There have been very few motorcycles. If you look at it, there are only two: we have the revolt 4v and we have the torque kratos. But there is a new player in the market and the name of the company is open road, its a new startup, its an av startup, and they have come up with this new motorcycle. The open roar in this video were going to cover everything that you need to know about the open draw, or i got a video hindi now talking about the design. If you look at the front, it will immediately remind you of the yamaha fzx, given its round. Headlamp and this cluster right here so fzx has a similar kind of design, uh im, not saying that it has been lifted up directly from there, but it does remind you of that motorcycle. Now you get a led drl right here. The headlamp cluster itself is led. You get the open branding right here and led turn indicators uh. You have the suspension right here and mudguard. These tires uh, you get disc brakes at the front and you get a nice 100 by 80 tire for the front as well. Coming to the side, you will see a lot going on here and its like a boxy, squarish, uh kind of design and right here where the petrol motorcycle would have a tank. Here. You have some space to store the charger and you have some empty space here.

All of this is made of plastic, no, no metals. Here, however, the battery case which rests here, this is aluminium, so its a very strong battery case, and you also get a crash guard right here here. You have this panel with open branding and, as you can see, the ground clearance is also decent uh. You get this bash plate kind of a design, but this is not a bash plate, its just a design element coming to the rear. There. You have the uh rear wheel, which is a 130 by 70 section, tire, 17, inches alloys, and you get a nice chunky, uh tire that air you have disc brakes to go as well. Monoshock suspension, which is hidden right here and the motor is on the other side. So lets come to this side, so you have the motor right here and, as you can see, its a belt drive. So this belt uh gets the power from the motor and then it turns the rear wheel. Here you have the tail lights, which are nice and snug looks really nice. This looks really clean um. You get led turn indicators here, you have the number plate and if you can see theres a lot of gap between the wheel and the mud guard right here, so that actually, you know, gives it a more sportier look um more motorcycle, like look the seat. If you look at it its not very wide um by no means was it uncomfortable for at least for the rider, but for the pillion, if you see this is a very, very small space and its not very wide either its a little sloping.

The seat is single piece, but it has a step up right here, so it the red pillion rider, might slide in the front. However, they do have grab rails to hold on to nice, metal footpegs and they are very sturdy uh. The front foot pegs are retractable, as you can see in case of crash uh. If you fall up, if you have to drop the bike, the foot pegs will go in like this, and so that you dont, you know, break break them in case of a fall. Besides that um, so there is no under seat storage. However, there is an interesting compartment right here, which you can you open with your key and this flap comes off, and here you get a little storage space where you have the charging cable hidden. So you can just take this and plug this in uh to a 16 amp socket and you can charge the motorcycle besides. That theres also space for a usb power outlet and open, has not yet put that into production, but once it comes, you can charge your phone right from here and you can also, and while youre charging, you can also store your phone in this compartment. So that is a good storage space. I only wished that this would have a pivot right here and it does not. It did not come off very easily and the cable for the for your reference is 1.5 meters long. So a longer cable would have been a little better.

You also have a little tank grip here, which is a nice addition. Besides, that everything plastic here uh nothing much to talk about. This is how the key looks, and here you have the ignition – and once you put it on, you have a display right here now, as you can see uh its, not very uh legible, in direct sunlight. We are under sunlight right now and i have to hold my hand like this, so that you can see the uh screen open tells us that the screen is going to be worked upon and they are going to have a brighter display in uh place. Once the deliveries start so hoping that happens, so here you have the range odometer, the speedometer, and here you have the battery indicator as well. Side stand indicator. It also has a connectivity right here and the modes are displayed here, which you cannot see right now it it is visible only when you the bike is on and when youre riding you also have the uh engine kill switch right here. So if you dont want the scooter to be running, you can just switch it off, and this is how you turn it on. So basically, you just hold the brakes and thats the power button right here and now. Oh, i have to take it off. The side. Stand so, which is also a good safety feature, so unless the side stand is pulled up, you wont be able to start the motorcycle.

Now, once the motor is turned on, you keep getting this beeping sound. It is a safety feature. Now. Electric motors are very quiet and you dont really know if the motor is on or off. So this is a nice indicator. Nice safety feature wherein you keep getting this beep and you know that the motor is running and you should not. You know twist the accelerator unless youre ready to move, you can simply switch off the motor like so and turn the bike off. So you have the power switch right here on this side, you have the controls for the headlight. You have the low beam. The high beam and the turn indicators this – and this is how the horn sounds, and you also have a pass light right here now the mirrors, as you can see, theyre short, the mirror themselves are nice and long, but the stem is small. I wish um. This was a little a little wider so that you know you could get a better view of the road, not that this does not work. It does uh solve the purpose, but a little wider mirror would have been much much better. So that was the design and all the functionality on the open, drawer, motorcycle and now lets talk about how it rides. Now, in terms of power, it has a 4.4 kilowatt battery and it produces 60 newton meters of torque. Now oben compares this to a pulsar 160.

In terms of performance and uh, while we have been riding on this uh beautiful track, we did see that yes, this motorcycle has a lot of oomph and it has a lot of power to offer. Now it has three riding modes: it will start in the normal mode by default and the speed on that is limited to 50 uh kilometers. But while we were testing, it went up to 54 kilometers, but uh. On the other hand, you have the city mode uh, which can go up to 80 kilometers per hour and finally, you have the havoc mode, which can go over 100 kilometers per hour um. Apart from that, um in terms of power, delivery, the normal mode and the city mode have a similar kind of a throttle response and the power delivery is very good and it should be enough, while youre riding in the city or in uh stop go traffic. The range when the battery was fully charged was 150 kilometers, weve done about six or seven rounds of the track, and the range has can now come down to 123 kilometers, while in the havoc mode you get a really a good throttle response. A quick throttle response: in fact, this can do a 0 40 in just three seconds and yes, it does do it in the havoc mode, and if you want to go like really fast, the havoc mode is what you need to be in. However, yes, the range does uh drop down when youre in havoc mode, but the performance, and if you want to have a little fun thats the mode you want to ride the bike in now lets talk handling in terms of handling.

This is a really really good. Motorcycle now, the handlebar is not very wide, so handling the bike, tucking it into corners, and you know if you are moving in traffic, you are moving in a crowded place and you want to make your way through traffic. This handlebar is really really good um it. The bike handles really well its, not very heavy. Okay. All the weight is concentrated right here, because the battery and motor are situated right here, where the engine usually is at in the petrol motorcycles, so the weight is pretty proportionate. So you do not feel that the rare is giving away the front is giving away uh. You have a good center of gravity and the bike handles really really well youre going to feel. In fact, we also did some corners on the track and it felt really really promising. The tires are also offering a lot of grip and in terms of brakes, you get two disc brakes or you get. You have a nice stopping power once both the brakes are applied, they do a decent job of stopping the bike and it comes with single channel abs, so safety at that front is also pretty much covered. Now talking about the suspension uh, i found it a little stiff and while i was riding on the track, it feels really really good im, not sure how this will perform in the city. So when we get uh the motorcycle back uh in mumbai, uh for a longer duration, well be able to uh.

You know actually test it out. Now. Lets talk about range now the claimed range on an idc cycle. Uh is 200 kilometers, so um, but weve done a few laps of uh the circuit and the range when we started off was 150 kilometers and weve done uh riding in the walk mode, weve done riding in the city, more weve been testing the bike, pushing the Bike hard and the drain has dropped by about 23 kilometers. So in my opinion it should be uh around. It should be anywhere between 100 and 130 kilometers of true range, but we will be able to test that only when we have the bike for a longer duration. So right now we cannot test the range, but the claims are what they are and uh pretty much uh. It will be in the 110 230 kilometers of range in terms of colors. You have this yellow and black. All these uh motorcycles have a dual tone: color screen uh, so there is uh, the yellow and black, which looks really attractive, theres, also another bike in a red and black shade and theres one in black talking about pricing. Now the open roar qualifies for the fame to subsidy as well as a lot of state subsidies, so the price kind of ranges between 99 000 in states like gujarat maharashtra. You can get this motorcycle for as low as 99 000 and places like bangalore hyderabad. You will get have to shell out close to one lakh 25, 000 rupees.

So basically, if you wanted to buy an electric vehicle, but you do not have a lot of options in motorcycles, you dont want to. You know ride a scooter. You dont want that scooty kind of looking vehicle as your first tv. You want to stick with a motorcycle. Now you have options in the form of the uh revolt. 4V. You have the talk kratos. You have another option in the form of open, roar. Now um, one more thing that i want to touch upon is the battery. So this battery is not only. It is a big battery 4.4 kilowatt, but also it is a lfp battery, which means its a lithium ferrous phosphate battery its not a lithium ion battery. Like you get in the regular uh evs, so the it is 30 more resistant to heat the chances of the battery heating up in this motorcycle is going to be much less than the other lithium ion evs that we see on the road today. So that is another point that you should know, while youre out in the market to buy a electric motorcycle so overall considering the price and especially, if youre, in a state like gujarat or maharashtra and youre getting this motorcycle for about 99 000 less than a lakh Uh, you should go for it. It is much cheaper than other uh petrol uh motorcycles in the 150 160 cc, which this motorcycle is targeting to compete with uh, yes, uh the fit and finish yes.

That needs a little improvement. So we hope, by the time uh these motorcycles start rolling out to customers. Oben does work on that the switchgear quality can be a little bit better and also the display on the instrument console needs to be a lit a little more brighter. So that being said, this was the urban roar for you. We had the first ride experience of this motorcycle and i im pretty happy with how this motorcycle has been put together. It is a very good product, especially if you are in a city like if you are in a state like maharashtra or gujarat and youre, buying a motorcycle under one lakh uh. Let us know what do you think about this motorcycle uh? What would is there anything? You would like to know more about this, so you know, maybe when we get the motorcycle back for a longer duration, we can have those questions answered as well. Thank you so much for watching this video till the end subscribe to motorized. If you havent already press that bell icon so that you get notified whenever we upload our next video, this is ripple signing off.