Until recently, hyundai managed to sell more than 80 000 units of the premium suv that costs up to 50 000 and more with the dealer markup prevalent for this popular product. In the midst of the pandemic, two years in a row since 2020. to keep it fresh and the sales flowing, the palisade is now facelifted as part of the mid cycle refresh, the revised exterior now features a new grille that is more rectangular and features a similar Armor like graphic treatment, as seen in the tucson and santa cruz stablemates, the boomerang like led signature, has been relocated to the end of the front fascia as well, which gives it a wider appearance. The rear remains mostly the same except for the redesigned bumper, but the new 20 inch wheels that come with the top of the line. Calligraphy model are striking with a 15 spoke design as presented in the photos. The interior is upgraded too, perhaps not as drastic as the telluride sibling. That now receives the panoramic dual lcd treatment, like the other kia models, but the palisade still gets an upgraded 12.0 inch. Infotainment screen that now comes standard. The drivers seat gets the massaging feature and the third row gets the heated seats. The second row now offers wing out headrests and seat ventilation. Also in terms of technology. The largest hyundai suv is updated with the latest offerings. These include an optional digital rear view mirror and the faster wireless charging capability, with the usbc outlet scattered throughout the updated cabin.

It also features the latest version of hyundai digital key, which allows owners to use an iphone apple watch or samsung galaxy to lock, unlock and start their car in lieu of a key is also available. Drivers can also remotely start the car via the key fob or blu link app. Furthermore, the palisade becomes the first hyundai to offer the wi fi hotspot capability. The 3.8 liter v6 engine is unchanged with the same output of 291 horsepower and 262 pound feet of torque. As before the eight speed, automatic transmission also remains, and the palisade can still be configured with either front or all wheel, drive, palisades equipped with all wheel drive gain the new tow mode that reprograms the gearbox to hold lower gears for longer and lessens the frequency of Gear changes the new palisade is now safer than the outgoing model, with rear side impact airbags now standard, a host of driver assistance systems are offered, including forward collision avoidance, assist navigation based, smart cruise control, highway, driving, assist and remote smart parking assist. As for the packaging, like the other suvs such as the santa fe and the tucson in the lineup, the palisade is also to receive the xrt trim, which offers an aggressive and rugged off road appearance enhancements. The new 2023 palisade will go on sale in early summer with a slightly higher price than the 2022 model at 34 845 and the calligraphy model at 48, 535. After enjoying the following presentation from hyundai.

Please cast your vote on your impression at the end of the video im ola bc, and this big beautiful vehicle is the new hyundai palisade enhanced for 2023.. As jose said, hyundai has undergone an suv transformation with 14 sport utility models, including internal combustion, hybrid plug in hybrid, pure ev, and hydrogen fuel cell variants. Hyundai has become the best suv brand in the business according to u.s news and world report. Importantly, most of our suv lineup holds an iihs top safety pick or top safety pick plus designation at the pinnacle of our suv family is the hyundai palisade palisade delivers all the character and prestige of a true flagship. The new, bold and wide grill signals that this is a premium suv. Our new forward lighting signature gives palisade a crisp modern, look accentuated by led headlights, led daytime running lights and led rear lights. This is our extremely popular top of the line. Palisade calligraphy the calligraphy, delivers next level luxury and distinctive styling inside and out, with 20 inch turbine, look alloy wheels, napa leather drivers, ergo motion seat, second row wing out, headrests and high tech features like digital key full display, rear view, mirror remote smart park assist and More with this new model were also introducing our first ever palisade xrt, with numerous exterior treatments providing a more rugged adventure inspired appearance. What i want to focus on now is the palisade experience im an engineer but im much more than that.

Im, a wife im, a mother, a friend and a proud daughter, family, is at the heart of everything i do. I know the same is true of my colleagues here in the u.s in south korea and around the world thats something we share with. So many of our palisade owners family is what this vehicle is all about. So, instead of a tech talk, i want to have a family talk right now, id like you to meet a very special mom. More than three million people follow this city girl gone mom through her tick, tock and instagram videos, her personal blog, her column on today and her podcast, the mom confidential. Please welcome danielle schaefer welcome danny. Thank you bc, its so good to see you so good to be in new york. Let me from new york grew up here. Tell us about your journey from city girl to the socal suburbs, basically, im just a new york city girl who picked up a sailor in a bar and a few years later were raising our wonderful family in southern california, and i share experiences with the world. So when i saw you online, i thought this is who we designed the vehicle for a large family kids ranging in age from well. Our youngest brody is six going on 20 romans, 10 dylans, 14 and jackson. Our oldest is 16.. You have kids from the car seat to the drivers seat right weve got every position covered so thats.

Why we reached out to you? We thought we could invite danny and her family to spend a few days with the new palisade and do what they do so. Well, which is share their experiences and we had a blast lets start with first impressions. How do you like palisades new exterior? Well, i think those faces say it all. We love it. Look at the colors. Look at this. Are you serious? Oh my god. Oh, this is so cool. Look inside this is nice. Oh my gosh. Can someone take me to dance in this? Can i drive yes? What struck me is its tough, yet chic, so the styling does matter. Oh yes, seeing this big, beautiful palisade in the driveway just gets us excited for whatevers. Next, the reality is family life, isnt all about fun and road trips. So much of my drive time involves taking my kids to activities erin shopping for six. An suv like this makes it all good. How do you like the inside of the vehicle, its so beautiful? It feels like modern luxury furniture, and obviously we love all that space. I mean look at that face nice man of a few words. Nice is bobby, for i love it and the kids just took it over whoa. This screen is huge. Look i connected my playlist. Hey, look theres a charger right here. Hey guys theres one back here too everyones got a device for school for games, so those usb plugs all around is a great feature.

By the way those are usbc outlets. They give you higher power for faster charging. Now tell me: what do you think about the in car wi fi hotspot obc? I live in my car im having zoom calls outside the dance studio when dylan and brody are practicing im writing my column at lacrosse practice. Im working and parenting full time so having in car wi fi makes all of that possible. Now i know youre not brand new to suvs did any of the features. Surprise you ill start with something i didnt know. I would love so much the hands free, lift gate. Two hands are never enough in my world. Is there anything else? Definitely the power folding seats im, not a wimp. I lift weights, i lift six year olds, but those heavy suv seats can be so hard to wrestle around by hand, and that assumes you have two to freehand with the palisade its, not an issue. I could switch it up with the touch of a button and even my little ones can use it lets talk safety. How important are safety features and safety ratings when youre, considering a purchase safety, its everything? I want the safest vehicle possible for my family honestly, i wouldnt buy a car that didnt have a top safety rating and the latest safety features, and we let you experience. One of those new safety features when we placed an object behind your palisade, tell us how it went.

Oh right, that was amazing when i was backing out of a parking spot. There was an obstacle behind me and the palisade just put on the brakes with the kids around the car. All the time, thats really something i want. So speaking about safety lets talk about jackson, your 16 year old student driver. How are you feeling about that scared seriously? I know hes careful and responsible, but i totally get it. Ive had a 16 year old with a new drivers license, but you dont have to worry about jackson, because jackson and i had a little time – oh yeah, so jackson, how do you like it its really nice? Is it fast, 291 horsepower good enough for you cool? You know what else is cool when youre driving the palisade out there, all by yourself, your parents can keep tabs on you? What do you mean if you drive too fast, dad and mom get a speed, alert? Really yeah and if you try to sneak the car out too late, they get a curfew alert and if you decide to head out a little too far from home alert, yup its like mom and dad they always watching bc. Thank you so much for that. No worries those features. I told jackson about theyre all part of hyundai blue link and theyre free for the first three years now lets talk about one more thing: families everywhere are looking for. The keys right, whos got the keys.

You guys fix that. I just open my iphone and use the digital key to get in and go in the new palisade, our hyundai digital key works with both android and iphone, and you can share the digital key with your family, a friend you can do it remotely and you decide When they can have access and you can set the time limits, i love that so lets talk about the places you guys love to go. We love the whole outdoor thing. We love the beach bobby and jackson are both surfers and all of us, ski or snowboard. In fact, we have a cabin in the mountains in big bear. It takes a few hours to get up there, but its our little slice of heaven pal state is made for those road trips. Did you try the heated seats all three rows? Oh yeah! No! Behind left behind, we all get that nice warm up after a day on the slopes, oh even better. I love the ergo motion seat its like getting a therapeutic massage lets get back to safety when youre driving the family in a big suv. Do you ever find its hard to see whats behind you? Definitely in the rearview mirror? All i see is heads and theyre getting taller all the time. Palisades solves that issue with the available full display digital rear view, mirror a camera sends an unobstructed rear view to the mirrors digital surface. Palisade also has smart cruise control and highway driving assist which make driving more convenient on those long trips on the highway.

They can help the driver maintain the vehicles lane position while keeping a set, speed and distance from the car ahead. They can also assist in slow speed traffic, helping you react safely when another vehicle cuts in ahead of you. I love the palisade im so glad we had this chance to get to know you and to get an early preview im now on the list to get one. This summer we had so much fun. Getting to know you and your wonderful family enjoy the new palisade.