A car that was once known for being a gas guzzler will now become gmcs platform for a better planet. A car that was used to fight wars will now be used to fight for our future im ryan kotob, and this is the 2022 hummer ev from first being released in march of 1992 and promoted by arnold schwarzenegger to its other generations being the h2 and h3. Predominantly being associated as a pop culture icon to now a car that can rival teslas jeeps and corvettes all at the same time to truly understand what were driving, i think we got to look at the numbers. The hummer ev is putting out a thousand horsepower from three electric motors that deliver eleven thousand five hundred foot pounds of torque, similar to what youd see in a tesla plan. But there are a few things that make this super truck stand out above the competition. So lets start at the interior. We wanted to give a quick shout out to my car auction for providing us with this vehicle today, if youre in the market to sell your car visit, my car auction dot com to get an estimate in just 30 seconds. All right so lets take a look at the interior of the hummer ev1. Now from here we can kind of get a sense of the ruggedness from a gmc product that you would expect. If you look right here, we can see a two tone: vinyl seat, also with a hummer eb accent.

If you look on the side doors, you can also see a moon typography. That also runs throughout all the speakers within the car. So if you look at the center, where we have the miles per hour, we can see around it theres also the moon typography as well, and if you come to the center console here, we kind of get a storage area, thats kind of pulled out of a Gmc sierra, with this mode lever right here we can spill through the different modes, including normal mode, which looks like the hummer ev1 is on the moon, a tow haul mode, which has the hummer ev pulling a saturn v rocket, which i think is hilarious and we Get to terrain mode, where its kind of rock crawling on its own. We also have off road mode, which shows the hummer ev on mars, and we have individual mode where its just rolling down a runway. And then, if we hold it down, we also get crab. Walk mode which features a super cool animation and all these modes are powered by the unreal engine, thats literally lifted from a game like fortnite. The screen also has really low latency, which is not what you would expect from a gmc product, but id say its really faster than what you would get out of a range rover. The car also has apple carplay, where you can hook up your phone and you can just get it to reflect whatever music you want on the left.

We also have different modes like the frunk look at the camera in the back, as well as turn on lighting. In the back, if youre towing anything the super truck, also features storage compartments in the back seats, rear, ac and removable tops that all come off that gets stored in the front. The car is certainly designed off the lot to tackle a lot of terrain. Super truck is equipped with full under body armor steel plates 4 wheel, steering standard 35 inch off road tires terrain mode, similar to what youd see in other cars of this class. The super truck also has rear wheel, steering for better cornering similar to what youd see in halo with the warthog. The hood will also close automatically and its equipped with three windshield wipers. A cool feature is that, when charging the car, the exterior headlights will show how much charge you still need. Another feature is that the truck is equipped with multi pro tailgate, which is a step up ladder similar to what youd see in other gmc trucks. It also has an attract mode which gives it an extra six inches of ground plans, all right, thats enough. Talking now lets drive Music, so ryan, navigating out of this very narrow pathway, its quite steep yeah uh. How does it feel honestly? I think well for number one what you would expect out of a hummer and what you think with the hummer h1, h2 and h3 in all generations.

The car is definitely massive like its huge and it has a giant road presence. It feels like youre just rolling in a tonka truck. No, it absolutely is its really funny just having to look down at basically, everyone, even like other full size, pickup trucks. Its really funny – and i think what you and i are kind of like getting to – is really like the idea of being the true king of the road with this car huh yeah. I think this really is the benchmark for that, because honestly ive been in a lot of things, ive been on a lot of trucks and stuff. Similarly, priced to this and its the clearance, and also just the sheer scale of this vehicle really makes you feel like youre, pretty much the most important person on the road. I mean matt and i just pulled up to an x5 and then is it a four runner wheres, the four runner, its a forerunner and man are literally above it like we can kind of see. The roof were literally right in front of a motorcyclist and, like we can see right above his helmet like its pretty insane. I think the car also has very linear pickup, but i mean thats kind of expected. This is all this is completely electric yeah and you know compared to driving an electric car sorry compared to driving gasoline car and jump and jumping in this car, its not complicated like when matt, and i first got in it, and we took a look at it Today, it wasnt something that seems foreign jumping in this car.

It just feels like youre youre in a normal um gas driven car, its not something thats foreign it just. It feels like a gmc car thats. Probably my one of my favorite things about this car is that its it seems intimidating and its intimidating its like everyone else on the road but driving this honestly. Yes, it is taking some stuff out of the general motors park bin, but at the same time, i really like this approach for an electric car. We have very familiar controls, not trying to reinvent anything, its very easy to just get in it, and it feels like a normal car, its not out of reach or it doesnt feel like wow ive got to spend half an hour figuring out all the modes to Say: okay now, im comfortable with the car and i can drive it. I feel like anyone from really any age category can just jump in and go and thats. What, i think is the difference with gmc is that they thought of the regular and like everyday person. Yeah matt: what do you think about the personality of the car, especially coming from an american car and seeing other evs out there like tesla, where you know they have kind of a forced funny personality? What do you think about this yeah? I dont its kind of hard to describe it because i do keep saying that this car is a lot like an xbox and its a lot more like yeah, belongs in halo yeah.

It really does for some reason, because i think its a lot more familiar its not trying to like reinvent and create very odd games right now. You cant play like an off brand version of mario kart in this thing right and stuff, like that. I do like that. It feels more familiar to things rather than like we threw it in here because we threw it in here its very wacky. This is not. This is not a very normal choice to be spending upwards of six figures on yeah for a truck it really isnt. This is not a normal way to spend your money on a car, but honestly its very unique, and it makes you feel very unique, so man – and i we were driving this around earlier and even charging it – we kind of ran into people everywhere. We were in people who just wanted to know. What is that? Oh, is that the hummer? Oh, is it? Is it electric? I heard it. I heard its possibly like a hybrid and were like, oh no, no, its all electric and dude. It gets like 360 miles of range max honestly, which is insane for a 9 000 car. I dont think people are going to really be stopping it as a oh. Is that a range rover or is hey thats, a cool g class or whatever yeah? I think i think, if you dont want to blend into the background. This is the car to buy and also ryan who provided us with this car.

Yes, so to bring it back full circle. We just want to give a thank you to my car auction and alfa romeo of irvine for giving us a chance to drive this car around and give our take. If you would like to purchase this car, this is for sale and if you have a car that you do want to sell visit, my car auction dot com and if you want to buy this exact hummer visit, mca cars.com, oh yeah, the turning radius is insane Because of the four wheel steering oh yeah, you get: what is it like: 10 10 degrees from the rear wheels? This can actually do. U turns pretty much and even trying to make a? U turn with this car its super light because of the assistance with the steering it doesnt feel like oh im, driving an old car, and i just have to move it around Music. The car has so much low, end, torque and mid range, but once you get to like the higher end, thats kind of where it starts to give out on that yeah – and i i think thats because, like hummer, is claiming a ridiculous amount of torque on this Car yeah its in the tens of thousands. I think the the gear ratio is giving it that extra torque. So what that means is. We are actually losing a bit of top band right and you can kind of feel that, because, when weve launched the car from a light, you have a lot of acceleration from 0 to 30 and past that honestly, it kind of tops out it does not it.

No longer feels like a thousand horsepower because i think its geared down exclusively for the torque, and it can pretty much do that because it has so much horsepower it just doesnt have that much top end. It doesnt really feel like a thousand horsepower past, really 30 miles an hour right, but honestly, its fast enough. It really is, and and with how big it is too – and you know the weight and all that i dont think id want it to be going that much faster for the brakes, and you know that whole issue – all right, matt then were gon na give. This super truck a final verdict. What do you think actually from what ive gotten from this is? This has me actually very excited for right, general motors ultim platform. I know hondas getting it. It has me less worried actually that honda decided to partner with gm to use this ultim technology. Of course, its probably not gon na be like this, but seeing how robust it is. This has me very excited for what gm and the ultim platform has in store for us in the future im not the biggest fan of electric vehicles, but i think honestly, this was a great way for gm to completely redo their image of electric vehicles, because, honestly, The bolts, the volts theyre, not really the number one choice, tesla really kind of changed the game with offering an eevee that you could finally live with, and its great to see gm now offer that too.

This is truly a as crazy. As this thing is, you could live with it. A few things i want to cover number one first being is livability its very livable. You feel safe, you feel like the king of the road and you feel like you can go anywhere and do anything. This is probably the first ev that makes me excited to go drive its one of those cars where you can just be excited to go on a sunday drive and just head out, which is rare with an electric car. You dont get that from a tesla and you certainly dont get that from a review, because i think theyre just built for something different, theyre theyre built to get you from point a to point b. Yeah – and this is this – has personality and dude. It has so much coolness, just oozing from it for the different modes to the watts to freedom. It just feels like its a full circle package, and surprisingly, it comes from gmc and thats, not something that i thought was going to be my opinion at the end. At the end of the day, honestly, i think youre right about that. I did not expect general motors to be making me very excited about electric writers, its something that i thought. Oh, its just gon na be okay, itll be sluggish, like itll, be a lie, but i dude im just shocked, like i think this lives up to the brand name.

Bringing back this. I its really cool to see this total 180 for the brand image of the hummer. Remember back in 2000, back in the day, man yeah, with the rising fuel costs and the global financial crisis, they were just known when you said gas skills h2 was the first thing you thought of and theyve completely flipped that image on its head. I mean this. The flagship electric vehicle for general motors – and they did it without reinventing the wheel so well, they did reinvent the wheel in a way that benefits you usability wise, like with the rear, wheel, steering and all this other stuff, but they didnt go to such lengths to Make everything that didnt need to be reinvented reinvented, and i think, if i had, if i did have six figures to spend, you know compared to a range rover or g wagon or another electric car by tesla. I would choose this every day of the week. It makes me excited to go drive its got great modes. Its personality is very well rounded and its refined and surprisingly its a gmc product Music. If youre looking for the easiest way to sell your car, go to mycaraction.com for a quote in 30 seconds or less its the easiest and most convenient way to sell your car just go to on the website. You can type in info about your car and get a quote in 30 seconds or less after you get your quote from my car auction theyll come to your house to inspect the car and theyll, buy it on the spot or go to mca cars.