You join me today as we look at the polestar 2 ev im gon na have a thorough review of this uh. Take you around the car, the interior, exterior and obviously go for a drive in the car as well Music, so Music lets start by having a walk around the car. This particular model is the dual motor performance version of the car particular model. Has the upgraded braking system uh with the 20 inch alloy wheels diamond cut, which look really nice? The boot is a huge size, as you can see, theres plenty of room in there for a medium sized dog bed, loads of handy stuff, like storage nets tie down straps as well. You have actually got a partition to separate items of luggage. In the boot falls floor, obviously some extra storage under there for things like charging cables, uh the seats as well weve got a two way split and a central ski hatch as well there for carrying slightly longer items. The overall quality of the cabin is really good. Really, nice soft touch materials everywhere. This particular car has the vegan friendly interior. I believe you can also pay a bit more upgrade these seats to leather um, really, nice driving position really comfortable chairs. You feel like youre, sat in a big armchair um, but you know thats what youre going to expect from from this type of car harman kardon sound system, uh, really nice chunky, steering wheel, which looks very familiar if youve ever sat inside a volvo before um.

We have got a digital dash there, big infotainment display here, which is actually operated by google and so everything you do on there. You say: hey, google, to actually activate it. Everything in the cabin is a really scandinavian, minimalist design right down to the infotainment display here, which you can use your google assistant theres all different things on here. Like you can access your spotify gives you an idea of where your charge points are. This is a really really easy system to use all your climate control dials are on here as well and for a touch screen its not too fiddly its really quite easy to operate. You can alter things like the ride. The steering feel you can actually change the intensity of the one pedal braking, because this is an electric car and its got regen. The cars electric motor will act as a brake and slow you down while recuperating energy back from the battery. As you can see, everything is kind of like a wood effect, and i really like the gear selector as well another one under here bit of storage space uh. You do actually have wireless charging for your mobile phone down here as well, somewhere to store your key as well got other things as well like usb ports. Now weve had a look around this car. I think the next thing we need to do is take it for a bit of a drive, get an idea of the handling dynamics and the feel of driving an ev.

This is actually my first time an electric car ever um its really exciting, to see what the drives, like so far, observations to make its really comfy uh. You feel yourself, obviously riding a little bit higher than you do in your standard car. But then this is, you know, type of a crossover uh design is some somewhere in between an suv and a solution at the roundabout. Take the first exit onto the m60 slip road. Obviously, that is the google maps interrupted me. As i said, the infotainment system is all designed and operated by google uh, which is really good because it gives it a really nice clean, easy to use design, which you know even on the move. Its really good its, not fiddly nice and easy to use im about to go over a speed bump here. So this is a test of the suspension handles the bumps really well its its a really comfortable car. You know so weve come to expect from this type of car um. For those of you that dont know pole star once upon a time was volvos performance, brand um and then what they have decided to do. Um was re brand it as the electric vehicle arm of volvo and its fair to say, theyve done a really good job um and i think theyve put together an ev here that will rival anything um. I know that the main rival for this type of car is the tesla model 3, its very similar price points in the market very similar kind of features, and when this is so relaxing i dont really need it.

Obviously, youve got a bit of noise, its a large vehicle and a bit of tire noise, but again were riding on a low profile tyres so that doesnt help um theres no engine noise, which im still trying to get used to, but its a very comfortable cruising Machine something this definitely feels like something you can do a lot of miles in you can get a lot of hours of driving in here. I think without starting to get too uncomfortable lets talk a little bit about range. When i picked this car up from pole star this morning, it had 100 charge in the battery and its showing a range of 240 miles. Now ive not gone far enough really so far to affect that range plane and well see how we get on a little bit further into this drive no im used to driving a fairly fast car, but i believe this dual motor performance version generates about 400 horsepower And if youve never driven an ev before when you plant yourself, the takeoff is phenomenal. The instant acceleration that you get in this car is unbelievable. Just wait and yeah its unbelievable. It really doesnt throw you back into the seat. One thing thats very apparent is theres not much steering feel at all um not really got much of a sense of what the front wheels are doing. Um, when youre turning the steering wheel um, particularly when ive pushed this car so far um, it tends to feel a little bit unsteady um, which i guess is what youd expect from a bigger electric crossover that weighs over two tons.

Just a few other points id like to touch on in the cabin its really comfy, its a really really really nice place to sit um. You know things like the standard panoramic sunroof are a really nice touch. It makes the cabin feel so light so airy. So swedish, in design its its you know, you could be mistaken for feeling, like you sat in a uh, a swedish furniture shop, its its really nice in here um and the quality. As i say, the quality of materials is really really nice. Everythings soft touch theres. No cheaper plastics. Anything like that. As i come down to a junction down here, one thing: ive got used to really quickly um a lot quicker than i thought i was a bit hesitant about this um was the one pedal driving and how the car just slows. You down itself using the electric motor to work in reverse and regenerating recuperating electricity for the batteries, its really surprising, how quickly you get used to ive barely touched the brake pedal. This is one occasion where um i was coming down off of the motorway, where i had to slow quite quickly um, but i could have turned the intensity of this up. In fact, im gon na give that a try, um but its you know really surprising, um. How fast you get used to that particular things i do like about this car. I dont feel like im driving an ev um ill, be the first person to admit ive, always been very skeptical about the idea of an electric vehicle, but coming and sitting in something like this.

You know you almost instantly forget that youre in an ev and you just feel like youre driving any other car minus the the engine noise. But you know by the time youve got the radio turned up um its not. You know particularly noticeable um. This drive of this particular car would make me you know start to think about an ev in the future, which i think, unfortunately, is the way were all going to have to go yes, its not as exciting as having the combustion engine. You really do miss the sound um, the drama, particularly if you like manual gearbox, you lose that, but in terms of just a daily to do things like your shopping, you school run your commute to work, which lets be honest, most of the time particular visas. If you live anywhere near a city, youre sat in traffic or youre on the motorway um, and this does a really really good job of getting you from a to b in comfort um, you just feel relaxed its a really really relaxed drive um. I think the design the interior helps with it, but you just feel so calm, almost uh just being in this thing. You know you just put a smile on your face. You do feel it. It could drive this guy, obviously its a fairly large car um. Again it kind of shrinks around it. Doesnt feel as big as it looks on the outside. It doesnt, you know, feel like youre driving this ultimately big bulky, uh box thats, based on the xc40 platform um, the car feels quite narrow, um, nipping around chad.

You know its fairly easy to kind of dodge your way through traffic um, no real difficulty with that. Again parking as well, you know you are sat quite high up um, you dont really get too many blinds, but obviously the real visibility is limited, um, but its like cupe style design, where you know youre gon na get that um. But obviously you know we live in a world where everythings got parking, sensors, reversing cameras, and you know its not too difficult to fight this thing as well. One of the things i really like the ability to just be able to go. Hey, google take me home navigating to home, and you know its pretty seamless its a very, very good operating system. You effectively have no need to use android, auto or apple carplay. In this, because i mean the google android system built in and the infotainment itself is fantastic, its not like a car manufacturer has tried to come up with their own system. Um also ive gone to google, and you know got one of the best in the business to design this for them. Its really a bit of software really easy to use really user friendly. These cars start, but particularly for the dual motor variation, which is what were in now um started about 50 000 pounds. I think it represents. You know relative good value for money. You know ultimately youre in a luxury saloon. Slash crossover, everythings really seems really well put together really well made, and you know you are in the latest technology in terms of the ev world as well.

So um, particularly whats, made these look a little bit more attractive. Is the prospect of uh teslas actually opened up his supercar sorry supercharger network um to all evs now so charging one of these uh, which i know is the biggest concern for a lot of people, should, in theory, be a lot easier um. You know ive not to experience that today, but um, because ive done all the driving on the charge, but um yeah its a surprisingly good car im more optimistic about evs than i ever thought. I would be um and i actually cant believe, im saying that uh someone who has said for so long that i will never buy an eb until i absolutely have to um. I think things like this. You know just reassure you a little bit. Yes, its not as funny as me too, not as fun as an internal combustion engine car um its never going to be, but you know it does it does enough for most people. So we go here trying to reverse this now back into the parking spot for it. Yeah were you know with your screens and these lovely frameless design mirrors uh youre reversing camera is actually very, very easy to maneuver. Thank you very much for joining me. I hope youve learned a little bit about polestar um in this video hope you enjoyed it uh. I am going to be getting a long, termer polestar 2, which im going to be um having hopefully for a few days, so ill get a longer more in depth.

Video about that and get some more details for you, but um ive really enjoyed this chess drive. Thank you so much to paul start for the opportunity to have this review this morning. Um hope you like the video. If youve got any questions comments, please leave them below and ill catch.