I just bought that this is 2022 kia ev6. I bought this in the trim called wind rear wheel drive. Currently, as you can see, it is charging. I still dont have the level two charger setup. It is currently charging with this level. One charger i bought from amazon ill put the link in the description. This is really good. It charges around five miles per hour, so not too bad, but not too good, as well. So im waiting for my level 2 charger installed once that is there. This will be charging at around 30 miles per hour. So let me show you this car around. As you can see, the design is really sleek. I think design wise. This really looks. Futuristic. I got this car from a dealer. I actually went to see a mercedes gls, but after driving it i didnt like it. At the same time, it was a kia dealership and they were offloading few of these cars. So while they were offloading these kias, i just asked them if they are already sold for or or they dont have a buyer for them. So they mentioned that they dont have a buyer. So far, so i just gave them an option. I just told them im also looking for one, but i dont wan na pay, like seven eight thousand dollars in markup, so they agreed. So, even though i paid like two thousand five hundred dollars markup, but they did that few things, so it was a markup uh.

To be honest, but at least i got something for that, so all those things im gon na – let you know so in total, including taxes. I got this car for 55 000. I am in north carolina currently, so there are like three percent tax that you have to pay, including that documentation fees, although dealers take that in including all those things uh this car costed me 55 000, so options wise. This is kia. Ev6 wind trim with rear wheel drive motor, so it is not all wheel drive, they had one all wheel drive, but it was in in the color that i was looking for so currently. This is what i have. So what all options did i get with this car? So most of them are dealer installed ill show you those it looks really dirty because i just took it out for a short ride and after that it was raining, so it got dirty. So it had got this tinted front glass right on both the side, so that is one addition. These door protectors door edge guards. They call them um, not too expensive these things, but i got it with the car. Look at these wheels. They look so nice im planning to show you all the features, but currently i just want to show you and introduce this car to you. I will also make a follow up video in which ill tell you why i went with kia ev6 rather than going for tesla electric car so because teslas are really popular um.

If you havent heard about tesla model 3 model y, you are living under a rock, so i also explored that option ill. Let you know what was my thinking when i bought this over tesla model y or model 3., but before that, let me show you a few of the options so before that ill just unlock it, it has got this power liftgate. So i got this cargo net. So this is from the factory from the manufacturer, this cargo cover, which is really good, actually uh. It keeps your stuff hidden as well as this uh cargo cover generally. If you see only this kind of carpet cover comes so this car came with carpeted mats from the manufacturer, but these were also installed by the dealer. So in that two thousand five hundred dollars, all all these things were included. As you can see, this is really good space and in bottom it comes with tire mobility kit. So this is really good. Handy space, a lot of space in this car lot of good options. This lift gate is obviously nice, because it has this slanted design, futuristic. Very coop like that is why you wont see too much of space. It has lost around this much of space around this much of space because of that design, but overall ill take this design, because i already have an audi q5, which is more boxier, has more room for luggage and i think for our use.

This is a really good car. As you can see, this is how it is charging currently. As you can see, these are the bars just like your cell phone when they are charging, they show you that it is charging to the last part. So currently it is almost 75 to 76 charge. One really interesting thing is that it comes with the app. Let me quickly open that app. So it comes with this app as you can see, and it shows you all the status currently, as you can see, this is 76 percent charge 219 miles uh. It will go in that 76 percent charge. I usually charge it till 80 percent. That is what it was recommended to me, and the dealer told me to charge it like 200 once a month, so my i dont drive that much so considering that thats good 80 charge is more than good enough, as you can see the status currently showing as Charging you can also set some charging times and all those things you can even schedule the charging lets say you are someone who who goes to office like 10 a.m. Every day you can let your car or schedule the charging of your car for like the last four hours so from so from 6 to 10. Am it will be charging one other thing is you can also schedule the remote climate control? So what happens? Is you want to set the climate control? You are living in the north of us where it is really cold in the winter months? At the time what you can do is you can tell the car that at 10 am keep the temperature to lets, say 72 or 74 degree fahrenheit.

So it will keep that for you when, whenever you are ready to go, the temperature will be perfect for you. So you dont have to worry about setting the temperature and basically worrying about that. So all those things are really good. This app is free for one year with all these functions, and after that you only see the charging thing. I guess and all other features are youll have to pay for that. So i think, if you need all these features after one year, you will have to shell out 19 or 20 dollars per month, and if you want like half of the features, some of the features you can so their plan starts from five dollars to fifteen dollars. To twenty dollars, so you can see what all options are there. It also comes with geofence and all those things so that you basically set a geofence for your car. As you can see, there is a lot of space in behind for the passengers. There is lot of legroom, so this is what i usually sit at i mean this is the height, and then you can see there is a lot of difference, see how much difference is there. So in that way this is really good. Obviously, well talk about those screens, you can also recline the back seats and because this floor is flat, you can basically keep your umbrella. As i was telling you i was in the rain yesterday, so i needed that one pet peeve about this car is that the door storage is not that huge.

Its like just fitting this small bottle fit and finish. The quality is really good. The sound system is okay, not the best meridian surround sound system, it is okay. All these buttons and knobs are really good quality metal. All the touches that you see are really soft touches, so thats really good, while were back here ill. Also, tell you one more thing that you get this usb c port on integrated in these seats in the front seats on both the sides, so thats, a really good feature, really neat. I would say, and lets go to the front. Okay lets see in the front seat so when you get into the car – and it is currently showing me the battery percentage and charge, so it is saying that in 1 hour 15 minutes it will be 80 charged. So your drive knob is here, reverse neutral and drive. This is here. You start the car and ive already installed the apple carplay car link kit 3.0. So it is supposed to connect to my phone automatically once you enter, and you confirm your user after that. All the settings will be saved so currently, as you can see, the temperature is really high here, its 90 degree fahrenheit. You get a lot of good features in this car. This screen is 12.3 inches in size, and you have two of those so one here and one for your entertainment system for your ev. Everything related to that you see here.

If you click on this car icon, you see that it is going to be charged in about about one one hour 15 minutes, and you will get about 231 miles. So in total, this cost gives you 310 miles epa given range when it is completely charged. But when im charging it 80 percent im getting close to 225 to 230, which is good enough. It also shows you bunch of more more information. Well go through that, and also it shows you the nearby ac and dc charges. These are not free, but some of them are free, so you can also find that it is all integrated in this system, so that is really handy for you. Other thing that i want to mention is that this car does come with 1000 kilowatt of charging with the electrify america, so ive already used that twice. This really charges really fast. So i think i charged from 30 to 80 percent in like 15 minutes. It was really fast, it was 350 kilohertz for kilowatt hour charger, and that was really good. I charged my car really fast. I used around 14 to 15 dollars. I think in that way, or something like that 14 to 15 dollars, but it was free. So ive done the calculation. You can basically drive this car with dc charging for free that comes with uh 1000 kilowatt charging capacity. If you convert it to miles, it will be close to 3500 to 4000 miles based on your driving habits.

Okay, this steering wheel is really good. Its really perfect, i wouldnt, say anything wrong with this. Its really good. You get all these buttons. Here. You have cruise control adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist lane centering. All those features are already inbuilt. You dont have to pay anything, but there are few advanced features for that: youll have to pay and basically go to the next trim in this information. You will see a lot of good information here. It shows your trip average timer. It also shows your battery uh. It shows you sometimes indicator entire pressure monitoring. So overall really good. You also get lot of drive modes. If you click on this button, you see that the drive mode has changed. It is normal now uh, so it also changes the graphics with that and once i click again, you will see this is sports mode and the thing is: whenever you change the mode, you will lose the miles. Just keep an eye on this. This miles, two zero. Two miles as you can see on the bottom, when i go to eco mode, it is two one four miles and in normal its 208 and when i go to sports its two zero two, so you do lose miles uh. For obvious reasons. It gives you a lot of power, its really fast. I mean this car is fast. I cant imagine how the kia ev6 gt will be, because that is that is supposed to be the fastest.

But oh, this car is fast. You get a lot of torque and if you want a snow mode there is a hidden snow mode here. For that. You just need to press this button for some time and it turns into snow mode, and you get out of that by just clicking once so. That is how you go into a snow mode. There are a lot of small features about this car that are there. I will cover all those things, but this is like a very short brief review, so climate control, you can see all the features all the buttons are here. These are capacitive buttons. You can change the temperature with this knob and this and this layout changes when you click on this. It becomes your entertainment unit. Now this becomes your volume controller, so this is really good feature um, not a big fan of these changing the layout thing. I rather want to keep it like a steady thing. You can also choose the default one. I will show you in the next video how you can set the default. Currently it is climate control which is which is default for this, but you can change it. I will show you that one of the best thing that is included in the price you dont have to pay. Anything extra is that it comes with heated and ventilated seats. So heated seats is fine. Ive used that in my rdq5, but these vented ventilated seats.

Oh, my god, theyre best in the business i have experienced in those hot summer days i mean they will just save you. I mean they are one of the best things overall center console is really good. It is like this floating design. So, as you can see perfect, you get a lot of storage here as well. I will also talk about that vehicle to load adapter that comes with the car later on. Basically, it is something that lets you charge, other accessories from from the battery of your car. So you can connect to your charging port and you can use this car as a big charging bank, basically or power bank and basically run other things from this, so well see the review. There is this wireless charging pad. It does have apple carplay, android, auto. That is why i have used this car link kit too. As you can see, it is lying over there, so that one is supposed to make it wireless carplay, and this is wireless charging, so it doesnt come by default with wireless carplay. Okay, let me make that clear. I have made it wireless using that car link kit 3.0 ill put the link in the description. It is really good. Uh video is coming for that. One specifically how i install that i bought it. Uh whats the price: all those things will be coming in the next video apple carplay is wired by default, so that comes with the car.

This center control is really good. All right. A lot of space you can buy some organizers for it. So im gon na do that and you get this organizing spaces here as well. Okay, parking button, as you can see when i press on it it shows me the rear, camera parking sensors. You keep them on. They basically theyll assist you when youre parked. So this car does come with front and rear parking sensors, so that is already included in the price. All right lets go out and show you and to open your charging door. There is this button. You can do that from here. You can also put the electronic power brick from here, but i in my experience it is really smart. So whenever you put your car into p mode or the parking mode it automatically gets on and the indicator for that is this red icon and you get two memory options: level, one and level two you can set. All of that in the screen you can set. The user as well, this color is really beautiful. I will have to clean it to show you completely, but, as you can see, these lights are perfect, very futuristic design. This sits a little lower, even though they call it uh suv. It is not exactly an seo. It is like a crossover, as i was saying, the front of this car is really beautiful. It looks really futuristic. As you can see, this color is really beautiful.

I think it is called gravity blue. It turns into blue black, depending on how much light it is getting. Another thing is when you start the car and put it into drive, what happens? Is you get this ventilated so currently it is closed. It opens, as you can see, when im trying to open it with my finger. You can open that so it opens, brings more air to cool down, probably the batteries and some motors, because it doesnt have engine so obviously overall so far, really happy with the car. I think ive had it for more than a week now, ive already driven it more than 500 miles, did a 300 to 400 miles trip so even was able to charge it the dc charging with that electrify america credits that i get so really good car. Please stay tuned subscribe to my channel for more content on this car im going to make a lot of videos about its features because it does come with a lot of features and there are a lot of hidden features that you dont see normally so.