You guys know i love charging infrastructure and seeing whats going on in the world, and this is one of the most ingenious inventions and theyre going in all over europe. So we are here at bk worlds headquarters, i think uh. They are sort of a general contractor construction company and they are partnering with tesla to install these bk world lounges at a bunch of supercharging stations around europe. So this is we havent been inside. Yet we just walked up we plugged in our id5 somewhere over there at a level two station walked over and um yeah lets go see what the future of supercharger lounges look like. This is pretty cool uh walking up now to the supercharger were in between sort of if you triangulate frankfurt, stuttgart and augsburg, and were right in the middle uh, its sort of this uh little bubble, if you will, but this is a version three supercharger i dont Know how many there are a ton it looks like 16 to 20 would be my guess and take a look at this. This is so cool, so bk world is like a general contractor. I guess they did all the volvo dealerships around europe uh sort of planning. Oh in germany – and these will be going in germany, austria and i think switzerland is sort of the general plan and you can see the the idea here. Is they have an automatic pizza machine? They have an automatic shopping machine uh for snacks.

They have a lounge, a coffee station, restrooms and, of course, charging and whats interesting about this is weve. Had this idea, everyone ive spoken to, has come up to me and said kyle. I have this incredible idea and its going to revolutionize charging and theyre like why? Dont, we just put these little pods next to superchargers, because when youre charging up for 25 30 minutes, sometimes youre in the middle of nowhere – and it could be late at night – and sometimes all you just want – is a coffee, a place to pee and a place To grab a snack well lit, safe, modern, looking and ive always had the idea like how cool would it be? To put some i dont know um, you know, containers next to a supercharger and you know have have automatic vending machines. I think jordan youve heard me talk about the automatic dumpling machine. I wanted to install at different superchargers and charging stations around, but bk actually is doing it, and this is the first of its kind that weve been to that looks this modern. If you guys havent watched it, we actually just did a video of a 200 000 mile tesla model x. In that video. I took you on a quick tour of a, i would say rudimentary version of this, but i even thought that was pretty amazing. So we want to be careful because theres just tons of people around and i dont in germany theres like privacy things and you really shouldnt, just film people like you can in the us.

So you can see everythings charging up here. Looking good all model threes and one model y, and then we have the bk world lounge styling wise. This place looks amazing, doesnt, it just so cool. Looking very modern, looking really like it, and then i do want to take a look at this automatic pizza machine. In a second – but you can see here, you just have your typical entrance sign, which is pretty neat its, not a touch screen, but just some advertisements going for some drinks and things like that. If we walk on over this way, youll see on the right hand, side is all the charging equipment here at this particular installation, really nice supercharger by the way, really really cool, and then we get to the automatic pizza. It says you get pizza in four minutes. Are you kidding me, we got ta, try that what do you think jordan yeah for sure so definitely gon na give this a go after we go inside on a quick tour, but lets go see this for the first time were going to do our best, not To film people if possible – and i really think this is interesting – this is like an odd location because its not off a major highway. We are kind of in the middle of nowhere theres. Nothing else nearby, you can say bk group even has their own tesla model. 3 right over there, but um all right lets go see what we have going on here.

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We go were finally there, so i can change this to english thats good im going to put in an email and password. So i have to register so im going to put in all my details. My registration was successful log in with your credentials and get your personal qr code great, so ill go here, ill log in logging in so thats a one time thing now i can use any of them. I have my own little code that worked nicely scanning out door. Just opens no app needed, no app needed. This is awesome and it is just so cool in here, of course, so theres products that you can purchase over here on the left. So you can see its sort of like you know, trash cans bottle return. I guess you could put bottles in there which is kind of neat, and then you can scan this code and choose whether you want a a cup. If you want a power bank, if you want really good headphones gopro, so if we ever need to film something when were not there all right, what am i trying to say if we ever need extra equipment when were out and about boom gopro right there working Our way, this way we have pretty fresh snacks, really nice waters. Water is a tough one for me in europe, its hard to just get good clean, not spritzy water. I dont know why they like sparkling water so much, but they do and then of course, just just some more drinks coffee machine over here you can do espressos, cappuccinos lattes everything you can tap to pay.

You can scan all of these little items have scanning barcodes. So theres two office spaces as well, so you can kind of do this thing and then you can take a look theres, a little private phone booth office space. If you will wireless charger and it gets really quiet in there theres music playing right now as soon as this door closes, you cant hear anything theres another one on the other side gaming machine, so you could have some fun playing mario kart. If you wanted to – and it just seems like the perfect little area and then take a look at the view out the front here with the charging station, just in full frame its really a nice spot for sure so heading over here, you can see the restrooms Were not going to take you into the restrooms, of course, but just nice high quality, good sinks, good materials, good vibe feels pretty nice and yeah all around a really wonderful installation. I have to say: theyve done a great job here, bk world bk group with these cubes, i think its a wonderful solution, if theres a charging station that needs to be installed in an area thats not necessarily near shops, buildings, restaurants etc. But what do you say now we head over towards the pizza machine out there and we see if it can actually make us a pizza in four minutes, so im really looking forward to trying that we got to give it a one byte score.

But what an incredible place you got: power, ports everywhere, free wi, fi that doesnt actually work right now and um yeah really loving this installation all right. Well, that was pretty cool in there. I would say – and uh just seems like a great idea – tapping your qr code to all the things around that you need that way, its tracked. That way, they know whos doing what i mean, i guess you could put fake info in there. I dont know how safe and secure you can really get, but i think overall pretty pretty good effort. And now you join us over here at the pizza station, which smells incredible because some folks just ordered theirs. So i can tap the screen here and its not in english. So i click over here and i go to english us. Nice choose our products, so we could get a barbecue one. A salami original, margarita prosciutto im gon na go for the salami, and that looks pretty good doesnt. It so order the salami pizza. It says: 8 euros. 90., add jordan, you want anything top left. Okay, jordan wants the barbecue one so well go for that. That looks pretty good order. 8 euros. 90. Add but done hit. Continue. Okay, pay well insert card boom and then it says: try to win a free product. Try! My luck sure this was now a casino. What the heck, okay, i dont think we won anything lost.

So what you should do is two separate orders, then, to increase your chances of winning and then take a look here. You can see we have this. One is searching product search for barbecue and this ones hot delivery. I dont know what that means. Now it says product found, so i did go to the went to the supermarket yeah thats good, oh its clicking its making noises its like contactors on the charging. The fans are on cable coolings on actually no, that was the model, 3. Laughter and so now uh preheating in progress very nice and product search, so its doing two at once, jordan. So it can split the uh power between fans. Just kicked off four minutes 20 seconds remaining thats funny that it starts at that number little pizza update were about halfway through, looks like jordans going to uh beat the salami barbecue seems to be quicker than the salami grande. You know germans dont do pepperoni on their pizza youre, just finding this out. What have you ever seen? Pepperoni weve had a lot of pizza here we havent seen it once yeah. They dont eat, pepperoni. They eat salami on their pizza, which is weird and so yeah. Just i guess we could say juicing up over here and now everyone has left. So we can film freely, which is great five. Four, three two one pizza, oh wow, that was like perfect timing no way and then you get that looks pretty good.

It doesnt look! Half bad, not new york level, but well rate, it thats for sure im ordering a cappuccino, but i forgot to put the freaking cup in there. I was like everything else is automatic. You still got it didnt even say like load up the cup. I dont think no, it just said: yeah pay and then this started going im like is it cleaning itself whoops so got a little bit less milk in the cappuccino but thats? Okay. So is it a cappuccino that im getting? I think thats what you said: ice cream. I dont even know what i clicked on anyway, pretty sick. What do you give the pizza on a score? Uh ingredients, pretty good consistency, not great so whats, the score. Jordan, um, five thats an amateur score. You cant do an even number, no, its even nope thats the ingredients Laughter anyway, thanks for watching another out of spec reviews video. We leave you now from the supercharger lounge at the bk world. This is the coolest idea. Cant wait to see more of these, and let us know if you guys, like these videos, id love to keep driving around at different charging stations and show you what all the different ideas people have are to make charging better. Well, you joined me a couple days later, where i ive actually done a little bit more research on this installation and thanks to my friend christoph, he watched some german interviews and i can provide you with some more information by the way sitting in a wonderful 200.

000 turbo with night vision, and so this will uh youll, see videos on this coming soon. At top speed, cant wait anyway, heres what kristoff said. He said that they plan to do 300 installations of these in the next three years, 100 of them every year. Sustainability is super important. This is why they use a heat pump and wood as building material for the cube. The cooperation between bk and tesla seems to be excellent, so this collaboration cooperation this this partnership. They have with teslas awesome security plays a role, they will illuminate the car parks and there will be an emergency call within the lounge and cameras are also installed. I guess thats about as much as you can reasonably do. The pizza, oven stores, 96 frozen pizza and the oven works with 400 degrees celsius to prepare the pizza. It only takes four minutes, of course, and the next generation of mobile pizza places will do it in two minutes which actually would help with throughput, because we had to wait in line before we shot the video so the two minute one im looking forward to anyway. Just a little bit more information for you about this uh cube, i cant wait to see more of them. Maybe we should show them were inside the walls at porsche. This is like an internal parking uh plaza at porsche. Just massive 350 kilowatt chargers like in every parking lot its awesome anyway, we got to go drive this tycon and rip around so well.