Lets get in and take this vf8 for a ride: Music, andrea. We have some guests with us, we sure do. Weve got hugh and whats your name, young and young in the back, all right so uh we have uh. This is our instructor and a videographer in the back seat. This is a lot of fun and different from the way we usually do it. It certainly is were not used to having gas see how fast this thing goes. Electric cars, a lot of speed, a lot of power and so smooth whats. Under the floor of this vf8, there are two vf 8 models: eco and plus, with two battery options: standard and enhanced range, both all wheel, drive; eco, has 349 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque, with 420 kilometers for standard range and 471 kilometers for enhanced zero To 100 kilometers per hour is estimated at 5.9 seconds. The plus model has 402 horsepower and 457 pound feet of torque with 400 kilometers of range 447 kilometers of range, with the enhanced model 0 to 100 kilometers an hour, and this is estimated at 5.5 seconds andrea. What are the key standard features of the vf8? The base trim comes with a heat pump, a 15.6 inch touchscreen apple, carplay and android, auto a power driver and passenger seat heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, leatherette, interior available leather, heated and power. Folding exterior mirrors a manual lift gate, available power, liftgate led headlights and led tail lights, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert.

So one thing youll notice about this car is it has big blocky uh letters for park, reverse neutral drive. What else can we put it in? You got to put it in s for subscribe, and if you can hit that notification bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this. The couple car review twice a week, not always from vietnam, though so make sure you like and subscribe, but also follow along on instagram, its motormouth underscore andrea, to get a sneak peek behind the scenes. Great pictures from vietnam by the way and im motor mouth underscore auto and the links are below the like button. This video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below i got. Ta tell you. I like the way that this drives. If i compare it to something like lets, say the model y with a firmer suspension, this is kind of in between you get this smooth ride, but you still feel a few bumps in the road i find. The feedback through the steering wheel is pretty good. I mean typically with electric car can have a numb feeling on the steering, but this one you actually feel the imperfections in the road, which is what you want uh.

It does bounce a little over the bumps, but its not bad at all. I, like the feeling of this steering wheel, this one is quite thin yeah. It has a good feeling in the hand, do you want to talk about the outside and then the inside, andrea, because um uh? This is a pinon farina design on the outside. So italian, you can see almost with the v theyve done in the front a you could say it has a bit of an alfa romeo kind of look to it. I dont mind that i think its a good looking car. I think the exterior design of this looks fabulous. It has a european vibe to it, which makes sense an italian designer, and this comes standard with led headlights and led tail lights and take a look at the back tail lights. Kind of has a bit of a mustang vibe to it, so on size. Closest competitor to this in the electric space would be the tesla model y, which is on the bigger end of the compact space theyre, calling it a mid size here in vietnam, and i would kind of agree with that. Well talk about the dimensions on the inside. In just a moment, but you know what i would say, something like a ford edge would be close in comparison to size. I really like the slope roof line. Vin fast did this for aerodynamic efficiency so that you will get better range, which is obviously one of the most important things to consumers when buying an electric vehicle.

So lets talk about the inside theres no sunroof on this base model, but it is on the higher trim. Yes – and this comes with a 15.6 inch touchscreen – there are some hard key buttons for temperature on the bottom. They stay on the screen. Youve got the center console with a button shifter. There is some softer materials in here, along with hard plastic, and i like the trim piece that is uh has a little bit of detail and a pattern to it as well. Some high gloss black here at the center console as well so theyre gone for a strip of carbon fiber, look uh this hard plastic here on the dash pad right in front of me. I would prefer if that was coated with something, but you know what, as a first effort from a brand new brand yeah um, i would say i give this totally a passing grade on the inside. Well, interestingly enough, the center console here, which is where you would see hard plastic, is soft touch material, so they give us and they take us away now, moving to the rear seat, it doesnt slide or recline. But i got ta tell you, there is a lot of space back there, so i didnt do my usual shot of me getting in because its very quick here yeah but uh you can see the leg room is ample. I wouldnt say theres any issue with space and then the cargo area is roomy as well.

This is, as we mentioned, its on the bigger side of the compact, almost intermediate size, so its not a small vehicle. So i would say that my impressions of the vf8 are very good. I like the way that this handles and drives, and i think that the interior is spacious and comfortable its interesting that this is an all new electric vehicle. But it doesnt have a flat rear floor like most other electric cars, but it does have a frunk up front for additional storage time now for questions, coffee and cars. Could you please explain a bit further how the battery subscription model works? Fifty thousand plus a monthly fee of a hundred and thirty nine dollars, isnt it better to buy a gasoline car with such a fee or a hybrid. The vin fast seems like a good car, especially the vehicle warranty, but im kind of confused on the monthly battery subscription. So welcome to questions coughing cars, not our usual format, yeah, look where i am yeah and weve condensed it down to really one question, and that is about the subscription model that they have for their battery. So vin fast is doing things very differently from every other car brand. So you you buy the car you lease the car and then you pay a monthly subscription fee for the battery. Now you guys are going to write below whether you think this is a good idea or a bad idea, but put it this way, its very different yeah.

So this is how it works. Youre going to pay 1′ a month, canadian for the vf8 and for the vf9 youre, going to pay 199 per month now, one of the reasons why vinfast did this is because people are worried about the battery life and what is the cost to replace a battery 10 to twenty thousand dollars, so vinfast guarantees that if the battery dips below 70 percent, with charging capacity theyre going to replace it doesnt matter, if its at four years or its at eight years, that battery is going to be replaced for you now. The big problem is with a other car brands. If you get an electric car most times, the drivetrain is warranted for 10 years right. So if you had say a toyota or a ford or something and the battery degradated down to 70 percent before that 10 years, you would hope that they would stand behind their battery. So the big question is: why am i paying for the car and paying for the battery as insurance, when i already have a warranty – and this comes with a 10 year – warranty already 200 000 kilometers or 125 000 miles, but its separate thats for the running gear Of the car and the interior, and then the battery is separate so im not sure this model is easy to understand and explain, and once again you. Let us know what you think about this: having to pay 110 dollars in the u.

s and 100. And what is it in canada, 1′ dollars in canada? I kind of broke this down lets say you keep the vehicle for a 10 year period of time at 1′ dollars a month, thats gon na cost you sixteen thousand eight hundred dollars over ten years. Now. How many people actually keep the vehicle for that period of time? Lets say: youre only leasing it for three years. That might be just an added expense for you. So youve really got to look at what drives you to buy these vehicles. We have a follower who has put an order in on a vf8, and actually the battery subscription is what he likes. He is worried very much about having to replace the battery and vin fast is taking care of that for him, and that puts him at ease. Getting into the eevee market, i also spoke to another viewer: whos got a fleet of vehicles for his company, and this sort of battery subscription puts him at ease because he doesnt want to have to replace the battery. So this is why theyre doing it, one is the upfront cost to either buy or lease the vehicle is lower because the battery is kept out of it and they feel that the price every month to lease the battery is um a small enough bite that people Wont really notice compared to what theyre paying for in gasoline just now, so im, not sure if this is something theyre going to be married to forever.

This is what theyre doing to launch the vehicles and theyre doing it basically to keep the price down. There is a flexible plan available for the vfa and it starts at ‘, canadian per month for the first 500 kilometers and you add, 9 cents per extra kilometer and vin fast says that that price will be guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle. Even if you sell it to somebody else, all right so lets get into what the price is of this vehicle, with our vital stats for the vf8 lets start with pricing. The eco model starts at fifty one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars in canada and forty thousand seven hundred dollars in the united states with a dc fast charger. Standard range models will charge from 10 to 70 percent in about 24 minutes and enhance models. 31 minutes vinfast has a direct to customer sales model where buyers can order a vf8 or vf9 online and then take delivery. Service is handled with a valet, pickup and drop off model or at home service. Depending on what the vehicle needs. You can reserve your vinfast model for 250 online. This is a fully refundable deposit, vinfass plans to open showrooms in canada later this year in the provinces of quebec, ontario and british columbia in the u.s vinfast has plans to open 30 stores in california alone. By the end of this year and are looking at other states to make their vehicles more accessible, the projected target date of the vf8 for deliveries is the end of the year and the vf9, the three row suv early 2023.

– actually full production at the facility here In vietnam starts at the end of august 2022, so they are coming and you can expect the vf6 and vf7 to come to north america next year. So vinfast has got big plans and they are going fully electric no more gas models at the end of august. Okay, so we are doing another video about our trip here to vietnam, visiting the production facility and who is vinfast and who is the vin group, the parent company of infest? So if its been published ill put the card up here, its definitely worth watching beautiful scenery. Wonderful people, food youre, going to love it. So amazing, thanks for watching this and thats a very first look at the vf8. What do you guys think? What do you think of that subscription model? Vinfast is living up to its name. It is moving fast, keep an eye on this company, so this company is not only a vietnamese success story, its got its eyes on north america by the end of this year and worldwide they are going to be a player in the electric car game and this First example, i think its pretty good but cant wait to get it at home and take it for a longer ride. This video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.