So what exactly are we doing here with this car and why am I driving and reviewing it? Well, there is an interesting story behind this, so over the next few minutes lets find out about that and this car a little bit more foreign look at the ux300e and its unmistakably Alexis at the front. You get the typical Lexus Grille and the razor sharp edgy headlamps. The bumper has a lot of sharp creases all around and moving to the side. Also youve got these nice looking alloy wheels and the side profile. If you look at it, youve got nice strong, shoulder line. The roof line is sort of straight theres, not too much drama or sportiness attached to it, because it doesnt really slope sharply like a coupe, but you have a nice looking spoiler and at the back. Well, thats, where you get these very distinctive protruding tail lamps, which have a very strong Japanese design appeal to them. All of this put together does give the ux 300E a very distinctive design element, a very nice and a dynamic proportion, and it does stand out from all of its European Rivals, but it despite being a design that is sort of a crossover. Doesnt. Look much like a muscular crossover. It looks more like a dynamic and a large hatchback. Now before we go and tell you more about the Lexus. Ux300 IS driving and performance in case you havent already subscribed to toi, Auto YouTube Channel.

Please go ahead and do that and press that little bell icon, so you can stay updated to all our new upcoming videos and now getting to the in Cabin experience of the ux300e first, the cabin where its a typical Lexus layout, its rich. In the way it looks the build quality material quality – all of it is very nice and premium just like you would expect it in Alexis to be everything, looks like it will age well, and it will last for years to come. So, on that front, of course, its a nice cabin to be in lots of leather, it looks plush the downside. However, to all this is that when you look beyond the middle layer of the dashboard, when you look at the lower part of the dashboard well, there are Plastics that dont really belong in a Lexus and because thats not all. Unfortunately, there is a bit more to be picked on, and that involves the infotainment system. Now, unlike the new NX, which has got a very nice slick, touch screen, this one still employs the old school track pad with a color screen, which is not a touch screen. And yes, it does have Android, auto Apple carplay, but using this trackpad is very cumbersome and I mean its not something you want to do, especially when youre driving. It will distract you and its not safe. So its not good in terms of operation, the UI is not pleasing either so its not an infotainment thing that youll feel comfortable even a few days later, its just not the system you would want.

So yes, thats something that is a big area of improvement for Lexus and I hope whenever they get electric car into India or if they get this one, they should upgrade it to the system that we have seen on the new NX, which is brilliant beyond that Of course, the cabin is nice, its got all the bells and the whistles its got good set of features, and once you move back to the rear, you suddenly realize that all the crossover styling and the size, the length of the car doesnt translate into space. The Ingress egress itself is a bit problematic because of the small doors the seat has got hardly any under thigh support. The leg room is just about okay, the Headroom is decent. The seat themselves are not very comfortable at the back so and from a passenger perspective, the rear seat, experience isnt a very luxurious or comfortable. So that way is yes. If youre looking at a car, which is mostly going to be for two passengers, maybe with kids at the back, I mean thats at best what the Lexus ux300e would suffice at doing, but moving on to the driving part. Well, this is powered by a 54.3 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery, and that is good for just about 200 horsepower and with the weight of the car the size of a car. One might think. Probably the new externality is not an exciting car to drive, but thats not entirely true.

Despite the numbers, the car is fairly quick and it will do not 200 in under 8 seconds, and it feels quick even on the go, so it doesnt really feel slow. It can be a fun and engaging to drive. So while it is a fairly quick car to drive the problem with, it is its traction control system, it never lets you deploy all of the power that you have in this car now, even if you want to go ahead from a standstill quickly, the traction control Is excessively intervening and it will just take away all the fun of driving so yeah I mean when youre driving youre moving along and you Accelerate from a moving position. Well, then, you can still enjoy the power a bit more, but I wish the traction control has a little less of interference in the driving. But beyond that I I mean I think the uh the car drives. Well, the suspension and the right quality is very comfortable. Theres a hint of an underlying firmness to it, but thats good, because that just lets you be a little more engaged with the overall Driving Experience and now coming to the most important part and thats. How long does it go on a single charge? Well, the company claims about 300 kilometers, but the way we have seen it in the daily conditions is, you will realistically get about 250 kilometers with most of the driving done in urban traffic and in eco mode uh.

Well, if you want to line up things, you can engage sport mode, but thats going to take away. Some range, probably get you down to about 220 or so. But when you look at a range of 250 also 250 is not a range which is at par with its European Rivals. If you look at the cars from BMW, Mercedes or if you look at even Volvo well, those cars offer much larger battery packs a lot more performance, a significantly higher range per charge, and even in terms of charging the max the fastest you can charge. Is batteries from a 50 kilowatt are a charging station, so you will be able to take it to about from zero to eighty percent in about 50 minutes. If you compare this to some of the European cars, those can charge way faster and well thats, where Lexus needs to make a big big Improvement and thats, where I think uh the new electric vehicle, if they bring to India or even if they bring the ux Needs some kind of a change, its good to drive. It feels like a Lexus, its luxurious. It drives well, it handles well its very stable. The only problem is its not as exciting to drive as some of the other electric cars are, and it doesnt even go that long on a single charge. So, yes, I mean from a technology perspective, though, like I said earlier at the starting of this video, this is not a car thats going to be sold in India and its not on sale in India.

Right now, we have no idea when Lexis will bring a car in India when it comes to Electric Mobility, but if and when it does, I think the ux provides us a good glimpse into what to expect. We can expect a proper Lexus, a car that is brilliantly smooth and hassle free to drive its very comfortable luxurious. All they need to do is they need to get a larger battery pack.