It has three different propulsions and theres a lot of changes and you can tell by just looking at it. So we brought in mark savino hes a product planner with kia motors mark thanks for joining us. Absolutely thanks! So much for having me here. Can you give us a quick tour because theres a lot of changes here and i dont want to miss any of the highlights? Absolutely so go ahead, yeah! Absolutely! Well! I did an all new car from the ground up for 2023 on the nero and well start with the front. Look at that yeah. This is so this is. This is our tiger. We start with the tiger grill and you can see its basically completely the front of the vehicle completely horizontal right. So this this matches the rest of the family when youre talking about the tell you ride and all the restaurants, absolutely thats right, thats exactly right and then the other thing thats cool is you mentioned those headlamps yeah running lights are really drl led standard, all neros. We call it the heartbeat now that you say that i do see this yeah, we call it the heartbeat and um and then the other cool thing where the the ev uh well get into the fact. We have three different powertrains. We have the hybrid, the plug in the ev. This is the ev and right here: uh yeah, beautiful thats, the door for the thats, the thats that thats the charging door yeah.

So just press that oh, oh cool, then you can plug it in right. There absolutely right in the front the cool thing about this one. If youre going to those charging stations, drive right in you, dont even have to back in worry about the side. You know that kind of thing: thats, every side, yeah, absolutely yeah, thats right so lets – lets continue along with the new kia logo. I see that nukia logo right all vehicles um. Now we have the satin chrome logo. Absolutely you know, and i love the new hood design too. It doesnt seem to like, like a typical hood right. It seems to be more of thats right, stylized thats, right a little bit that that nice curve. That goes all the way around pretty colors too. This is this: is a pearlescent white, its really spectacular, its called snow white pearl yep thats right lets, take a look down the side of this map, absolutely yeah. If you come on down here. So what is this thing? What tires and wheels so these are 17 inch wheels. This is on the ev thats, the only wheel we have for the ev that weve had from the previous one till current. The other vehicles have an optional 18 inch wheel as well, and then right around that wheel arch, you could see that really cool steel, gray yeah and it goes all the way back all the way back. This is so cool.

This like reminds me of an audi r8. You know that youre gon na have the blade and the early audio thats right. We call it the aeroblade, actually yeah and the thing thats is it? Not only does it look good or you know, matches and all that yeah. It also has some functionality. So does this? Can this be ordered in different colors? It can be ordered in different colors. We have a black version, we have the steel gray and you can also get it in body color, but for those people that dont want the extra scissors yeah exactly exactly this style, i think its pretty thats right, thats right and the one thing i wanted to Mention is that this is functional. There are air vents that are right here. Its functional wow at their air vents right here comes right out the back, and then the air flows behind this right out. The back and thats really important for some of these vehicles, where theres a lot of air turbulence coming in the back right, which is just like a you know, way of saying that that might reduce your efficiency right. So the more the more the air is controlled. The more efficient, the better mpg, the better uh all elections now this is on all the vehicles right, every single one. So, even if i buy a hybrid or a hybrid plug in im, still getting this actual airfoil thats absolutely thats right, because you would think on an electric car.

You would get that because, obviously its about making it as smooth through the air as possible. Absolutely, but you know with a hybrid, you want your best mpg as well. We have 53 combined mpg on the hybrid milestone. 53 right were pretty awesome, thats the highest weve ever had on an euro so and on this on this crossover style of vehicle. You cant get that anywhere else on any other vehicle, yeah its an led its this, its like a jewel tone and its because thats right, thats right. This is led 100 standard. This is uh. We like to call it the boomerang shape right, and i see you continue that heartbeat right here in the marker lights, absolutely yeah, nice good eyes. This is the brake lights. So this is the marker and turn signals thats exactly right. Okay, so thats right, reverse lights. Thats right, i noticed thats one of the things key has always done. Theyve got them down here. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Ive heard you can put those in the comments down below third brake light is across the top here all the way across the wing. Absolutely i always love when they tuck the wing up underneath. So you can take that back to your designers thats one of the things that we we have it on some of our cars too. I know because you tuck up this wiper blade underneath the blades are expensive. These little 10 inch blades, but also it makes it look cleaner and nicer more dynamic.

Absolutely my personal perspective. I agree. I love that you continue that matte silver on the narrow thats right, so that so that matches the all new logo so thats. You know brief. Yeah and then and the lower balance too thats right that that one is a cool, um, foil kind of material, so that it has a you know, real metal look and it gives it that you know a little bit more tough look for. You know battling the city streets, Laughter, well, lets lets look under the hood of one of these vehicles and you can tell me about the different engines. Absolutely yeah sounds good. So, under the hood there are three different choices: thats right tell me about what we, what our options are: yeah, absolutely yeah. So we have three different versions: we have the hybrid, the plug in hybrid and the ev right. So right here were at the hybrid and this one is a 1.6 liter. Four cylinder actually shares with a plug in as well, and it comes with a horsepower output of 1′ combined 195 pound feet of torque, though so you get the torque because you buy horsepower. You drive torque, you got it, you got it right! Thats, the you know. You pull back in the seat kind of feel thats. What people want right, thats right, thats right on ramp. You know city traffic, stop and go. You know more than enough power. You know it feels really.

You know you feel, like youre driving, absolutely absolutely whats the fuel economy on this, so thats, the best thats thats, the the the thing about this car 53 combined mpg, so its 53 for the hybrid thats right. So what does the plug? In hybrid have the plug in hybrid this one. We talked about range right, the all electric range, so that one we have theyre up to 33 mile of all electric range on that one, and then you get the 53 miles to the gallon, and then you get the hybrid engine after that absolutely yeah. That seems like a pretty good mix, and then you also get that state tax credit and a partial federal tax credit. Well, you got full federal, granted yeah yeah yeah this one actually uh its over five thousand five hundred dollars on the plug in wow yeah. So take that off of the msrp that will help save money. Absolutely so, on the now lets talk about your favorite, the electric yeah so tell us about the range on the electric because thats what people want to know tell us about the battery and how many miles we have to charge and the charging system yeah absolutely right. So when you open this up on the electric aint, no engine all right, but there is a small little trunk area, we got the little trunk the front we like to call it. You know put your charging cables in there and then underneath we have were lined.

The floor is lined with batteries yeah. To give you a 253 mile, all electric range, so theres, one battery option, thats right, theres, the one better option, its the 68.9 kilowatt hour battery pack – and you said 253 miles 253 all electric and is that an 800 volt architecture or this one uses the 400? This one is, you know, just to keep costs down right uh. We do have the 800 volt on the um, the yeah that was like the flagship, weve checked, weve reviewed that you can check that out on our channel and it was a world cardio finalist. Absolutely thats pretty thats right, thats right, really cool design, yes and um that one the ev6. Because of that that architecture, you can charge it from 10 to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes. So what about the nero? How is it the neuro is the same exact stat in less than 45., its 45 43 minutes right and you get zero to 80. Exactly exactly, you know, go grab lunch and youll be good thats. A good thing to do. Okay, lets take a look at the inside sure that sounds good, so were inside the electric vehicle – uh of course, theyre very similar, and they see a lot of similarities to the ev6 thats right, theres, no, no accident thats, my figure, its part of the same family Thats right, thats right, i do love the the initial feel, its kind of like really almost space age, with the lines here that youre just making all these things, ambient lighting that you use thats when you, because you live inside the car, thats right, no matter how Cool the outside looks: you live in the vehicle, thats right, a lot of our customers like you know they have a commute right and we want to make that as easy and you know comfortable as possible right.

So lets start off with safety. So all the state safety is standard right, theres, so much standard on this car right more than weve ever had including our favorite feature of all time, blind spot collision avoidance. Yes, cameras and spectacular turn on the turn signal, and this little screen turns to the camera and and thats great because ill tell you what im surprised. No other manufacturers picked up on that. We love it yeah its amazing because its one of the smartest things to avoid an accident thats right because its so easy for someone to hang out in that blind spot. So so youve got, of course, lane change, departure, yeah, board collision, warning cross traffic, alert, yeah back up, cam round view camera. You got it all. What am i missing that thats right? Those are pretty much the safe exit assist that helps you. When youre dont you dont hit a bicycle, is coming out: children jumping out of the car in the traffic. Absolutely we have a driver attention warning to make sure youre fully alive. You got that one thats right, thats right, thats it it doesnt make espresso for me, but at least it reminds you to go, get one yeah. So the screen here is the same size screen thats in all three powertrains yeah. So this one is one of the you know. The best things about this car, too, is first of all panoramic. Yes right. This one is a 10.

25 inch screen its standard on the ev stand on the plug in its optional on the hybrid right, and then we have this 10.25 inch uh tft uh, meter cluster. This is really nice standard on the ev and but all of them have this panoramic look so its all integrated its all. You know right there more futuristic, absolutely, which is great, because some brands – and i wont mention them – you can ask me in the comments and well see if i answer um, they havent made any changes. I know they did the exterior its the same instrument panel, its like no changes you got to upgrade with the exterior. I think thats really important thats right yeah this, and this is such a you know our customers completely resonated with with this cool curved uh panoramic display absolutely the other really cool one here is this: this display over here its dual use, exactly you know about it. Yes, yes, its hot in the sportage its in the sportage of the ev6, absolutely yeah. So when you have the upper one with a little arrow that gives you all the navigation main screen and then the bottom one. You touch thats your climate control, thats right, thats, right its, not cool. It took me a minute at first to get used to it, but then, once you have it its like, how often do you change all those things? Not that often exactly its just like its also a touch screen too right, thats right, its all capacitive touch, but you can touch the screen and then yeah boom right there.

You know what its so important about. That is some brands dont allow for that. They dont want you to touch the screen right, but then its so intuitive because were so used to that with our phones and our ipads and everything. So this has apple carplay and android, auto integrated into it thats right standard – and this is the new kia connect used to be called uvo right. Uvo. Yes, now were kia connect, oh its all, its all up here, yeah, so right, theres a button. It says kia connect, okay, thats, right sunroof as well. Youve done a nice job upgrades. This feels like an electric vehicle because its a lot of recycled materials that people like im glad you mentioned that one yeah this one, you you kind of gave a little. I noticed it right away, otherwise you get the soft fuzzy stuff. This is the recycled material. This is recycled wallpaper. Really, yes, its all recycled, wallpaper its cool. I always wonder what they do with that old wallpaper that then now we all tear out that now we know thats awesome right right, thats, fantastic, and i assume that a lot of this is all eco friendly materials well yeah. Actually so, with the the the plastics are um, we call it btx free, so its paint base or water based paint and then the seats are made out of eucalyptus, leaves really yeah its like, like leather, its its its. What we call i call it pleather, which is protection, its soft.

We call it vegan leather, oh yeah. I think that was a term that that tesla coined but right. Well. This is really great. So one thing i noticed that kia has always done. Is you have these usb chargers here? Yes, that is great right, because everyone in the back seat wants to charge, and this gives one behind each seat, which i think is thats right and really smart little detail and you can grab it from the front seat too. Right thats, true yeah, thats. True, if youre there, you dont want a bunch of cords hanging, thats right yeah. We have that we have the usba with the usbc and a 12 volt and the 12 volt right up here, yep and then and wireless and then the one obviously yeah. Actually, the little key sign yep the wireless phone charger you know and the adjustable space for the cup holders, which youve been putting in a lot of your vehicles, which is really good, because sometimes you dont, you have a sandwich to put there thats right yeah. You can you can make this cup holders or not yeah. You can deploy them to you. I love it so again, very versatile and yep absolutely and, as you mentioned, we got the usbs here. So the front passenger or rear passenger has access and then have that like this, oh, yes, the back of the seats i have a product called the bag fix, which is for those people that dont have.

What do you do with your purse? Your laptop case theyve integrated it right into the seat. They did that also in the sportage and thats the first place. I noticed that i didnt catch it on that thats not like me. You should catch all those but thats kind of neat, because its rubberized, you could put an ipad there too, if youre in the back seat, like if kids watching a movie right could prop up something right and yeah. I heard that it even helps you get in and out of the car. You can just kind of use it as a little assist. You know thats smart, because people use it for whatever they need absolutely all right. Excellent. Well, thank you for the tour of the nero when you come around to the back. Youve got plenty of storage. In addition to 60 40 split seats, this floor is adjustable, so it can drop down. If youve got larger items, there is no spare tire. There is a tire inflation product, its about light weighting and thats, how you get that good fuel economy and power, hatch, now im assuming youre thinking what about pricing well. Pricing starts in that mid 20s range and well get final pricing for you. We will have a full review of this vehicle coming very soon where well get a chance to drive it. Give you some drive impressions and give you even more details on this vehicle. In the meantime, if you have any additional questions, put them in the comments down below and ill get a hold of mark and well get you an answer.