A totally new design language and more playful elements. We can see it already right here in the front. It has this recognition for pedestrians, basically greeting me and when i move to the left, for example, it sees im moving to the left and when i move to the right, it shows me im moving to the right. We will see if elements like these will come into effect in a real vehicle, but this is also a scheme in the whole automotive industry that cars are supposed to communicate with the outside world, with pedestrians, side profile 159 in inches or four meters and five. So it is basically between the mini cooper and the mini countryman, so a model that fills this gap still five doors, but more in a crossover or suv style. This concept here, 20 inch wheels, but nowadays we see that these concept wheels will probably also look quite like this in a real car. This one, maybe will not become reality here with the seat belts um, you know as the roof carrier, but it looks fancy indeed – and this is supposed to be british racing green – and this is supposed to be like a very light – turquoise color. Essentially it is real. Arches, so we can see that the design language my mini in these new generation of minis, all electric, of course they will be, on the one hand, more playful, but on the other hand, also more consistent with the design and in the rear.

We also have animated signature here, for example, of the union jack in the tail lamps and once again, this cross over stressing right here. So this, then, here the ev crossover or small ev suv and they will build a mini cooper and then probably theyll. Also, once again do a new, bigger one in a new generation. We expect this one here in 2024 and the new mini cooper will come earlier and also feature some of the interior elements. We can see right here, for example, this is in the door. We can also hear a sound like a greeting, sound saying hello, so this is once again a thing that the car wants to communicate with you, and we have a lot of interesting materials. Its of course, here in this first sketch a little bit stressed out that they want to be very modern and fancy, and so on. So there will also be normal colors available or more lets, say colors that are a little bit more subtle, but here very interesting material choice, its all animal free and they have a fabric here, for example, and this one then this green microfiber in this structured style. It feels really really nice really cool. This is a hard pack material here, but at the same time it looks like stone so interesting. New material choices and the steering wheel has these buttons that are integrated in the fabric and once again also microfiber around. So it looks really really fancy indeed, and the seats here have a sporty style with integrated head restraints and a lot of side bolt string, and this is by the way also, you know like a microphone or chord material, this one more eruct fabric here once again In this very expressive styling because they want to show off a little bit so to speak, you have a little higher entry, but actually very comfortable seating position.

You also have with one meter, is 89 or six foot two some headroom left here. This is a panoramic roof. It will probably be a little bit smaller than at the end of the day and the steering is actually i mean everything looks super super fancy here and maybe a little bit too much, but this is also when they do this. First sketching, but actually how you sit in here and take a look at the steering wheel of the form and also the material that is really cool. So i could imagine that maybe in more subtle colors in the real vehicle, after all, interesting, also that they have a completely new user interface in the middle you can see. There are no instruments here. There will be a head up display later on, at least so though we are not stuck without have display, i can test the model 3 or the y, and also you will have animations here on the dashboard. We can take a look at that now, because you can see there is a round oled screen in middle and the quality. The crispness of the colors is amazing. Ive, never seen it in a vehicle. I would say like take lets, take a closer look, because this is also one of the highlights. Temperature sliders will be here. They dont work yet, but you can slide them like this. Then then um, you know you can maybe like start it here when everything is working, but lets take a look at these lower functions and sumo to the screen here.

These are new gauges. This is like a like a turning key to start the vehicle. This will be the gear selector up and down and on the right side. This is then a mode selector, and this changes then the infotainment system, you have three modes, this is the so called personal mode, and here, for example, you can have personal pictures. You you put in the end the crispness here again of these. You know look at that. I mean it looks so amazing, its really the best screen quality wise ive, seen yet here the cloud animation. So you have this central screen. Yes, but it also dissolves to the rest of the dashboard, so you can also have, for example, animations of gps in there, and here, for example, now water is being projected onto that. That looks really amazing. Things on the dashboard by the way are projected from up here. They can see, for example, here when theres this a im going to move my hand over there, and i have the a on my hand, put it to another mode, its the so called pop up mode here, and this is supposed to be um. Lets go like a like a you know: new gps, for example. I you know want to experience something and then like i can let the car decide for me. Uh well spin, that wheel and see the car decides. Oh im going to a casino and then theres a root guy next to a casino, and there has also then the gps guidance, also right like a like transition to the dashboard and so on.

They can see you know, like you know. I dont know the cards here and so on its of course, in this stage, a very playful element, but they want to make things easier in a way and more playful. At the same time, this is, for example, when youre waiting for a friend, then you can have it like like a game here, and then you can see what i push out of the screen like these uh. These letters here theyre going once again lets push more thats in here, and i can have new letters in here and the mini logo. I can push that over to the side and then its right here, yeah, i mean um. Why not im not sure if this is very useful but uh? Why not be a little bit more playful here by the way, also at night you can see it looks really fancy, and then you can even see these letters a little bit better. His ace man, letters yeah, i see uh. We are going to play this all the time, probably and then just let these letters fly all over the dashboard, the infotainment system, by the way android based. So they do not use this android automotive system. So its not all by google, but they use the software, so bmw still owns all the data and so on, but they use the software behind it. Android, based now, that is a special new thing introduced and with the new minis low middle console, is also very interesting cup holder, a lot of spacey inductive charging pad for your phone there, but also they say here we add some more cushion elements in between the Seats and then you just squeeze your smartphone in between these elements, for example in the rear here very interesting atmosphere as well.

You really have this fancy living room atmosphere. I would say headroom still a lot of headroom left here, although im tall um as for the seats, maybe i could move them a little bit more forward, but there wont be too much legroom because its still a very short vehicle if they use this ev platform. To a full extent, well, we have something of a middle ton here in this concept, but that might be for structural rigidity or then placing the battery here or just for design reasons. We have to see how it plays out in the final version. If you subscribe to our channel well, keep you updated both here with this mini ace man, also with a new mini cooper, which will even come earlier and then also with this design, language screen, layout and so on, and so on. Lets take also look about the electric thing. I bought this vehicle recharging here passenger side in the rear. This is the chinese plug by the way, because originally this car was supposed to be at in china, but we are here in germany for you today and we do not have the specific, detailed, astro, recharging battery capacity and range answer on. We will deliver that to you a later stage and this one here, the mini ace man will actually then come after the mini cooper, but it will already give you all the design details exterior interiors. So it might not be that expressive, but we will see a lot of these design elements in the very final versions.

The question is: do you like it exterior and the interior layout? Tell me in the comments really looking forward to that and i think its very interesting, maybe things a little bit too much, but this crossover concept will work. The ev concept, of course, will work and also mini, is stressing the sustainability aspect and will completely ditch animal material on the interior whatsoever. This is already designed and, of course, a better thing to do than most of the other manufacturers more and more hopping on the train and mini is going forward with that too.