0. Now mr bharat simaharedi is with us to share his experience, hello, sir. How are you yeah, first of all, welcome to our electric vehicles channel sir? So could you please introduce yourself to our viewership? I am already im professional lawyer and i own this uh buddha, 2.2, okay, yeah, okay, so uh how many months its been after purchasing its been its been three months. Its been ive been riding. This cycle pin trees once its a good experience. It will give the highest range in this segment: okay, in this segment here right: okay, at exactly what cost you have for purchase this vehicle it costed me around 55, 000. dont, you think 55 000 rupees more expensive for this. No, i dont dont think so, because you get a normal cycle around around 20 to 35 000. Okay. But if you slightly add more youll get more like electric and youll juice, it up right: okay, yeah! So what is the exact range that they are claiming? I think uh they are claiming 100 kilometers right. So have you ever achieved that 100 kilometers range um your entire journey? No because of my weight and um and uh mostly circumstances, you will get around 80 to 83 alone in how in happily or something you will get around 70., okay in jubliance and uh till now, how many kilometers you have clocked with this, i i rode around 667 kilometers in three months, yeah and 660, plus kilometers in these three months.

We are in the stream right now: okay, uh, within these 660 kilometers of journey, have you ever faced any kind of issues with these people i faced with the charger they replaced it immediately. Okay, what happened to sharjah right? Actually, it malfunctioned because of uh current, i dont, i dont know they. They said something, but they immediately. The service is very simple: okay and uh. They replaced it very severe quickly within two or uh one or two days, thats. It right uh, okay, as actually these uh tourette company hes, not having any physical showroom in our hyderabad right yeah. So then, how did you get this uh? I mostly booked with uh booked with a website? You will have youll get a whatsapp number, you contact them and theyll guide you that right. Okay, do we need to pay any uh pre booking amount? First, it will cost you around 2 000 rupees, okay for pre booking. First, you will get to get the cycle within 10 or 15 days, mostly okay. It will take 15 years 15 years, then uh after uh getting this vehicle. Only we have to pay the money right, yeah yeah, they dont charge you anything after on the delivery time itself, you have to pay yeah. Actually it is in no registration and no license for packaging right. So what is the maximum speed of this vehicle? Usually they say: uh 25 kmph ph is the last uh top speed of this vehicle yeah yeah.

But how? How much do you get? I get around 30 30 kilometers yeah 30 kilometers, with my weight on full power mode, theyre on level five, okay, uh its uh, its slightly very faster and very powerful. Okay. Actually, this vehicle is having five modes right yeah in each mode. How much? How much range it will give and how much top speed it will go on youll get the top range on in level two or level one but level. One is slightly less power. Okay, but if you choose level three, you will get highest range. Even you can cycle the upsell very easily, okay, yeah and level. Four and five are power mode. It will. It is full on circle, mode, yeah, right, okay, so, in order to go in a uphill range yeah, we have to use level three level four level. Four four five is completely total mode. You can use uh pedal assist also, but i but the fourth is a lot more powerful and fire also its all right, yeah, okay and here in jupiter we are having uh like uh up here, yeah yeah right. So have you ever faced any kind of issues with that uh? Well, while riding it? No, my total weight is 110 and cycle weight is like 20 to 27 kgs. Okay, it has no problem taking me up till without any fad. I dont even sweat. Also: okay, its not good right and one more thing i just want to ask: you is like uh: when its raining have you ever uh traveled on this yeah? Have you ever faced any issues? Yeah uh raining means you cannot use ev in the rain.

Why? Because it has some uh, i dont suggest it is totally waterproof. Okay, but the motor is not. I dont you have to not take it in heavy rain. You can use in the light rain, okay, yeah, so guys. We have to take a note that uh we have, we dont its better to avoid using this vehicle while its raining, yeah, okay and were coming to motor. Also, they have used 250 or 450 watts, so bld motor right and well coming to uh like is it any kind of uh waterproof and dust proof yeah? It is duff proof and waterproof also, but it is not completely if you take it into deep waters or somewhere in the lower way it doesnt work there it might, it might get spoiled. I dont suggest you yeah, so we have to be careful. Controller is also not waterproof. You have to be very careful with it. Okay, yeah, and how is the performance of this speckle overall performance performance is really good. The cycle itself, the build quality, is excellent compared to good one. The 2.0 is really good. The frame size is bigger and the battery, and recently they introduced, you can carry lot better load, yeah, okay, books, kind of yeah everything you can hang out like two bags or something you can go for the trip, long, distance riding and everything okay. So, actually, as we are not having any service center yeah, then how about servicing like if, if we get any issues, how actually this cycle is? When you take this cycle, you have less issues in servicing.

It doesnt need more servicing any any kind of servicing. Just if you, if you face any problem, you just message them theyll, send some guy to your house and the servicing is very good and customer uh satisfaction. They are like they have like two or three teams. Okay, they are really helpful in that no issues. Right and earlier you have said that uh, you got a problem with charger yeah so because of some malfunctions yeah. So what kind of solution there that they have offered you? They immediately replaced it because i, within one month only i had the charging problem, so they immediately replaced it. Okay, so from the they suggested me to use a stabilizer okay. Is it compulsory to use stabilizer for this? I, if you have good electric weather and good connection in your house, no need i, but it is in safety. You are buying 55. 000. Yes, yes cycle, and you have this charging issue its like a property yeah yeah, and you have this kind of problem. I suggest you to be like safe in the safe side, its better to get that one yeah better like we are spending 55 000 and we should not worry about you. Yeah thats right yeah, so you have spent 55 000 rupees and if you add some more uh like 10, 000 or 20 000, you will get one uh doodle cycle, also yeah, and also, if you add 20, 000 to 30 000 youll get an electric uh smoothie.

Also, then, why did you went for this a scooter itself? I already have a scooter, but i dont use, but i think is i wanted to do further. I wanted to use in both sides in fitness and as well as for the office purpose, so this vehicle is for fitness, freaks, yeah, fitness and office also many of the trucks. So we can make a commute, yeah everything, its very easy, yeah right, okay and actually in the market, we are having hero electro. At the same time, other vehicles are also there, as i already told you, doodle is yes, yes, yes, so and atom. Also then, yes, atom 1.0 is there for 55 to 60 000 rupees, then so whats, the difference. Why should we go for this? If anyone asked ask us, what do you say ill tell you the the simplest thing it has no maintenance. The frame size is very like its very big, and it offers you a very good quality and, and the range is very high okay, then you dont face any issues with the battery evolve. Has some problems i dont know about it, but i um. I was not satisfied with it, but this cycle, no you it will not give you any problems when you spend that much amount right. Okay, if i ask you to choose one more cycle, uh other than this, what will be your uh option? The next will bra yeah, the next okay yeah thats, it all right, okay, so to whom you will suggest this vehicle, like children or uh yeah.

I suggest for college going and uh offices a software tech kind of people, children you, you must wear like uh helmet and pad thats a compulsory, as it is also very powerful, yeah okay for 55 000 rupees. Is it whole included like accessories? Are there any extra everything is included, you dont have to buy anything light, holland and uh seat and this extra luggage carrier and this mud guards totally either totally like this. You have only i just i i just i i included this for my mobile. You can buy it only oh, except that everywhere everything will be under 55.000 and it is having a top speed of 25 to 30 kmph yeah yeah. So how much time it will take to charge this vehicle, it will take around three and a half hours. If you have a, it is a fast charger, no type of charger, okay, and it will take around 300 and thats it three to three and a half hours is more than it will run for two days two days. If you go for 40 kilometers or 50 kilometers so next day, also you dont need for you. Dont need to keep it for charging right. Yeah. The battery is really big. Okay, welcome into warranty terms and conditions. So how many years of warranty that company is offering for you? I have so whatever ive seen, i heard its like one year on electric parts, anything on cycle you dont, need it no, but the any kind of service they offer they replace it completely like they did with me.

Yeah. Okay, dont, you think one year is very less for this uh e cycle generally in e cycles. You cannot expect more than one or one one of one end off here. Okay, if i, if i this quality and when you compare with another cycles, this quality is really good. Its simple do we do we have any kind of option like extended warranty, no thanks, some money. No, that is not available right slightly. Do you, i think you will not get any kind of problems in this car, but the build quality is really good. Yeah bharathi uh in your opinion, uh how many uh years it will. It would run i its life expectancy. I say it will run for around five or three to four years maximum four to five. Then you can change the motor, or so you have to change some accessories in case i dont suggest where the battery degradation that will generally happen with the eb side. Okay, yeah: okay: if a battery degrades or battery has already uh come to end, then how much it will cost us around. It will cost you around three to four thousand. I think four to five five thousand: you can use a different battery pack right, yeah thats, not at all issue, yeah, okay, so last question to whom do you suggest this vehicle uh for software guys and uh college college people and childrens with helmets childrens with helmet? Okay and everything with safeguarded right: okay, uh, if i having 55 000 rupees, and i want to buy an electric vehicle, should i blindly buy this? Yes, youre friendly blindly, you can blindly you.

I dont, suggest you blindly, but you go and test trial. It then compare with another cycle. Okay, you see the build quality in the in the segment. Not even other cycle offers you this kind of build quality and everything its slightly weight later in this part yeah, but its okay. Once youre on the motor, when you switch on the motor, you dont face any kind of difficulties right: okay, so, overall, you are happy with these paintings for purchasing this yeah yeah right. Okay, thank you. Thank you very much for your time and valuable information and thats all for now guys thats all about rudra version 2.0 customer review. If you like, this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video with your friends and family members for more such videos, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications.