Now, in this video im gon na, take you through the interior and the exterior of the car im gon na show you everything that is new on this 2022 model. Keep in mind. This is probably not the car you want to have if youre planning to do a lot of long distance traveling because of the range of this car, however, is this the best electric city car now lets find out in this video? Now, before we start the video, if you havent already subscribed to the channel, this is probably the best time to do it. Alright lets get started, hey guys, welcome back to the channel. This is the mini electric, the mini that is run by battery power. This is the 2022 model, so the brand new model, its the facelift model, which is a little bit odd, considering that the mini has only been on the market since 2020, but mini gave the regular petrol minis a facelift last year. So while they were at it, they also give the electric a facelift next year mini will release the all new generation mini somewhere around in 2023. Now that car will again be available with regular petrol engines and as a fully electric version just like this version. Now this is the current generation of the mini electric and id say this version is still pretty relevant. It just received the facelifts now before were going to discuss the updated interior and the specifications were going to talk about the exterior design.

What is new here on the outside of the mini electric, the mini electric, always kind of looked the same like a regular mini cooper, especially this facelift model only has a couple of subtle changes compared to the mini three doors with a petrol engine, so lets discuss Whats new here compared to the previous mini electric first of all, theres a new bumper and theres a new grille. Now the grille now has the body color of the car which, on this car is british racing green. The fog lamps are now removed from the lower part of the bumper and are now integrated in the headlights that still have the round daylight running lights. Running all the way around it now, instead of the fog lights, you now get the sporty vertical air inlets on the side on the lower part of the bumper and theres. Also a pretty sporty lip here on the lower part of the bumper as well. Here, on top, you get led headlights as standard theres, a little yellow s, logo on this electric version, and you also get a blacktop mini logo on this particular version as well and theres. Even a hood scoop, which is not functional because you totally dont need it on an electric car, but i have to admit it looks pretty cool, not a lot of changes on the side of the car. Only a couple of things i want to mention, for example, the new turn signals that you got here on the side and they have a little bit of plastic cladding, going around it and theres a yellow s logo again telling people that this is the fully electric Version now the turn signals are now also fully led.

Then lets talk about the wheels these are also new. These are the tentacle spoke wheels 17 inch, looking pretty classy with the black glossy finish and with the spoke design, you also got some blacked out mirror caps on this particular version and some black door handles and looking again pretty classy combined with the blacked out wheels. Now the mini three doors is basically a coupe, so you got these frameless windows here again, looking pretty classy, you also can get some tinted windows, but you have to pay extra for that now, theres, something about this mini electric that i didnt know and thats. The fact that this car is actually a bit higher than a regular mini now this car is definitely not a high car, but it is in fact two centimeters higher than a regular mini now. That is because this electric version has a battery pack, which is obviously pretty heavy, and they dont want this car to scrape on the ground when you go over speed bumps, so they raise the car a little bit, give it a little bit stiffer suspension and thats. Why this car is a little bit higher than a regular mini now they cleverly disguised that fact by giving this car a little bit more plastic cladding around the wheel, arches. So youd probably never tell that this car is actually a little bit higher than a regular mini unless you park a regular mini next to this mini electric here.

On the back end, there are a couple of subtle changes compared to the outgoing model. You now get a new bumper with an integrated diffuser here on the lower part, with some integrators and fog lights. You still get the union jack tail lights. You got these a standard just as the spoiler that you get as standard as well. This particular version again, you had the blacked out mini logo, also the blacked out cooper logo. Now, on the left side of the car, you get a yellow badge, a bright, yellow batch that says e. Now, together with the yellow s patch, on the front, it says s e, which was originally the name for this mini electric, i believe at mini. They still call this the mini cooper, se or the se cooper, or something like that. But you know everybody basically calls this: the mini electric all right lets discuss cargo space now, obviously, this being a mini, you dont have too much space here in the back theres 211 liters, which is not much, but it is definitely enough for your daily groceries. Theres. Also some underfloor storage here as well for your charging cables. Now, if you really want to have a bit more storage space, you have to fold down the rear seats that you can do in 60, 40 configuration. Then you have 730 something liters, which is actually pretty good for such a compact car. Now, what is really clever here in the cargo space is the fact that you can tilt the back seats a little bit more forward, so they have a different angle.

So you got a little bit more cargo space here in the back theres a little a metal plate that you can slide forward. So the back seats will stay up straight now. It does mean that it is basically impossible to seat on the back seats uh when theyre a little bit more angled straight up. But again you do get more cargo space. So if you dont use the back seats or theres only like a small child there, its actually a very good solution, Music, now, according to mini here in the interior, they have used some better materials. Now i have to say honestly: the interior well always felt quite premium in a mini and again it all feels very premium. You got a lot of soft materials on the dashboards on the door panels here on the armrest. It all feels basically like a mini bmw. Now, obviously, bmw is the owner of mini and you can really tell here in the interior. It all feels well again really like youre driving a mini. Bmw. Take, for example, the toggle switches that are everywhere in this car, not just down here, but also here. On top theyre not made out of plastic, they are made out of aluminium theres, a lot of weight to them, and they feel really good. Now lets quickly discuss the toggle switches, because there are quite a lot of them. The one here on top well, one of them, operates the panoramic roof, which is a thousand euro extra or option rather, and the other toggle switches are here to control like the reading lights, the toggle switches down here.

Some of them are also in the regular mini. Some of them are only in this fully electric version so take, for example, the toggle switch that controls the level of regen on this car. This is an electric car, so you can use the regenerative braking system on this electric car. So if you let go of the accelerated pedal, the car will automatically slow down using the electric motor to slow down the car. You will actually win back some energy by doing so and its just a very comfortable way of driving. Now there are two levels of regen on this car now when you start the car, it will automatically be on the highest setting. So if you let go of the accelerator pedal, the car will break pretty firm using the electric motor, but you can also put it on a lower setting. If you prefer that now the infotainment screen and infotainment system that you get here in the center is basically the same system that you got in the previous model, um, which is not terrible, but it is becoming a little bit outdated. It doesnt run the newest bmw. I drive eight system, for example. I believe this is still. I drive six, so yeah getting a bit outdated, its not like super laggy. However, you cannotice that it is running a little bit slow now and then now behind the steering wheel, you do get a very, very cool, looking digital gauge cluster.

You already had this one in the previous model as well, and now you also get this one in regular mini models with a petrol engine. Its a very nice screen to look at the graphics are very sharp and you can see all the information that you basically need. You can also see the range on this car very clear, which is sometimes a bit of an issue, so lets talk range on this car. Now this car doesnt have the biggest battery pack, and that is basically the biggest flaw of this car. The battery pack is almost 33 kilowatt hours, i believe 32.6 and giving it this car an official range of 234 kilometers. Now, obviously, in reality you can never make that you can always deduct at least 50 kilometers from the official range, so lets say on a good day. This car will do about 180 kilometers, which is plenty for most people. I mean i dont drive 180 kilometers every day, rarely actually, but still sometimes you want to drive a bit further and then oh, you get some serious range anxiety in this car. However, this being a mini, this being a city car, it shouldnt be a problem for most people, but you do have to keep in mind that this car doesnt have the greatest range. It is a bit of a shame that they didnt offer a bigger battery in this car. They didnt fill up the entire floor of the car, with batteries im pretty sure on the next generation of the mini electric.

They will definitely give the car a better range. Now fast, charging this car can do up to 50 kilowatts, which is also not really fast. You really need a half an hour to fill up the battery up to 80, and then you still have a range of around 140 150 kilometers if youre lucky so again, the range is not the most impressive aspect of this car. What is, however, impressive, is the handling of this car. This is one of the most fun electric cars you can drive and im, even including cars like the poorest icon, audi e tron rs. This is just a very zippy uh and fun driving car. You know all minis are famous for their handling mini likes to call it the go kart feeling like youre driving a go kart and even in this electric version, its still a very fun car to drive. You know the car is a little bit higher up, but the battery pack actually and makes sure that this car has a lower center of gravity. Making this car, maybe even more fun to drive than lets, say a cooper s. Maybe even a junk cooper works. No, probably not that one, but i think it is more fun to drive than a cooper as you got. The instant torque of the electric motor thats 270 newton meters of torque 184 horsepower so just around the same uh amount of horsepower as you get in a cooper s, but you do get that instant torque, which really propels this car uh makes this car leap forward.

Really fast, the car will do zero to 100 kilometers an hour or zero to 62 miles an hour in 7.3 seconds uh, but it is the zero to 60 kilometers an hour time. That really is impressive, its 3.9 seconds, and it even feels more impressive than that number honestly, when you hit the accelerated pedal on this car, it really goes flying making this car a lot of fun to drive and also in the corners this car handles really well. So all in all, i think this is a perfect electric city car. You got plenty of range for the city uh. If you go outside of the city, you do have to consider the range, but you can have a lot of fun outside of the city. With this car, so those are my impressions of the 2022 mini electric. If you like, this, video dont forget to hit that like button, and if you want to see more videos like this in the future and dont forget to hit that subscribe button and ill see.