However, the company is not afraid to take on new projects. Thomas and gemma, the ceo of the company, said that his team is looking into different ways to turn the o2 concept that was shown in march 2022 into a real product. Welcome to united texome lets talk about pole, star plans for the release of a new beauty, but before we start dont forget to like and subscribe to this channel and also turn the notifications bell icon on. So you know the second: we post another video now lets waste no more time and get started in an interview with top gear. Thomas and gemmat said my goal is to make a production car, but its not that easy. The fact that the o2 would fit into a market niche that is losing customers is definitely a part of the problem. The number of people buying convertible cars is going down, so automakers from all over the world are leaving the market. Engenloff also hinted that the o2 wasnt meant to be a production car, but more of a statement of intent for the brand. His team needs to figure out how to make a production. Car enginelav also hinted that the o2 wasnt always meant to be a mass produced. Car you need to know how hard it is. We need to figure out where the oxygen is going right away after you finish, painting a picture. You should always let it dry for a while and look at it again in a few months to see if its a good painting or not, he said, even though none of the parts that were used to build the o2 are being made right now, some of Them will be in the near future.

The electric convertible rides on an improved version of the bonded aluminum chassis that polster first made for its electric sedan, the polestar 5, which is expected to go on sale around the year 2024. Since the platforms are linked, it makes sense that the o2 could be changed to work with the 5s dual motor. More than 870 horsepower, trivitrain, of course, putting out a new model on the market usually takes more than just the approval of the ceo to be successful. Even if a person is in a very important position in a company, a business case will almost always come before a single persons, personal preferences, when it comes to how cars are designed dan ackerson, the former ceo of general motors, hopes that opal will start selling the Adam and cascada models of the us in 2013., even though the cascada was sold as a buick in the uk, the atom, a small city car that was meant to compete with the fiat 500 was never sold in the u.s. Also ford ceo, jim farley, said the year before that he was interested in bringing the puma sd from europe to the united states. Even that has not happened and gen lot. Didnt say when his team would decide whether or not to give the ode to the traditional green light for production, but he did say that the decision will be made soon. There are more important things for pole star to take care of like the fact that the company is now working on two crossovers, which will be called the three and four and are expected to boost the companys sales by a lot each year.

The three will look like a crossover, while the four will be marketed as a sportier car, with a roof line that looks like a fastback to set it apart from the competition. It is the second idea to come from the company. The company is a partnership between volvo and geely, the chinese company that owns volvo and its a nod to the companys past as a performance sub brand of volvo, even though its now only an electric vehicle main plate. The way the polestar o2 looks makes it look like it would be a lot of fun to drive. Since the tesla roadster came out, there, hasnt been an electric two seater sports car and elon musk has said that production of the next generation version of his companys first vehicle wont start until 2023. Most of the big sports car companies like lamborghini and ferrari, are still working on their first electric vehicles. This gives pole store a chance to beat them all with its concept. Car that looks fast, because the polestar o2 is still just a concept. The company has decided not to make any of its specs public. This includes the time it takes to go from zero to sixty miles per hour, the size of its battery and its range, but thomas and genlock. The ceo of polestar said in an interview that the modularity of the companys bonded aluminum platform lets it fit a bigger battery, even in a shorter wheelbase. Even with such a short wheelbase and genloth says it is still possible to fit more than 110 kilowatt hours of battery power without having to give anything up.

The o2 has a lot of the same design features as pulstars first concept car the pull star preset. For example, it has sharp lines and a lighting signature that shows the brands ties to volvo. The cars body is low and wide, which gives it an aggressive look. But the interior is more compact, its hard to disagree with pull star when they say that it has traditional sports car dimensions, but feels more like a modern electric car in gennad said we wanted to make sure people knew the architecture could handle sports cars like this And they did the high torque and high power version of the p10 engine that we made for the precept will be used in all of our products. We could put it in this roadster if we wanted to. Of course, the o2 gives pulse store another chance to show how much it cares about protecting the environment. The inside is made of a brand new thermoplastic mono material, which is a term for when a single base material is used to make a lot of different parts. In this case, all of the soft interior parts are made from recycled polyester. These parts include, among other things, sea foam glue, 3d knit fibers and non woven. Lamination pulstar says that this not only makes it easier to recycle, but it also shows a move toward more circularity. It also helps cut down on weight and waste when asked about using one material for the whole inside in gen lot said: thats a great idea that wed love to put into action.

In all honesty, this is how we use these concept cars to put out that goal and pump energy into the organization, so that everyone can work toward making it happen. The vehicles chassis has also been made in a way that makes recycling easier and more efficient. Putting labels on the different grades of aluminum makes it easier to recycle the metal while keeping the qualities of the different grades. The cinematic drone that comes with the polestar o2 lets users rick or themselves doing things like driving down a whiny mountain road. This is the thing that makes the polestar o2 stand out. The drone, which is also a concept, was made in part by the consumer. Electronics, company hokaflow, which is owned and run by aerofugia geelybot terrafugia, a boston based startup that specializes in electric vertical takeoff and landing and turn it into what is now called aerofugia. It is meant to be used while the vehicle is moving, so that driving sequences can be recorded according to engenla, owning a european sports car and driving it along a winding mountain road can seem extremely old fashioned and not in line with the idea of sharing experiences. In the modern world he said we challenged our team and asked hey guys. What would a modern answer? Look like without a doubt. The drone is the tool to use to make memories, create shareable moments and capture, an experience that you and your friend are having, while driving together, and the drone can record you both depending on how you feel it can take photos of the car that are either Calm or very exciting, engemoth says that the technology that would let a drone be part of a car is quite practical.

The drone could keep up with the car at up to 62 miles per hour 100 kilometers per hour after the filming is done. The drone can fly back to the vehicle on its own. Also, you can change video clips right on the 15 inch center screen, while the car is part, and then you can share them with other people. Pulstar has already said that it plans to make the precept its first concept, car into the polestar 5. its possible that the polestar 02 will have the same problem. Is it possible absolutely said in gemma? I want you to think as much as possible about that question. I want to make that clean with this car and, if it turns out to be true id, be more than happy to back it up in the future. Thanks for watching this video, let us know your views in the comments section down below. That was all from our side today.