This is a premium all wheel drive. It goes about 228 miles on a full charge costs around 46, 000 and uh. This is very similar to the toyota bz4x that we drove a couple months ago. I wanted to give you guys some quick driving impressions on the subaru soltera. Today we are at the midwest automotive media association spring rally here at road america, getting a chance to drive a bunch of cars back to back. So lets walk around this real, quick uh. Really quick because its pouring raining and well take it for a quick drive around the block and discuss some of the differences between this and the bz4x. We have a slightly higher ground clearance, with this soleterra at 8.3, inches versus 8.1 inches with the toyota um. A pretty similar interior, though everything here is very familiar, looking compared to the bz4x same infotainment, a lot of the same switch gear and interior spaces uh overall, a pretty nice eevee. A very strange looking cockpit, though, with the steering wheel and gauge cluster design. But after living with it, i kind of like it its very easy and intuitive to use. We have a lot of physical controls and buttons throughout this solterra heated seats which are coming in very handy today, because it is a cold spring morning here in wisconsin anyway. Lets quickly hop outside into the rain and see what this looks like. We have these funky plastic cladded fenders on this solterra and the bz4x a little bit of a different front, end design with the subaru compared to the toyota counterpart.

I, like these 18 inch wheels with massive sidewalls. We have bridgestone terranza, tires 100 kilowatt max dc fast charging rate with the all wheel, drive solterra, and this premium you do not have a power lifting tailgate, a little bit of storage. Underneath you can see heres our charger today, which well probably need at some point a really nice rear, seating space. We have a pretty flat floor to put our feet these seats fold pretty flat too no sunroof in this premium model no frunk either. We have a slightly different shifter configuration here than what were used to you have to push it in and turn to put it in reverse or drive, which is kind of funky, but you get used to it very quickly. We have a few different drive modes. We have power eco and normal, and then you can enable x mode dirt, snow, deep, snow mud which will turn off traction control. We havent tested this off road, yet id like to take one of these off road at some point, but for now were just gon na be doing a street drive all right well turn on our wipers here and head out. This drives pretty much the same as the bz4x on road well enable our one pedal driving here steering is light. I actually like the size of the steering wheel, its very small. It almost feels sports car like, and that is just a very quick and easy wheel to kind of chuck around the driving position is still a little bit strange.

You kind of have to look over this gauge cluster depending on how tall you are, but fortunately there is quite a bit of adjustability with the steering wheel with tilting and telescoping. You have to kind of find your right driving position on first impressions im finding this to be a very intuitive and user friendly, cockpit lots of easy controls, physical buttons, nothing really left to guesswork here in terms of usability decently, quick too, for only 215 horsepower. Out of an ev, this weighs a little bit less than a lot of the other evs on the market at 4300 pounds about 43.65, a mustang maki is about pounds heavier than this ride. Quality is nice. This all wheel, drive car, definitely puts its power down a lot better from a start than the front wheel. Drive cars. Do the front wheel, drive bz4x, does, for example, a very smooth and seamless driving experience. Subaru did a great job tuning this ev powertrain. I have pretty good visibility. All around door frames are nice and low, and on these 18 inch wheels, you just get a little bit more sidewall comfort. The ride isnt as jumpy as it is on the larger 20 inch wheels pretty familiar menus in the center gauge display, pretty similar looking to a lot of toyota products. Again, these shared platforms, these shared projects from manufacturers – you get a lot of crossover between brands and in this car i think theyve done a pretty nice job, blending subaru and toyota efforts.

I kind of prefer the way this soltera looks its a little bit more toned down a little bit more attractive. In my mind, they pretty much seem to drive about the same overall, a pretty straightforward ev to drive on camera. Ive got to say this. This whole steering wheel and uh driver control area seems pretty funky, but in person its actually pretty nice to use. I like the driving position, a lot the steering wheel again, just it falls to hand really nicely. The only problem i can see with it is that if youre a little bit of a shorter driver, you might have some trouble seeing between the wheel and the gauge cluster, so that is kind of some strange placement. Your experience may vary with this in terms of visibility with the digital center display yeah. Hopefully we can spend some more time with one of these solteras back in michigan and give you guys some more driving impressions over a longer period of time, but upon first impressions. This is very similar to the bz4x that we spent a few hours in out in california, its a pretty nice ev. The some of the drawbacks are that this doesnt have quite the same fast charging tech that a lot of other evs do its only 100 kilowatts for the all wheel, drive cars and, unfortunately, if youre doing road trips thats going to be a pretty long time to Sit and charge from 10 to 80 percent or whatever your seat of charge, youre at if youre driving this, mostly just around town charging in your garage or at home.

This is a pretty seamless ev to live with its going to be a great daily driver. Its very easy to use its very functional its got a nice amount of ground clearance. One thing with a lot of evs that weve seen is because the battery packs are mounted low. They will uh reduce ground clearance instead of impeding up into the cabin foot well, and this soltera and bz4x seems to do a pretty good job of maintaining a good level of ground clearance for off road capability without uh packaging that battery pack too high in the Floor anyway, guys just a quick first drive in this solterra. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.