Now for 2022, it will be expanding. Its inventory of electric vehicles by adding two high performance, sedans called the rs e tron gt, and the e tron gt both are very similar to its corporate sibling, the porsche taken in many respects. Since it was introduced for the 2019 model year. The taken has quickly become one of our top picks in the performance luxury vehicle class, making it an excellent place to begin. The e tron gt is distinguished primarily by its exterior style inside cabin design and feature set welcome to united tech zone. Why do you think the rs e tron is better? The rs e tron gt is essentially the high performance version of the e tron gt, as one would anticipate from the rs emblem that is displayed on audi vehicles, not that the regular gt is particularly lacking in performance. Mind you. It generates around 100 additional horsepower in comparison to the e tron gt, which results in a decrease in acceleration time from 3.8 seconds in the base model to just 3.0 seconds in the rs model. An improved torque, vectoring system and a sport steering system are two examples of the performance elements that come standard on the rs, but are not available on the e tron gt. Additionally, the rs comes standard with a few additional luxury items. The rs is the only model for which the year one package is offered. This option includes, among other things, carbon ceramic brakes, which are less likely to fade under intense braking.

It is true that it presents an alluring appearance. However, the findings of our research team were a touch underwhelming overall watch. This video all the way through to the finish, to find out everything you need to know performance. What is the driving experience like in the rs e tron gt? The rs model is an option to consider if the normal e tron gt acceleration from 0 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds isnt. Quite enough excitement for you. How does a time of 3.0 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour? Sound this places it among the quickest cars that can be purchased, placing it on par with a porsche taken turbo, but behind the category leading tesla model s plate 2.3 seconds in our testing. Regrettably, the audi rs e tron gt is lacking in every other component. That is typically included in an audi rs model, although we were willing to forgive the rather average handling performance of the e tron trim level that did not have the rs. We were disappointed to find that the rs did not much improve the experience. The steering is still very accurate and the handling inspires a lot of confidence. Nonetheless, nothing about this experience makes us think it should have an rs badge. However, the transition from regenerative braking to the carbon ceramic rotors is quite clumsy, which results in a loss of two feet in braking distance at 60 miles per hour, our testing showed a stopping distance of 104 feet.

Putting aside its high performance capabilities, the rs gt is just as comfortable for daily driving as the non rs model. Unfortunately, similarly, as the e tron gt, the rs does not provide sufficient passive regenerative braking to allow the driver to only use the gas pedal when driving the rs e tron gt. You will virtually never be able to avoid having to apply the brakes at some time. This is in contrast to other vehicles such as the tesla, which, let you come to a halt by simply letting off the throttle. We have high hopes that this will change in the future comfort. How relaxing of an experience is the rs e tron gt audi? Has perfected the art of balancing out outstanding performance with unmatched levels of comfort on the road? The rs e tron gt is able to provide a ride that is both supple and responsive, despite the fact that it is equipped with wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter and summer performance tires, the adaptive suspension will soften up for any and all bumps in the surface, But it will not wallow over undulating parts of the route, the bumps primarily manifest themselves as low frequency thumps, although despite their notability, they are barely annoying. Additionally e tron gt does an amazing job of blocking out any and all additional background noise. The front seats are nearly as excellent as it gets with very supportive sport buckets that are fully adjustable and come with heating, cooling and massage options.

On the other hand, the back seats do not stand out in any way. The floor of the vehicle is also a little bit elevated, which makes the back seat less comfortable for people who have long legs. Thankfully, the climate controls are much simpler to use compared to those found in the taken, and the system provides sufficient cooling to maintain the interior at the temperature you have selected interior. How would you rate the inside? The interiors of an audi are often quite fashionable well planned and extremely functional. The rs e tron gt is not an exception. Both the touchscreen infotainment system and the controls on the steering wheel are easy to understand and use, given that this is a somewhat large luxury sedan. The rs e tron gt does have a few drawbacks in this area, and one of them is an interior that isnt exactly the most user friendly when it comes to getting in and out of the seats, even for a passenger of ordinary size. The space in the back seats is a little bit cramped and, despite the fact that the driving posture is top notch, the visibility out the back window is so poor that its almost comical its a good thing. The picture quality of the surround view, cameras that are optionally available, is so high technology. How is the technology? The rs e tron gt provides the majority of the cutting edge technology that a luxury electric vehicle should, in addition to wireless connectivity for apple carplay and android, auto wireless phone charging, natural voice recognition and a complete suite of sophisticated driver assistance features are included storage.

How would you rate the storage in car storage is often limited in luxury vehicles, but the audi e tron has even less space available than the vast majority of its rivals, including the taken which is around the same size. In addition, although it has trunks in both the front and the back, the e tron only has a total load capacity of 11 cubic feet that is less space than the trunk of a sedan model. Audi a3. There is a useful pass through for heavier objects and the back seats of the e tron have the ability to fold down completely flat. So its not all bad news. Do you have young children? There is reasonable access to the anchor points for the child safety seats. Nevertheless, the door opening is quite small and there is very little legroom in the backseat which makes it difficult to install bulky rear facing seats, both in terms of range and efficacy. How is the efficiency, and how far does it go? The audi rs e tron gt that we examined came with wheels that measured 21 inches in diameter. These wheels were an available option. According to the epas, it has a range of 232 miles on a single charge and has an estimated consumption rate of 42 kilowatt hour. Of electricity for every 100 miles driven both of these values are significantly worse than what you get with the base e tron gt model value is the audi rs e tron gt a good buy for the money it can be challenging to justify purchasing a car at This price level on the grounds that it offers a fair value.

However, you get the impression that you get your moneys worth out of most things audi. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product because it is constructed with high grade materials. Has excellent panel fit and does not have any interior rattles? Another advantage is that, in contrast to the porsche taken, which has a very hefty standalone option menu, the audi rs e tron gt can be outfitted with many of the same amenities for a price. That is thousands of dollars cheaper. The e tron gt comes with warranty coverage and roadside support, which are very normal features for luxury vehicles. Additionally, new purchasers are eligible for free charging at electrify america stations for a period of three years. Wild card we are dissatisfied with the fact that, with the exception of the wheels, the rs e tron gt appears to be the same as any other gt. The audi e tron gt is an eye catching sedan, but for the price increase we would at the very least, expect something more than a few badges another one of its flaws is that its handling is just somewhat better than that of the standard model. We have higher expectations with the rs badge anyways. What are your views? Let us know in the comments section down below that was all from this video thanks for watching this video, please make sure to like and subscribe to this channel and turn the notifications bell icon on.