Probably before the end of this year were not sure of the variance but its likely to be the 300 with the seven seater configuration, and that really is the usb, it will be the first 7 seater ev in the country. What does it drive like how much space does it have whats the range well ill? Tell you all of that in this video do remember to hit the like button and subscribe when youre done watching the eqb is the electrified version of the glb, which is also coming to india, to put it into perspective its roughly as long and as wide as A hectare but its wheelbase is larger, meaning a ruby interior up front. There is the typical blackened out area in place of a grill, but this one has two grooves that run right across and the big logo that sits in the center. The air intake area is below, and you see a lot of chrome chrome surround on the blackened off area, chrome right underneath underlining the car, and of course you see that led bar that runs from lamp to lamp, which has now become typical of the evs of Mercedes benz and then coming round to the side you see it sits on 20 inch wheels. The alloys have a nice aerodynamic design and its for efficiency. What you see at the back is an eqb logo and if you step further back and view the side profile, you see that it has a nice upright stance with a lot of vertical lines that make it look very suv.

There is chrome that underlines the bottom of the doors youve got chrome, surround on the windows and the roof rail. So it has a lot of suv elements, including nice chunky door handles further back on the side. There is the charging port too, so thats the charging port on the side and then coming round to the rear. You see the tail lamps that kind of wrap around theyve got an interesting uh. Three part element on both the wraparound side and on the central piece on the tailgate and again, the tailgate has that led bar, which is typical of the evs uh. Now that were around at the back here lets, take a look at the boot space um. So its quite a large boot, but this is the five seater version in india. We will be getting the seven seater version, so it remains to be seen as to how much space you really get with all seven seats up, but the tech specs that i have at the moment say you will have around 465 liters to about 16 20 liters In the seven seater version, as well and im guessing 465 liters would mean youd have to have the last row flipped down as well. So it looks like a reasonable amount of space lets flip these seats down and ill do the other side as well, yep, so loads of room for luggage. In case you need to move your house Music on the inside um.

This looks very much like any conventional car would look its not uh. You know very futuristic and eevee like say something like the hyundai ioniq, which is you know. You know its on a born electric platform. Uh people whove driven the glc, will find a lot of familiar things over here. Uh you have the older mbux its a single pane, but its not like what we saw in the eqs which was like wow. Of course, this is a compact car and its much smaller, so its going to be different, you have rotary vents, which are quite nice and they have an interesting rose. Gold color on the inside theres chunky, aluminium elements like bars, which run right across the dash. You see them on the door handles as well, so its this aluminium finish, which looks quite rich and nice, its on the steering wheel as well. Of course, your mbux system has all the controls. Thats one used to the digital dyes are nice and crisp and clean and clear. So all the graphics are really great around the cabin. You have a fair amount of storage spaces. You have the wireless charging pad, which i can see right here. You have cup holders in the center. Of course you have the scribble pad and your host of controls of shortcuts that are right here in the center of the console theres a nice deep bin. Here you have uh usb ports which are back here.

Do i see usb? Yes, there is a usbc port there as well so and storage. In fact, nice big bin in the door for storage space as well so practicality, wise, big glove box, do another nice little shelf in the glove box for your phone over there. So yeah practicality, wise there is ample storage around this cabin and you sit nice and high. You get a good commanding view of the road glass area. Is nice and big, so yeah. It feels good on the inside and of course this is a mercedes quality. Is top class Music and, like i said earlier, this is not as futuristic as as you know, the evs were seeing nowadays and thats, not a bad thing, necessarily because um, you know, theres not too much touch while the screens are touching, where you need them and Its easy access, but a lot of physical buttons in here as well, uh things like volume, control, the aircon controls and even on the steering wheel. While there is that touchpad, like the telephones of today, there is also physical buttons for volume and the other controls, which is something i really like, because i like that tactile feeling Music, so backseat of the eqb um. Now, of course, this is an ev, so you know, batteries are under the floorboard and distance between the seat base and the floor is less so it is quite knees up even for a short person like me, so taller people will find it even more so the Seat base isnt too long, either so yeah.

In that sense, it isnt the most comfortable. But honestly it isnt bad either, because you get loads of legroom. Knee room is ample and theres enough space to stretch your feet out under the seat, so you can get pretty comfortable back here. Uh window area is nice and large so, and you know its below your shoulder line, so it feels quite open and airy its not too wide, but there still is enough room for a third passenger. Let me get in the middle and show you yeah my feet. Can even fit up here because the floorboard is quite flattish. There is a small bit of tunnel up here which im guessing is for wiring, but uh theres enough space for my feet. The console doesnt come too far back into the rear, so yeah you can get three in the back of the eqb as well Music. With a quick look around the car i set off now. What else is really good is refinement and thats, something you always get in an ev with no engine to make noise the electric motor being silent. The cabin itself is quite well insulated as well, so youre, pretty much cut off from all sounds on the outside Applause. The eqb has a 66.5 kilowatt hour battery, the 350 4matic puts out 282 hp and 520 nm of torque, and the 300 puts out 228 hp and ‘0 nm of torque Music. The 300 that will come to india gets to the 100 mark in 8 seconds.

But the 350 that i was driving has a claimed figure of 6.2 seconds to the 100 mark. You put your foot down and its not that whack of power of instant torque and its delivered in a measured manner, but its really quick. I get up to 120 in just a flash in the 4matic versions. The power demand between the front and rear axles is intelligently regulated 100 times per second, depending on the driving situation. The mercedes eq philosophy is to optimize consumption by using the rear electric motor. As often as possible, while the asynchronous motor at the front, axle generates only minimum drag losses in partial load operations. Now it is a high riding car being an suv, but with the lower center of gravity, with the batteries being under the floorboard. Even on these fast sweepers and im going at a pretty good clip here in germany on the autobahn, it feels stable and planted and gives you a lot of confidence, Music at home or at public charging stations. The eqb can be conveniently charged at up to 11. Kilowatts and the charge time is roughly six hours. The eqb can also charge at up to 100 kilowatts and then the charging time is just over 30 minutes from 10 to 80 percent. The wltp range is 419 kilometers for both variants. Music. Now, as far as range goes in the real world, uh lets put it this way, ive done about 163 kilometers earlier on in the morning, i still have around 243 range, so just over 400 kilometers, which is really good, considering ive been doing a really good nick Here about 120 kilometers steady for a long time out on the autobahn and even earlier in the morning we were going up and down accelerating decelerating for our shoot.

So id have to say that this real world range is pretty good Music with the driving done. I handed the wheel over to homers and hopped into the back seat for a bit, so i already told you about the space thats there in the back seat and what the features are that you get and now for the ride quality, which is fairly good. It isolates the passengers well enough, but there is an underlying firmness to this ride. That said, the suspension is almost always retuned for india, so i will reserve final comment on ride. Quality till it is tested there and there are various drive modes. So you know you can switch it between comfort and sport, and comfort obviously gives you the better ride. Quality Music, the eqb is not as part breaking as the bon electric eqs and tilts more towards practicality than delivering a knockout wow punch.