Between 14 to 16 uh kilowatt hours per 100, kilometers um Drive mostly 110 of my morning, commute and 120 on my commute home just because I like to get home a little bit faster, but I find that the charge gauge my range gauge is its kind of Like the we call, the lyometer on the gas vehicles for liters per hundred kilometers, it doesnt give a true reading, just because it goes off of what your usage is. Ive only been using a half a charge daily, so Im running about 250 kilometers a day. My commute working back at the 250 kilometers 110 on the way in 120 on the way back, um EC Blair and radio blaring everything else not holding back anything driving an economold right now its because I do cut through town a little bit but uh. I do run just regular mold as well and Im averaging a boat that 250 kilometers is about half a charge. Im uh Im: you know quarter charge each way, so in theory um Ive, never let it get below half a charge yet uh to see the actual ranges. When I get home its usually about 180 kilometers, it says that uh half charge but Im gon na say that uh that its probably more so Music um more so like two something its its probably getting quite a bit higher. So so far quite impressed with this vehicle um nice little compact SUV gets me around quite peppy and uh yeah in my after oh my average charge so far its ranging about three dollars and 75 cents for that um kilometers daily, like I said like if I Was to keep it around 110, both directions Id probably get a little better range, but Im thinking, I could probably pull about 500 kilometers full charge without without any issue and uh and yeah, like I said, is our price of our electricity here in Manitoba is 9.

9. Like two three four cents, a kilowatt, so that equates to like 14 kilowatt hours per hour is like a dollar a dollar 30. roughly uh per 100 kilometers, so thats, not bad. So if youre, only spending about about 30 for 100 kilometers, its pretty good, so yeah makes it on a good day. This would be too 60 Im a three in a bit Im gon na hot rod. It so yeah um jumps up to about 16 kilowatt hours per hundred. If Im, if Im running 120 um or with some wind running 120 kilometers an hour or um, I know instantaneous readouts sometimes were up to 18 to 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. Just because of weather conditions and like I said I dont hold youre right around 120. Just like I do a regular gas vehicle because I want to do a comparison, but overall, quite impressed very happy that I can drive my daily commute from approximately 30 dollars a day, the gas vehicle of getting like 56 miles to gallon um to under four dollars. So about three dollars: what 10 3.80 for that same commute uh worth of electricity, so there you have it um, yeah, so 1400 kilometers! So far its been great cant wait to uh, get my hands on ionic five and do the same test. Api is updated.