This is the full electric version of the mini cooper so, as you may know, theres the mini cooper, the mini cooper s and a million other variations. This is a two door: the small traditional mini cooper, but theres, no internal combustion engine, its fully electric well come back to that in a later segment because its a very important part of this car. But for now we want to get right down to our main mission here, which is talking about the audio system. This car has the harman kardon premium audio system in it, and harman kardon is a division of samsung and its a long standing 50 years in the audio business kind of company. They tend to know what theyre doing and they are among the biggest, if not the biggest manufacturer, of premium audio systems in the automotive world. So they have testing facilities and scientists and a lot of experience, making audio systems for cars thats great to uh point. But does it sound good thats, really the fundamental thing and im gon na say again a little bit like my coverage of the user interface, its fairly standard premium, audio fare, it sounds good, but id have to say not great theres, the 500 to a thousand dollar Tier of premium audio – this is in that tier in terms of price point and its in that tier in terms of sound quality. I say that not because i know the price, but i did extensive listing tests using title and kobas as my main sources.

I ran my iphone out through usb to avoid the limitations of bluetooth bandwidth. Bluetooth is a very limited audio medium in terms of its fidelity capability. So i listened carefully to a wide variety of music classic rock modern pop country, bluegrass uh, classical jazz uh, pretty wide variety of music and id say again um. This is not a system thats going to satisfy people who want super thumpy, boomy bass, uh. Coming from my interest in musical accuracy, thats fine, but certainly if youre a hip, hop fan, you might not find that this will deliver enough bass to make you happy from an accuracy standpoint. The bass is pretty well balanced. I thought the bass was reasonably articulate for a car audio system, but you know a six on a scale of 10 in terms of its clarity and base definition and depth going up to the mid range. I would say this system has the classical problem of many automotive systems, where you have tweeters in the a pillar and youve got a mid range driver down here on the door near the kick panel, in my case, its adjacent to my knee. Without going too much into the science of that, the issue that that creates is almost inevitably due to the radiation pattern of the drivers. Theres, a point where neither of the drivers, the mid range driver or the tweeter can deliver its maximal power. And so you tend to get a little bit of a dip in the mid range and theres a slate in our articulateness there.

I tried adjusting the controls on the head unit which allow you to adjust bass treble and balance, but there wasnt really a way to completely correct for that im being super picky here uh and for seven hundred dollars in the audio world. Expecting perfection is uh ridiculous. Just the same way as youre not going to get 750 horsepower in a full carbon fiber chassis for 40 grand. So i thought the audio system was good. It was enjoyable, it was better than the base systems on theyve come on some cars, its certainly a worthwhile upgrade. Could it be better? Yes uh? It could be, but youd probably get into the land of the super premium systems that are being done by bang, olufsen and meridian and burmester to be able to get fundamentally uh a better audio product than you have here. So id say you know pretty good and overall base mid range and treble are in that six to seven on a scale of 10 for a picky audiophile guy like me so totally worth it recommended, but dont come expecting something that this level of expenditure cant deliver. I hope youve enjoyed this coverage of the audio system in the 2022 mini cooper. Se, well do a separate video with my observations about the car itself, because, if youre looking at the user interface and youre looking at the audio system, you probably want to know is this a car. I should be interested in at all.