. This is one funky machine. Im Ben Quirk welcome to Planet auto fully electric powertrain funky looks and it certainly stands out in a crowd and the other thing is its pretty peppy. I mean we know that EV powertrains are pretty rapid anyway, but this itll put a smile on your face. You can see, I suppose, its, what you call typical kid design language. However, this almost looks a bit Hellcat, not what you expected to see big chunky, bumper and some driving lamps down here and even the shaping of the bulbs inside it just gives it character. Im, a soul man and, to be honest, I am it really grabs me nice and easy to charge and, unlike most Vehicles, it charges on the front, but it just makes it easy to drive into the bay plug in done little home charge, itll type 2 charge And Rapid charge it was just something different, its lifted that Commodore Garden shape and given it A Soulful, funky side, and I like it. The thing is: this is built for practicality and its got that in drones. I suppose it reminds me of a Yeti, but lets face it. That was a damn good car, so for Kia to build something with a similar kind of proportion shall we say it was very clever, especially with an electric power trip: funky satin, roof rails, glossy black roof and a pillars thats it a two tone. Car always looks the part keyless entry, color coded door handles and some chunky side skirts, and it gives it an off roady Style with the cladding on the arches lets.

Do the wheels well they suit it. It doesnt look over the top. It just looks its well balanced, yeah, weirdly doors dont cover the cells. This is the one vehicle you think youd see it on anyway. Lets take a look inside nice wide opening door, solid Plastics, but that makes it easy to clean nice and robust this. I, like so youve, got to cut out here as a handle and a Harman Kardon sound system climbing in absolutely no problem and the seats raised up as well as you call it an MPV driving position. I do like raised seats, we had a Zara Picasso and it was a fantastic vehicle. Now, obviously, somebodys decided they wanted the seat on the roof. If you drop that yeah still a raised position, but Ive now got three or four inches of Headroom. This looks fully kitted out nice and supportive, comfortable seats, reach and rake in the steering wheel and The Styling on here rotary the little buttons. Oh, this is cool, looks like these are tweeters its plain departure warning cross traffic alert, wow its fully loaded, lovely infotainment screen and its enveloped into the dash rotary. Dials switch gear feels pretty good, build quality as a whole. Little bit of flex, but still pretty damn solid, looks Simplicity to use the drivetrain too reverse neutral Drive, heated seats, heated steering, wheel, parking sensors, it looks like weve got reversing camera as well. The list goes on its rather Sleek in here.

You wouldnt expect this kind of profile in a vehicle like this. I suppose the key word in this is funky and it carries it off with style right. No old school handbrake lets. Try, the back okay, the door doesnt open as wide as I thought it would, but this looks a decent opening yeah its set for me at six three. It is a bit of a squish in, but it is possible. The Headroom Ive got absolutely no problem. So as long as Im, not so lavish in the front, itd be all good to be honest and get my feet under the seats. Weve got a decent area here, flip cap USB in the middle, oh, its a funky styling, and look at that a padded armrest. I like what I see nice light: headliner no grub handle above the drivers door, but there is one above others and a coat hook here. One map pocket Ive ever understood that oh well, no vents in the middle, but you do have oh comfortable seats. Nice and supportive isofix points its a good practical vehicle perfect for the family. To be honest, right lets take a look in the boot. One thing that sets this car off is the red chunky, styling, interesting lenses. Look. It runs all the way around here, its a really nice design feature and the brand new keyer badge lots of gloss with a blacked out back window. Just looks pretty Sinister, to be honest, which you never thought.

Youd say about a soul seems to be such a kind and cute vehicle decent ride, height too, so you can afford to get a little adventurous. Its a perfect vehicle to say go camping with an electric powertrain. You can get there in double quick time too. Lets take a look in the boot nice and easy to load. Minimal lip tethering points, youve even got. It looks like a Harman Kardon sub in the boot yeah, its not the biggest boot, its perfectly fine for shopping and got a new jaunts got some charging cables down there. One thing that really appeals is a proper parcel shelf. That means you can get some plants in here and all types of things drop in the seats, nice and easy push this, and it increases well pretty substantially 60 40 folding seats and look no Gap. It makes it easy to load big items in especially with the reduced boot lip. The sole is such an interesting vehicle Dynamics. The way it drives welcome behind the wheel of the funky Kia Soul, fully electric – and this is the latest generation, so yeah the overall shape and things just hasnt changed its had styling, tweaks and facelifts. But the essence of the car has remained exactly the same, which I think is key for the soul. Its like a funky MPV lets shut all the windows because for some reason, Ive got every window down in the car. So weve got 153 miles of range and I can see Ive got the energy flow here: digital analog readout and a little fuel computer Music.

So lets see how fast it is Music, pretty quick and then for some reason it gets quicker. Thats interesting. I didnt expect that I expected it to be fast. I suppose that makes perfect sense, because then it will spin, it feels nicely balanced, comfortable suspension and you can tell theres weight behind it because it feels glued to the road like every other EV. But that means its Nimble and agile. Weve got lots of safety in here. At a glance I can see things like Lane. Departure warning road sign recognition, steering thats, not the heaviest, but it is very, very responsive. You just give it a little twist and it just yeah very good feedback lets see what this can do. A 90 degree bend around here sweeping love that sound wow yeah its Lively yeah. This is impressive and considering its Dimensions. It handles that it cruises as long as 60 miles an hour departure warning going a bit crazy. There comfortable suspension, not too stiff and takes pretty much everything and check those for brakes. No highlight is power, delivery. All right so weve got paddles on the back of the steering wheel and thats the region. So if you use the right one Coast more driving modes, ah there we go when it comes to the driving modes. Weve got Eco. No, when you go into eco, you feel its seriously powered down and thats, obviously the best mode to drive in if youre trying to get miles – or I think its miles per kilowatt.

Now, Im gon na pick up its feet and then, if you hit the sport wow yeah, this is a. It also reduces the regen II oops better wheel spin. If you look at the cluster as well, you can see the torque. So when I plant the foot almost 100 and youve got your charger in your power, so you can see when its regening. It also goes red when you go into sport. I didnt expect that yeah a little bit of talk, steer like that very short and sweet, but at the same time, extremely enjoyable. I can see why people buy the soul. Its got like the old school looks lots of practicality, but with an electric powertrain. It completely transforms this type of vehicle immensely fun, especially in sport, but it doesnt seem to really guzzle range, either nice and easy to read everything decent infotainment screen and options throughout price. Well, yeah.