They said, which is why i found myself on an industrial park just outside munich, but where we are, is nowhere near as important as whats. Behind these doors, come with me, Music, see that that is the mini aceman concept and it is pure electric. Its also very spangly looks quite concept y doesnt it especially in this studio, but you can definitely see all of the mini design. Cubes, wrapped up in the acemon just made a bit sci fi to justify the concept tag now a lot of car companies do this kind of thing to prime the public for whats coming mixing in real future elements with pure fantasy bits and pieces. The trick is working out: whats real and whats, not first up the size now, its obviously bigger than the mini mini. You know the coupe one, but its actually about four meters long now that makes it slightly smaller than the current countryman which in the next generation, is going to get bigger and what a lot of people refer to as a cuv or compact utility vehicle. So its basically a hatchback with a slightly raised stance and some chunky bits, so not exactly huge itll, be gunning for things like fords forthcoming, electric puma and the vauxhall mocha. But basically i look at it and think of a pure electric countryman. Thats been photocopied at 95. The thing is, the ace man is supposed to be a concept car, but i look at it and immediately see mini.

I think this concept is a lot closer to production than they would like you to think underneath, though no one will confirm anything and yes, i have asked it makes sense for me to share bits from bmw, so that would mean the possibility of front or all Wheel drive and the electric motors from something like the ix 1. We thought that it would get a battery capacity of around 60 kilowatt hours, which will probably mean around 250 miles of wltp range in a little car like this, possibly a bit less with the two motor four wheel drive arrangement. But the ix 1 has a 76 kilowatt hour battery and more range and power, so we wont count that out either like a lot of car makers. Mini is embracing electrification in a big way, in fact, its going to be an all electric brand by 2030.. Now the brand itself is actually going to still make petrol powered cars up until that point, but until they make the big switch, things are in the pipeline and the aceman concept is the shape of things to come. But you know what i think i need a little bit of help working out exactly how the aceman came into being. Happily, i do have access to a friend of mine called oliver heilmer, who knows a little bit about mini, because hes, the boss of mini design and im, going to get him to give me his top five things about the aceman that he reckons are the best Bits Music.

First, i love the face of the mini ace man. I love this arrangement of the headlights with the grille and this animation that is running through the entire frame. I mean this is a bit disco, isnt it its a little bit. Are we going to get that old production car? Is that pure not yet? So this is pure concept, the grille will stay as it is. There will be a radar here. Yeah, all the sensors will be be placed in the center, but the rest is concept. Car. Okay, so what about the shape of the headlights is that something well see on the real car so were really happy that we will have exactly that shape in the production car? Okay, as it is so this face. I know it looks a bit sort of jazzy, but this face isnt that far away from what we might be seeing on the real, absolutely its its more its less concept and more reality. Theres one feature its hard to concentrate whats. The one feature: have you seen, those long holes vertical longhorns? What are these yeah yeah? What are they speakers really yeah? What can i play? Could i play hip hop while im driving down? If you want to no actually its that we are communicating a new driving, sound okay, but i like it a lot, but we wont gon na get it in the production at least not visually. Is it loud? Is it i mean its pretty loud its that? What we need to have you know, so a lot of people worry that electric cars are too quiet and you wont hear them, but theres this one, its got external speakers yeah.

I just think it would be good at the beach. Is that wrong? This will be fantastic: okay, next thats, just a roof rack, oliver yeah, but its so special. You know so its a union check yeah. I can see that. Would this make production or is this pure concept? Not yet, but hopefully in the future? Oliver talk to me about the back of the car. Actually i love the taillights. You do like a flashing light, a lot its so fun. You know, and what you see is the iconic union check stylized? Obviously, yes, but if you want to have something different, then you can have something different, oh and its animated. Okay – and this is the fun you need yes somehow so is it supposed to be something a little bit jazzy again, i cant see that being full production, though well were working on it really. So there will be an option. Okay, so you will be able to change what your tail light is thats the idea thats exactly our idea. Oh that sounds like this would be fantastic. You do like a bit of jazzy tale like okay. I think this has got to be one of my favorite bits of the ace man apart from which is my favorite bit, which is the green mossy steering wheel. Is that your idea? Actually it was the idea of the team, its brilliant? I just cant, stop touching it but explain this dash to me whats going on here and what might we see in a production car so, first of all, theres, just three elements steering wheel, yeah instrument, so just as its like a dinner plate of a display yeah, Its around fully oled fantastic resolution: you see how how the colors are coming out and then theres the toggle bar yeah, which is in the classic mini its the same as in the classic menu yeah.

You recognize it because theyve got those chunky kind of big switches and there is a turnkey switching it on and off yes, okay, thats really thin, though yeah its its so fantastic. You know so is that gon na is that real? Well, it looks real doesnt it. What so yeah this is. Actually you can choose your picture if you want right, so you just go through and do whatever you want to, so it really does work. So this is real yeah swipe to change image all right here we go oh and then the projection is changing so thats up there look yeah, oh thats, quite trippy, and what you can do as well is just so. This is the idea of youre. Taking your picture yeah of your favorite pet of your favorite boat, whatever yeah and place it but theres another fantastic mode, which we call the pop up. Okay, here we go. Oh wow, look at that and its all changing. So actually, the projection is an extension of that. What you have on the monitor, yeah, yeah, okay – and if you want to explore you can explore. Please are you hungry or im feeling adventurous, yeah? Okay! So then, oh its its a rude letter, so hes spinning yeah. Here we go oh thats great. It takes you. Yes, exactly so thats the destination, then on your side. So this feels like pure concept sort of nonsense, but actually that that display and some of these functions you could put you could make this – do this in real life couldnt, absolutely so regarding the display um, its close to production, so its pretty thats.

What were gon na get and a very simplified kind of feel to this that was so important for us, okay, to focus on that. What is necessary for many in the future, whats that now, oh, my word, i think ive worked it out. You can throw things onto the dash and you can create new bubbles, an a for ace men. Oh, of course you can or a mini logo. This way this would take hours of fun. I dont know whether this would be fantastic or it would annoy the hell out of me over time, Music, Music. So there you have it the mini aceman concept by the man who designed it dont forget if you want to know more about any kind of electric car, or indeed the kind of electric minis that you can actually buy. Then please do log on to electrifying.