It may look like a Civic, but it is nothing like a Civic. In fact, it is Hondas. First, fully, electric vehicle: the Honda e Advance now lets go. Take a look! If you are thinking about buying a car like this Honda e Advance and trading in your old car. Try selling with Quotz instead Did you know that you could be losing up to 5000 worth in value? If you trade in your car, Quotz uses its network of dealers to get you the best price possible. In fact, they are so confident in giving you the best price. If you sold your car for a higher price, they will give you 100 Dont just take our word, for it. Look at the hundreds of raving reviews on their service To find out more visit. Quotz.Com.Sg Now back to the review, Starting off with the front of this e Advance, you can tell its a very small hatchback. It has this Honda emblem with a blue inner lining kind of like your Toyota hybrids or electrics. It comes in a few colours, but this definitely looks the best. This black on white. It kind of looks like a panda and you get quite a lot of plastics, but I think it fits because, as you can see later, this car is nothing but environmental and friendliness and very natural feeling For the lights. You get this full round eye and it looks really good. The LED signals, as well as your fog lamps, also comes through here and other than that.

Its a very inoffensive car Now lets move onto the side For more details on the Honda e or any other car head onto To help you make the smart choice on your next car. Over by the side, you get 16 inch wheels, but they arent the best they arent the biggest, but they look reall good, because on a hatchback of this size it looks perfect. You dont get any wing mirrors you get. Instead, this live video feed camera and also your signal repeater on the side It take a little bit of getting used to, but we will show you more about that later and then you also get flushed door handles that when normally the car is locked, its flushed And frameless windows so style points for Honda good job. You dont really expect that of a Honda Onto the rear. It is a 5 door, not a 3 door, so you also get frameless windows and flushed door handles here kind of like the Vezel, but this looks way better Now lets check out the rear Over by the rear of the Honda e Advance. You get this little spoiler as well as your high mount brake light. You also get Honda e badging with this little crown, which I find to be really cute. You also get your tail lights, which are like an exact copy and past from the front just except for these two little slots that are your reverse lights, as well as the fog lights.

You also get this rear camera that help make up the 360 camera view and the Honda badging with the blue inlay Open up the boot. You are going to get 171 litres worth of boot space, its not a lot. I am not even going to try the Auntie Trolley Length Test, but at least you can see it fits the trolley. It fits the luggage, Its something good, its a small little city, hatchback Again based on Gen 1 Civic, and it is an electric vehicle. So your batteries are underneath, so this is the space that you are going to get. You also get to knock down the rear seats from here easily, but other than that. Its some space. Now lets go check out the rear Over by the rear. You can see there is not a lot of space, but I can tell you the space is designed really well, you can see. I am 1.75m tall with the headrest. This is my headspace. This is my leg space and this is adjusted for my driving position. So it is going to be a squeeze, but the space is designed really well Normally Id be someone who prefers a leather interior more, but this fabric, sofa interior, does feel really good. It doesnt divide the seats, so it feels like in fact just one sofa bench and you also get this little light switch. I dont know its here, but its much nicer to have it here, its kind of like .

.. disco, And then you also get a cubby space here for your cup holder, more spaces here magazine holder Its going to be a 4 seater. So we are not going to measure the inside space for the middle passenger, but there is no transmission tunnel, even though it is a rear wheel, drive In the center console. You dont really get rear aircon, but I can already feel the aircon coming from the front. You get two USB fast charging ports, so people behind can be seated comfortably with their electronic devices charged. Now here is one thing that I really liked check out the trim on these seatbelts. It matches the wood trim that you find up front, and it just is so inviting, along with this fabric, finish on the upholstery. Lets check out the front Inside the front of this Honda e Advance. You get one …, two … three …, four … five … screens. Two of those are your mirror feeds. So, instead of your wing mirrors, you have a live video feed and then you also get your instrument cluster, A very standard, Honda design, its simple and clear. To use kind of, like the same one, that you would find in the Honda Fit or Jazz of the current generation. You also get two big infotainment system screens, and what I like about these screens is that the materials that they used is very anti glare and it is very easy to see and your eyes dont get tired of it and for some reason, if you want some Fun, you can open up the menu and go into this aquarium mode.

In case you want to feed some fishes, you can even control the settings on the number of fishes good for you, Honda Moving down to the center. You get a volume control for the entertainment system; It feels and looks real good. The finish on this is impeccable. Along with this wood paneling. That also goes onto the stitching at the sides and your seatbelt colour Down by the center aircon control. You get the same. Really nice material treatment, even though its plastic, its a different kind of plastic. It doesnt feel that cheap One thing about electric vehicles that I really like is that you can treat it like a mobile office. You can keep the aircon running its, not idling your petrol engine. It is not burning anything, but this is something that I havent seen in another electric vehicle. You can use it as a mobile office in case you are out doing some work and you are running out of juice on your MacBook. You can actually plug it into the 3, pin socket turn on the power for the 3 pin plug, and there you go. Your MacBook is charging Down by the center console. You also get a pullout cup holder that matches the rest of the cabin space. You get a gear selector. That is done really well, something that, unlike a knob, you wont be confused, whether its a reverse or drive or neutral, Very easy, very simple, to use At the center.

You also get a few cup holder placements for things like your keys, and I like that. It is customisable with this little insert, so you can choose if you want a wider cup holder or a few narrow slots Now lets go see how this drives. How does the Honda e Advance feels on the road Lets find out.? It has some 152 bhp and 315 Nm of torque, but of course it is an electric vehicle single motor rear wheel drive. So you have that instant power, a lot of fun and whats really lovely, is inside this little hatchback package. It feels so good on the road, this direct steering The instant power its such a good combination. You just love to have a little bit of fun with this Personally for me, because its not petrol, driven, it really doesnt feel like you are wasting that much inefficiency in having a little bit of fun in a car like this on the road Say, if you Are driving an RS 3 and you are just flooring, it stop and go. You are going to know that you are going to burn a lot of petrol, but this not so much because it is electric granted. You are still going to say you are not going to be as efficient as when you do a nicer stabler drive. This is something that you want Comfort inside. This is really comfortable. I am hearing very little noise outside because in fact, you dont even have wing mirrors.

So what I have is a live video feed from my left and right. These are the little nubs that you can see earlier on. The exterior part of the car same with the Audis very crisp, very clear. In fact, my rear view mirror I can even have a choice of a physical mirror or a digital mirror, just like the Toyota Harrier, and it is very comfortable. Currently, there are two drive modes: Sport and Normal drive modes, and inside this Normal drive mode. It is very comfortable. You kind of you roll a little bit, but just enough to feel the road. I tell you: you are not going to have any complaints, whether you are ferrying your family around, maybe for the space, but not so much for the comfort. It is such a joy to drive and ride inside This Honda e Advance immediately once you enter, you are greeted by this really bright, very comfortable. You know how cars inside its usually pretty dark and its black, because its easy to clean the leather looks better, but this one you have these wood panels, these digital displays and all these fabric everywhere. In fact, the seat belts. They actually are the same colour, or rather colour theme as the wood, and it feels really good. It feels really inviting It feels, like you, are stepping into a Scandinavian forest like very cool, very chill and just stepping in and enjoying the nature, and that is kind of what this Honda e is about right.

Its bringing you back to green environmental and it feels really good, really exciting its a car. Some people might say that they dont really like that, but I think this is just perfect In terms of safety. Honda e does everything well and it puts it in a very low practical package. So, like the video feeds right here, If I do flick, it will tell me that there is this car coming up. So you better watch out For now lets say I turn on and I actually have lines inside the video feed telling me where I need to be to safely exit. For example, if you can see the one here, you can see the red lines. The orange lines telling me how many car lengths away, which is something that you cant, get on regular mirrors and I think, thats a very useful thing. Currently, I am on Lane Keep Assist and it is helping me keep in the lane. You can see that it shows up on the screen. If it manages to detect the two white lines it will keep inside There we go, you can see that it is reading and it will follow the curve of the road, and one thing that I think is pretty cool is: if I do tap on the brakes, You can actually see on the menu in front and its kind of cute. Another useful safety feature that you will find in the Honda e Advance.

Is this one pedal drive button I like that it is not hidden within so many deep touchscreen menus Its right here. One push of the button There you go instantly, you can tell that one pedal drive is on and it is very easy to control the car simply from just this button. It shows on the instrument cluster, very easy to control very useful, and I think its something that more cars should adopt right dont. You think Everything that I need, whether its my smart cruise control lane, keeping assist its all here very accessible, and this is good job. Honda keep it up and bring it over to all your cars, So is this car a Will Buy, Wont, Buy or Go Try. I think that this car is a Will Buy because Its everything that you want inside this little package, its made for city driving Its very convenient to drive its very easy to drive All this tech and its so welcoming this cabin. It looks amazing, but unfortunately it will then go down to a Go. Try because well chiefly elephant in the room. Its range is just 220km, which is not that much especially as far as nowadays, most electric vehicles go. But if you are staying in a landed house or you have access to a charger at work, then its not going to be a problem, especially in Singapore, because driving east to west and vice versa, you going to use at most wat 50km.

Even if you stay in Jurong and you work at Pasir Ris, maybe you will use up 100km a day and then you will have some to spare. So if you do have a charger at home or at work, then that kind of makes up for it. Then the other problem is that its price – It is kind of on the pricier side, not so much that it is really expensive, but in the sense that at this price range topping up slightly, you are going to get something with a lot more usability. A lot more range, and maybe a car like the Polestar, where the interior is just as beautiful so thats, why this car actually its pushed down to a Go, Try, but it is a car that you should definitely try out. This has been our review of the Honda e Advance and I am telling you I am having so much fun with this car. But what did you think of our review? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know down in the comments as well as other car that you want to see us. Try do leave them in the comments, because we do read every single one and if you have made it this far, please consider subscribing to our channel, because we see that 80 of you arent subscribed, Hitting that Subscribe. Buttons will help us, send our videos to you. A lot more efficiently Also dont forget to follow us on TikTok at sgcarmart.

Now this has been our review. We will see you on the next one bye. Lastly, we would like to give thanks to Cars, Coffee for loaning us this very rare unit of the Honda e.