This is teja from qrivi company. So then the pure official dealership, gaura automotive center. So coming to the bike, we call it its 350.. I mean the meaning of denis island beast. Would under memo so uh coming to the vehicle features vehicle features. I mean 85 speed altar and range ochimiku 140 to 150 kilometers mileage also for single charge. So the 85 speed ltd or commander 100 14 inch 150 miley per single charge. I mean you have to charge six hours: okay, six hours, charging just a miku 140 to 150 mileage option. So coming to the looks of the bike: either chassis, two uh dual tone: color slots – i mean red and black uh, blue and black and completely pure black code on it, coming to the build quality of the bike uh without completely metal body, and only a fiber Was used in the you can see here and here point them conclude completely strong. I mean comparing to different other electric vehicles. Coming to the bike: 60 speed, 85 speed altitude, 140 150 miles per single charge. I mean okay, six hour charges, okay, 140 inches 150 mileage for sure coming to the orometer digital meter. So, like you can see here speed than piston d and you know charging bars and piston modes. These mods are nothing but gates. Like i told you in previous video, you can see here first mode 60, speed second mode, 72, Music, Music, coming kilowatt battery, i mean uh equal to single time, charges 150 easy mileage, so the battery you cant remove and charge it.

So then youre charging you can see here. I didnt see anything right till now.