you. Oh a lot t shirt. You need! Oh man, Laughter. 23. 22. I have 58. im trying to put all the little ones on their spot, its so fast, honey. 41. No, no! Nobody! One! More! ‘, i have ‘. I have oh Music birthday Music.