My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the h. F, nikolai it is the xd3 and is it the super commuter e bike that wed all be waiting for lets, get stuck into the details, Music, so Music. Here we are on a beautiful july morning, looking at the h, f, nikolai xd3, there is a ud3 version. That is the step through, so you will have that you wont have that mid bar there, but in essence same like just different shape. There is an xd4 common, really, the only difference with it is a couple of the bosch motor updates and so itd be pretty similar to this one. The um, despite that were going to be talking about today, is spec from the factory retail prices in or around 5000 euros, and then you can start adding and making a combination of yourself, but it would take a small bit longer. It is 29 kgs, and the capacity it can take is 150 kgs. Two colors matte black on this one, and there is also a matte red and there is also two versions, then at 25 kilometer an hour top speed and a 45 kilometer on our top speed. And this one is the 45 an hour 45 kilometer an hour. Uh frame sizes theres a small and medium frame, um up to 180 centimeter height, as in the person and then theres a large extra, large and thats for people that are 175. This one is actually the small medium and im 188 centimeters, but it fits me perfectly lets start the front and work our way back.

Weve got the schwab supermoto x tires, magna brakes, then front and rear 200 millimeter on the front and 180 millimeter disc brake on the back um and theyre slightly different breaks on the 25 kilometer an hour. Uh version four part on the front brake and one part on the back. Forks are all terrain, rockshox recons, you can see there and it has the adjustability either side and also then an underneath reflector on the side there as well so really comfortable that mud guard. Then is the aluminium multi cavity, extrusion, so really tough wearing uh? You can see underneath then youve got the h9 lickola logo there underneath number one on the frame and then on the actual bell itself or the horn. Sorry and lights. Youve got supernova, mino mini m99 mini, and these once the bike is turned on. These are on all the time and there is a high beam and a low beam function. The stem itself moving around is a lot of ergotech stuff, so this is the ergotek swell and it can be adjusted, which is great. It also has the handlebars that are ecotec as well ergo technologies, and there are its a low riser bar with the centauri deviant bow. Just so you know the display the bosch. One is the standard that is the intuvia which were well used on the channel and you can get the nyon and the kiosk, and you can get a smartphone hub as well that you can use the bosch app gear lever is the involve enviolo it doesnt.

Have the display on this one and just felt that they didnt need to put it on it. Youve got the high beam light there when you turn it on. It goes blue lets, see if that comes across on camera, so its on there now and you can see im not sure if you could see that light coming on. But when you oh yeah, you can see it there on camera, so thats high beam, sometimes itll be difficult enough to see it. It does let you know on the display that the light is on and then on the left hand, side youve got your assists. So you can see it is eco, tour, sport and turbo up to 340 percent assistance. Youve got the battery. Youve got your kilometers per hour and then range. You can change what information odometer trip, distance, the clock max speed 45.7 and then the average speed of the last couple of runs back to the trip time and then the range so thatll say: 29 kilometers based on turbo boost. But if you bring that down that jumps up to 36 for sport tour brings you up to 50 eco will bring you up to 83 and then obviously you turn it off limitless on this side then as well. You also have that horn that i was talking about theres the magnet brakes really good and nice ergonomic handles difference between this and the recent molar charger. 3 theres. Not a lot.

Probably i would say this is a small bit looks to be a small bit more heavier duty, a number of wires coming off the handlebars here. But if you go for the enviolo, the automatic shifter youll lose it on those wires, so thats an option for you. As well battery, it is the power tube and its built into the um up right here you can see thats the charge and flap there, and that is a power tube by boston at 625 watt hours. If you want to get a bigger um range or battery systems, you can put a 500 watt hour on the outside there, so it would sit in there. I believe theres talks of that increasing in capacity and whether thats been announced before i get this video out and moving down, then this one is the performance line, speed motor, but you can get the uh bosch performance, the cx25. This is the speed 45 so depending on whether youre on performance or whether you want speed thats a totally up to yourself, but you can see, look at the welds on this thing and look at the support that everything has and it is a gates drive. Pedals are vp components, good cradles and youve got your kickstand there as well moving around just so we can look at the crank set its the cdx, its a 55 tooth chain ring and then its a gates, carbon drive, very little maintenance and, depending on what one You go for this is 125 tooth, and if you go for the 25 kilometer an hour, it is slightly different at 120.

Sorry theres, 122 tooth uh. It jumps up 125. If you go first um yeah, depending on which, which you go for the this seat, post is ergotec and they have different ratings. So you can see thats at the ergotek iv so depending on what way. But this again is spec from factory and then the saddle is a cell royale, and this is the sensor atletic and thats the ergotek, and that is the atar 31c post. There is a rack on this as well, and it takes a 25 kg rack time that has increased from the previous version and it can take panniers as well. This is not standard, but joe in dublin. Loves bikes puts it on there because it fits nice and well so when you buy the bike, he gives you that abus um lock and thanks again to joe from dublin love spikes for lending me. This bike to review uh the rear, pulley sprocket, is the gates and, depending on what one you go for, it can go 22 teeth, 20 teeth or 28 teeth, and that will depend on whether you go for the enviolo and the regular one which was on here. The automatic, which is the electric shifter or the roll off speed hub, and then we have the supernova brake lights in the back and with the little license plate holder. Here and again, you have when you press the brakes, because it is that speed version. It is uh the brakes actually high life theres the light on the front lit up thats.

All the details of the h, f, nikolai xd3 lets, take it out for a spin Music, Music whats. It like riding the h f, nikolai xd3, its pretty nearly exact to the recent molar charger 3, just with the same motor with the same crank set. It doesnt vary in the difference, its obviously both hair tails im getting to an edge. Now, where id like a nice, big, comfy saddle and id like the rear suspension as well, but the question that i posed at the beginning, it is it a supercommuter if you want to do a bit of off roading and you want to get in and out Of the office like its pretty pretty perfect for it for the money as well – and i know 5000 euros, isnt, cheap motorcycles, second hand, cars etc, but youre not spending anything on fuel, especially with this gates drive and the enviola hub, like maintenance on e bikes. If you pick, the right combination really is non existent. You know once a year service and bush like the the build quality of this and the the recent muller charger 3, like theyre theyre top notch, and then they need to be for the price. You know um but theres everything on this and when you look at some of the uh other bikes that ive reviewed in the channel, the 2000, the three thousands euros, the costings of it. It is, you know, for an extra 2000 on top of that and again im, not making small of the money.

If you get on the bike to work scheme, you can spread that 1500 euros over through your employer and youre, not paying taxes. So in ireland we have a bike to work scheme of up to 1500 euros, and but you can put that towards a bike of greater value. It doesnt have to be underneath that value so yeah its a phenomenal bike and the assistance front suspension is really nice saddle, as i said, id like a softer one but thats, just my preference thats, not anything against the cell royale brakes are good yeah, its a Serious package, let me know in the comments if this is the kind of thing that youre interested in with regards to, is it this? I know some people are looking for a more affordable e bike reviews and i will be doing those as well. Just this one happened to come up. Cant find any other english review of this bike, um. Obviously, german bike and hugely popular in germany, with probably hundreds of german reviews but um. I cant find an english youtube review on it, so really its between this and the recent muller charger three and what you go for personal preference. Really it starts to boil down to whos your local bike shop. Do they stock up versus? Where would you buy it to get it serviced and an authorized dealer? Music uh both are phenomenal bikes both are roughly the same price theres very little in the difference between the two.

As i said, i think this one probably a bit sturdier looks wise and build quality wise but thats not to say that the recent mother isnt isnt far off but youve got that adjustability in the stem in the handlebars in the suspension on the front. Obviously, the reason molar charger 3 had that the one that i reviewed had that suspension saddle. So it is a small bit more comfortable potentially, but i think those suspension styles really are for the harder knocks in life. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the hnf, nikolai xd3, and i said they have a ud3 as well, where it is the step through. But the steps are actually isnt too uh isnt too high, or this crossbar isnt too high um, and just if youre doing off roading, if youre doing more extreme mountain biking et cetera. I think this one will probably give you a bit more rigidity but again depend on your your height and your preference of step through or not. Remember, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.