Third, electric vehicle inside an exterior this electric variant of the gas powered gb70, is practically indistinguishable from the standard gb70, its built on the same platform as the normal gv70, but thats never a problem, because this luxury compact suv, has a stunning look and a refined interior. Hello, everyone and welcome back to luxury archetypes join us in this video as we discuss the new genesis electrified gv70. So stay till the end of the video subscribe to our channel and ring that notification bell lets get to it. The suspected genesis egv70 makes its international debut at the guangzhou auto show in november 2021 as the genesis electrified gv70 after the electrified g80 and the gb60. The mid sized electric suv from hyundai motor group owned luxury car maker is its third ev in europe. The evg v70 will compete with cars like the bmw, ix3 and the mercedes eqc, both thermal engine vehicles converted to electric power when the all electric genesis gv70 arrives in the united states from south korea. It will compete with the tesla model y and the audi q4 e tron exterior. The genesis, electrified gb70 wont draw much attention because its similar to the ice version with only minor styling modifications. The fascia has an aerodynamic crest, with an inverted g matrix pattern to emphasize the electric suvs sustainability purpose. The charging port is hidden behind this fake radiator grille, the front bumper side, air inlets are smaller and the bottom air intake is more modest.

The electrified gb70 has special 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels on the sides. The electrified gb70 doesnt have the gv70s grilles or the bumpers vertically positioned tailpipes. The electric suv looks cleaner thanks to the body colored simpler design between november 25, 2021 and december 5, 2021. The electrified gb70 was displayed at the 2021 soul. Mobility show bpd, a youtube channel was in attendance, did a walk around and gave several observations. The electrified gv70 is touted to appear ultra clean and feel more luxurious than the gv70. This shot shows the close up top grille, which gives the front end a cleaner look than the gv70. The polished exterior is also a feature of the electrified gb70. According to youtube channel car sao yongs walkaround. It observes that, unlike the gb70, the vertical side, air inlets are not excessively large interior. The genesis, electrified gb70s interior design is identical to that of the ice donor model. The electric suv has a dual tone: interior and a distinctive 3 spoke steering wheel. The middle tunnel of the all electric gb70 has been reduced according to genesis to provide a smaller amount of second row capacity. The 12.3 inch digital instrument, cluster headset, display ergo motion, front seats, 14.5 inch, hd, touchscreen, infotainment system with augmented reality, navigation and fingerprint identification are all standard on the electrified version. On the other hand, the upholstery and inserts would be different with pure electric model using cruelty. Free recycled and ecological materials genesis offers three interior color options in south korea, including dual tone.

One is obsidian black monotone, two ocean wave, blue pine grove, green two tone and three ocean wave: blue glacier white, two tone: specifications, power and torque. The genesis electrified gv70 is available only in all wheel drive with propulsion motors on both axles. Each motor produces 160 kilowatts or 214 horsepower and 350 nanometers or 258 pound per feet of torque for total power and torque of 320 kilowatts, 429 horsepower and 700 nanometers or 516 per pound of feeds. The gve70 boost mode enhances the powertrains maximum output to 360 kilowatts or 483 horsepower. The electrified gb70, like the electrified g80, has a novel sort of electric dynamic, torque, vectoring or edtvc, which uses braking force and motor driving force to optimally distribute torque between each wheel. When making a turn acceleration a zero to 100 kilometers per hour or zero to 62 miles per hour, sprint takes only 4.2 seconds after activating the boost mode and unlocking the maximum power regenerative braking is enabled by a model. Specific technology called integrated electric booster ieb, which reduces energy usage and reliance on the brakes depending on their taste. The driver can choose between two brake modes: comfort and sport; a zero to 100 kilometers per hour or zero to 62 mile per hour sprint in comfort mode. Normally takes 4.8 seconds. The ev gv70 is the first genesis model to include an suv specific e terrain mode that improves stability in various conditions. Snow sand and mud are the three sub modes of e terrain battery and range.

The electrified gb70 comes equipped with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack that provides a range of 400 kilometers 249 miles under the korean ev certification system and over 500 kilometers under the chinese cltc system. According to the korean ev certification standard, the combined energy efficiency rating is 4.6 kilometers per kilowatt hour 2.9 miles per kilowatt hour. Charging genesis has implemented a multi, quick charging technology that supports multiple charging infrastructures and operates at 400 and 800 volts. The electric power train and inverter are used in this system to boost the chargers 400 volt voltage to 800 volts customers will be able to charge the battery pack from 10 to 80 percent in approximately 18 minutes using a 350 kilowatt quick charger, the v2l function allows The battery to pack up to 3.6 kilowatts of power, global production and release the genesis gb70ev, is now manufactured worldwide in olson, south korea. According to an asia times story, the full production of the electrified gv70 began in late february 2022. On the other hand, hyundai motor company has had issues with the assembly process from the start, since its unveiling last year, hmc has been troubled by a long standing, lack of semiconductor chips and the russian invasion of ukraine has left automakers with a wire harness deficit. In 2022, the genesis electrified gb70 is available for order and south korea with costs, starting at 78.79 million korean won about 62 500 us dollars. The pricing is based on a special consumption tax of 5 percent.

The production of the electrified gb70 has been hampered by a shortage of semiconductor chips and wiring harnesses according to the asia times, consumers will have to wait more than a year from the time they confirmed their purchase to receive their electrified gv70 in 2021. Genesis will debut in europe announcing three electrified vehicles in the first year. The g80 electric is the companys first, electric vehicle, the gv 60, and the electrified gb70 would follow it in australia. The electrified gv70 should be available later this year. According to car, the company announced that three electric vehicles would be launched in australia in the years first half due to a lack of further e launches from genesis. These should be the electrified g80, gv60 and electrified gv70. The gv70 electrified may be the latest to hit showroom floors. According to a previous stuff report, hyundai new zealand, general manager, andy sinclair, stated that the business would consider bringing genesis to the country. The electrified gv70 should be part of the premium brands lineup in the country. Given the governments new carbon neutrality, ambitions in the auto sector, because the government has suggested the clean car standard and clean car rebate sinclair believes that bringing genesis evs to the country makes sense, daz and ancr the electrified gv70s disconnector actuator system dads may automatically connect and Disengage the motor and drive shaft depending on the driving conditions. It comes with genesyss smart regenerative braking system which considers driving patterns real time, gps data and road conditions, while regenerating energy with genesiss eye pedal technology.

One pedal driving is possible in the new electric suv. Intelligent pedal, adding active noise control. Road ancr enhances the comfort of the driving experience in march 2022, the first dedicated genesis dealership opened in lafayette louisiana in the united states. Genesis already has a brand experience center genesis house is a three story structure in new york with a total area of 46 000 square feet. It features a showroom: a south korean restaurant, a tea house, a cafe, a boutique, a light box theater an outdoor deck. According to hyundai, the genesis electrified gb70 will begin arriving at u.s showrooms in 2023. The first two genesis, evs, the electrified g80 and gv60 – will be available later this year after being imported from south korea. With that, we have come to the end of the video.