This is the brand new Coupe reborn, its a fully electric hot hatch, which looks pretty similar to the Volkswagen ID3, except its got a bit more Spanish Flair about it, so call it the ID trez. If you like, in this video Im going to tell you everything, you need to know about it, including what I like what I dont like, and everything in between Im, Charlie Atkinson, and welcome to Evie Powers, review of the Cooper born foreign Music. As you can see, the comparisons to the ID3 start by just looking at it really its got the exact same height, width and body shape, but there are a few subtle differences if we start at the rear of the car. Youve got this massive spoiler here, which goes all the way back up there and as well as that, youve got this full continuous light bar here and if we work our way round to the side, youve got this nice bit of detailing up here, similar to the Ive D3, but a little bit different – and I dont know this for certain, but if we just look at it, the creases look a lot sharper and a lot more sporty. Now, if we work our way to the front of the car, this is where youll see the main differences to the Volkswagen ID3, because, as you can see, its got a lot more going on with this fake Grille down here and all this copper detailing and Ive Got to say, I really like the design of the Cooper ball and I always thought the ID3 was a bit friendly and a bit bubble car like, but this has got much more Flair and exuberance about it and it looks a lot angrier, which is probably what You want from a sportier version of the ID3 on the subject of this being the sportier version to the ID3 lets talk about the battery, and now I am going to have to read off my phone here, because theres no way Im going to remember all of This so just bear with me, so the Cooper born V3 line that were driving today is the top of the line model, which comes with a 58 kilowatt hour battery, which pumps out 230 brake horsepower and delivers a range of about 270 miles.

Officially, there are options for a larger 77 kilowatt hour battery, which will give you a little bit more power, but will be a bit more expensive with that coming just under 42 000 pounds, so it probably isnt worth it, especially when considering the price you will lose Other elements, such as the middle seat, in the back as thats, where the extra space for the battery has to go in terms of the price the Cooper born, starts from just under 35 000 pounds and comes with a 55 kilo hour battery as standard and 18 Inch wheels as standard as well so lets have a look on the inside as well, where theres a few other details that we can go into once again. This is pretty similar to the ID3 and, in fact, its pretty much identical immediately youre drawn to this main infotainment screen up here, which replaces all the different buttons that you would normally get down here. So this is where youll control everything from Air Conditioning to selecting your different driving modes and even ambient lighting. So you can really control and customize the different colors and the atmosphere that youd get on the inside of this car. You do all also have a pretty tiny and pretty basic drivers display here, which doesnt give you a lot of information, just sort of speed and navigation, and things like that. But you do also have a heads up display, which has a nice little lane assist feature which will help steer you and keep you in the right lane, whilst youre driving.

This system does also work well with Android, auto and apple carplay as well, which is nice and youve, got a few different places to keep your phone and your wallet and everything like that. So theres, a nice amount of storage here youve also got massive door bins. Either side, so if youve got a fairly big water bottle, you can shove it in there and its not going to Rattle and annoy you so thats another good little feature of this car. These suede seats are lovely and comfortable as well and theyre fully adjustable. So you can really get comfortable when youre either chugging along the motorway, or if you want to have a bit of fun in this car, they will keep you nice and secure in your seat elsewhere. Youve got this pattern here, which is quite nice, and these materials are a bit scratchy, but theyre, okay, youll, probably get away with it, but other than that. Youve also got nice bits of copper detailing around here and on the steering wheel as well, which just gives the car a bit of identity. There are a couple of annoying features with this car, however, particularly these sort of haptic touch buttons on the steering wheel. I never know whether theyre touch sensitive or you have to actually push them in, but either way theyre pretty fiddly and pretty awkward, and also once youve got your hands on the steering wheel. You can accidentally trigger some of them, which is really really annoying and also on the subject of touch sensitive buttons and lack of buttons.

Actually, you have a button to activate the rear windows, which just feels pretty stupid. Just give me an extra set of buttons for the rear windows theres plenty of space for it. So I dont get that at all foreign, its okay for space in the back youve got a decent amount of leg. Room and Headroom is a little bit tight if youre, someone of my size but its not too bad and its yeah, its relatively comfortable theres – also no transmission tunnel down here. So if you want someone sat in the middle seat, thats fine theyre going to have plenty of leg room, but otherwise you can just sort of stretch out and spread. Your legs and youve also got your cup holders there and if you need to youve, got through loading there, so yeah theres, not a lot else to say its okay in the back here, not too bad. The boot also has 385 liters of storage space, which is pretty decent for a car of this size, but thats enough about the interior lets go for a drive first things. First, this car is loads and loads of fun to drive standard models. Only have a note. 60 time of 7.3 seconds, but this top of the Range model that were driving today has a 0 to 60 time of 6.6 seconds, but even still that feels pretty slow compared to how it actually feels to drive. Because this thing is deceptively quick and it definitely feels a lot more sporty than the ID3, which is probably a good thing considering this is the sportier version to the ID3, its got a nice amount of poke to it, but more than that, its more about the Experience you get whilst driving this thing, the steerings, nice and light, so you have loads of control over it and even when youre chucking it into Corners, it feels really glued to the road.

So whenever you get the chance, you really can have a lot of fun behind the wheel of this car for a relatively small car as well. This thing seems to cope with any sort of bump, pothole or uneven surface, so wherever youre driving, whether youre just bombing down a little Country Lane or nipping into town or chugging down the motorway nine times out of ten youre going to feel pretty relaxed and pretty Comfortable foreign now I did just want to talk about range for a moment, because I know we said earlier that this car has an official range of 270 miles, but Ive done a fair few miles in the Cooper born and on a full charge. I got just under 220 miles, which isnt too bad of a drop off really so when you consider that this car is loads of fun to drive and you can Chuck it about and dont get me wrong, I havent been driving this car very conservatively at all. So for 220 miles to have a car which is loads and loads of fun, to drive and is perfect, going in town or, like I said down, country lanes or just sitting on the motorway for an hour or so 220 miles is its a pretty decent range. Im quite happy with that. The Cooper born does have a form of regen break in and you can activate that by flicking the gear selector up into B mode, but its more of a suggestion of regen break in and its not going to bring you to a complete and at a stop And Ill be honest if anything its non existent, so unfortunately, that does mean one pedal driving is out of the window.

Applause is that it is quite noisy in this car. You do get a lot of wind noise and a lot of road noise as well, and occasionally you will hear your brakes squeaking and as well as that. You will at low speeds, get that whirring from the battery as well. So dont get me wrong its not the end of the world, but if youre looking for that, truly silent Driving Experience that you expect from an electric car youre not going to get it with the Cooper born. Unfortunately, to be fair to Cooper, this car does exactly what it says on the tin, its a really fun electric hot hatch, which has a really decent range and its also really comfortable on the inside and its got a great entertainment system and loads of tech as Well, so it matches up perfectly well with the ID3, but it gives you that extra bit of performance, which is just going to put a bit of a smile on your face, theres so much to like about the Cooper born, and I was really really excited to Get my hands on it and Im just so glad it didnt disappoint its got. A great look, its got a lovely interior with only a couple of annoying features, but overall, its just bags and bags of fun to drive if youre looking for a normal everyday electric car that looks, the part has a nice practical range and, above all else, is Really fun to drive, then its kind of hard to argue with the Cooper born.

Now there are similar price electric cars out there, which are probably a bit quicker and have a better range. But for me the Cooper born gets a thumbs up thats. All for this video, if you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well for more electric car reviews like this, you can head over to our Channel and also for daily news coverage, features and much more. You can also head over to