So next, Music, okay, we just started lets see what happens. Thank you, okay. So 23 23.7 kilometers outer register with an average of 6.5 kilometers per kilowatt uh. We lost seven percentage last year for seven percent of twenty three twenty four kilometers traveled but um highway camera, but im hoping that. Well, when youre cruising on japan, foreign Music, we have to drive for 375 kilometers and we are taking that call. So, finally, we did it. 365 kilometers is only so 370 kilometers eco, more low, roughly about 35 kilometers uh with asia, just starting the punjab, insecure one day reach out on jpc, but um yeah in car 10 uh battery only which is like most likely like another 30 to 40 kilometers. Much so eco mode, low speeds, sub 80 at me, major yeah, 60s to 70 75 range. So such long distance and the slow speeds customer but um we dont have a choice. So ah modulo say: okay, so six hours six hours, but you need almost 370 kilometers average speed, which is 61 kilometers per hour. Kilowatts of eight kilohertz left only and a easier 400 kilometers range, which is sorry and time to charge.