. You may have seen them on the roads. They look fantastic now theyre very retro. In look arent they, but they still look a little bit futuristic. I think now around the front drink this in look at this. Look at these. This retro edge these big squares just coming out in your face and when the lights are on at night time, this this thing looks so cool. Is this ets car? I just noticed that there now the colors kind of like green, but blue kind of like an anodized effect wheels, are huge like a huge dinner plate. Listen to this get your dinner off that it looks great, ran down the side of your car. This is a cool little touch, just if you push that in its just a cool little feels like quality, good quality feel now around the back. This is where it shines. In my opinion, it reminds me of the game. Tetris remember on the game. Boy youve got all these little squares that all light up, brake lights, look fantastic and this thing is a monster. Its pretty big were going to get inside the car im going to tell you about the interior im going to give you the best features of the car and im going to be really honest and tell you what its all about on the roads: Music right im Inside the hyundai ioniq five lets get the stats out the way weve got 215 brake horsepower.

This is the rear wheel, drive version which saves you 6 000 pounds from the all wheel, drive version, and i think you dont really need it. Save yourself, 6k get the rear, wheel, drive weve got 350 newton meters of torque, it does north of 62 in 7.4 seconds. I think the all wheel drive does 5.2 seconds and that thats pretty quick to be fair, but you know 6000 pounds its a lot of money. So weve got a 73 kilowatt battery on this one. There is an option of a 58 kilowatt battery. This is in 73, so youre, looking at around 300 miles range that high and i say, will you get that im, not sure, but one thing i have to talk about now. First impressions, the way theyve designed the miles per hour gauge its like filling up a swimming pool. I just love the design language of this car, its its really cool and again youve got the bvm the blind vision, monitoring system, so theyre hd cameras. So, every time you indicate you can see them pop up in your car left and right, and we saw that on the kia sorrento its got the same tech. This car is so much its so cool its so much fun. Im trying to get my words out lets get driving some more on some cool roads. Music. This is the rear. Wheel. Drive were going to do a naught to 62 im going to get it in sport mode, because weve got a number of drive modes here.

Sport mode lets feel what 7.4 seconds feels like in the ionic 5.. Okay, that was a good little its red everywhere on the screen. I love it here. We go okay, its not and thats, 60.. Okay. Well, you know it was a good start, but then, after a while, you kind of felt all right yeah, it was feeling a little bit more lethargic, but still fun. The all wheel drive is quicker at 5.2. We said that earlier, but you know what im really feeling this ionic 5.. So if you didnt know, probably the best feature of this car is how quick it can charge from naught to 80. If you find a 350 kilowatt fast charger, you can juice. This thing up in 18 minutes 18 minutes that is exceptional. I dont really like filling my fuel up in my car, well around 10 minutes, but 18 minutes is not too bad. When you think a lot of people are out there spending hours charging their car, so 350 kilowatt fast charging capabilities is insane immense, just go and try and find one first. So we have to talk about the interior, its insane its so new and fresh. The fact that you have like a floating center console that you can move back and forward. So if you park really close to a wall, you can slide out the passenger side. Youve got these two whoppers of a 12 inch infotainment screens next to each other, which i kind of think could be made all into one.

I think that would be cool because of the light scheme around the border it its a bit. It could be sleeker. I think connected all as one and a lot of people wonder what this bit is. At the end of the screens, it looks like a speaker, its actually a magnetic board. So if youve got a magnet on the back of your phone, you can hold your phone up there im, not sure if fridge magnets actually work up there, but very cool. If you didnt know what that is now you do, you can put your phone up there with a magnet materials, are great ive, got to say, visibility, its decent as well, and the steering everything works. Weve got another number of drive modes which i havent spoke about. Eco, normal and sport, which are found out throughout the hyundai range. But if you, even though this is rear wheel drive, if you hold the button, youve got a snow setting which will help you, if its a little bit snowy and help with the traction which i think is really cool anyway. Im gon na put it on sport because i love the display. I love how theyve designed how crisp and clear and it looks so futuristic its got – that little red edge and the little square pattern on your virtual display, and i i just. I cannot sing the praises enough of this car, its on the same architecture as the kia ev6, which were yet to try out, but really its so vast inside its massive and everything just feels like they thought of everything like the ergonomic design.

The fact i can sort of reach over press some of these buttons for the climate control – i dont know if id prefer them to be actual buttons, because i was just trying to turn it down a little bit and yeah its okay. I do like actual buttons which they have incorporated as well, but the infotainment is gorgeous. You have plenty of space in this ionic five youve got 527 liters of boot space and inside the cabin it just feels so vast. Now ive got adam sitting behind me. Adam talk to me about your comfort levels back there, man, okay, so im in the uh ionic, five and im actually quite surprised about how spacious it is. I know we keep going on about how spacious it is, but literally you cant not because look at my knee room here, look at that literally acres acres of knee room and this semiconductor moves forward. So you can get even more room. Ive got all my bags. All my camera stuff in all really easy a couple of things. I do really like one. The massive windows you get, really good visibility out of there. Two, the uh heated seat in the rear, is actually on the door and you can grab this really nicely number. Three, the mood lighting in the back is really cool, so it changes color and its just really nice. It makes it look quite futuristic and yeah ill, just say its a really pleasant experience.

I love that mood lighting, romantic straight from adams, words, Music Applause. So how does a 1900 kilograms electric vehicle handle and drive weve got some big corners coming up, weve got it in sport mode? Oh, it does feel a bit heavy. The brakes, oh, my gosh, okay, no they work steering is good. Steering is good. That was a big big corner. You might have heard some some stuff fall over and crash in the back, but this this car feels great, i feel quite low to the ground as well, and there isnt a performance car, but you know what that was some great corners to just throw it around There and it did it with ease and suspension, feels really good its not too firm, but its not too soft. I actually dont know when im hitting a bump, so ive been driving this car for a while now and i have been singing its praises, but lets talk about a few little things that could be deemed as negative ive definitely picked up on them. The white border right around the infotainment screens. I think it could be a little bit dated because its white over time, you might be like uh. I like it right now, but its like a room in your home isnt it. You paint it like a funny color. Its wicked one year, the next year, its out, but with black, that weve seen in entertainments before theyre classic right. They never go out of date and it just works.

So i do think the white, the light effect its cool. Now we like it, but it could be a little bit dated also im starting to feel the weight of this car a minute ago. I wanted to take a a turning and i couldnt i put the brakes on and they just could not slow down this 1900 kilogram beast another thing which i know other hyundai electric vehicles have are the paddles for the regen. I do love that i do think its cool, rather than faff, about in the infotainment to turn it on. Like some electric vehicles, do youve got them here on the paddles and i can select the left. One gives me a little bit more regen. Oh there we go and weve got this thing called the eye pedal on. So if you click it all the way, and you take your your pedal off – that will real harvest energy back almost to a stop to a hole there. We go look at that says. Actually stop the car completely, so i can just one pedal drive. So if you want the eye pedal on, you just have to click the left paddle all the way down until it says eye pedal on, and then you have that setting another really cool feature. My time with the ioniq 5 has come to an end. Ive had so much fun with this car, but lets take the car back and im going to give you my genuine honest thoughts about the car, so that has been the hyundai ioniq 5.

What a car! What a new minimalistic futuristic car weve seen that interior weve seen the exterior its very 80s kind of vibe. I love the retro feel of the car and we took it out on the road and honestly, it was a good fun. Car really good.