Ev6 is a crossover, um um electric vehicle from Kia uh. This has a um 320 horsepower 77.4 kilowatt battery, giving about 430 pounds of torque, and it is a fast vehicle, 0 to 16. Like 4.6. Now the ev6 starts at 40, 000 uh, but I have the GT line. That starts at 55 MSRP and, of course, if youve got those EV tax credits, it would be slightly cheaper wherever you are so which which is cool, but this car is great. Its got. Some really nice clean lines. It looks stunning outside uh, its one that it grabs everyone and everyones attention. Everyone whos, seeing this car is going like dude thats, an awesome looking car if it looks very futuristic and for its price point. That is just something you want. Uh youve got 20 rims on the car. The car looks really good and, of course, your EV charger port is on the right, rear hand. Side of the car well talk about that when we get there when you step into this vehicle, as you sit down, youve got these kind of racing bucket seats that feel really comfortable, um and uh. They feel really nice now somebodys trying to call me here and, as you drive right in front of you, youve got your heel wheel. That has Drive modes which you can switch between Eco Sports and normal and theres, also like winter as well snow as well. But this drive modes really give you help, extend the battery, but also uh, give you a very different feel while driving.

I really like the fact that theyre there, because you can definitely take advantage of this car now in front of you as Im driving. I have a heads up display, which is great. I also have two 12.3 inch. Uh displays one in front and, of course, a touch towards my right and below. That is where something weve seen some people complain about. We have this kind of touch: um, responsive digital uh, display that Cycles between media and, of course, environmental controls. Do I hate it? No is it something that I wish they had done a better job at it, so I dont have to cycle through yes, but also, I do have media controls directly here on my steering wheel now, the center console in the middle is where you have the power Button which is kind of weird, but I do like it because its right by your fingertips and then you have the heating and cool seat controls off the car. Uh your dial wheel, here your cup holders and then youve got a um wireless charger. Its a car in front of me here youve got a wireless charging pad that will charge your uh smartphone up to size of a Galaxy s22 Ultra underneath is a massive bin. I like it, though, because its great for storage, then youve got two USB ports. Usb a USBC, but they also two more at the back of each seat. Oh sorry, the side of each seat should be correct there, which allows the passengers to back to charge your devices, but also the passenger in the front.

If this wireless charger is used – and you dont want to lean all the way back here so thats, actually, nice seats are really comfortable. Youve got carbon fiber on the very top here and I think the lines are just really nice. Interior, wise plus youve got like accent lights all around, especially at night, when youre, actually driving. Now the back seats have a lot of space so Im six to sitting in the back, I feel like I have enough space to fill comfortable while sitting there plus. I can lean back as well, so that makes it that you know I dont have to feel like Im stuck or I am in a crowded position. The trunk, on the other hand, is massive, because this is a crossover you do have a lot of trunk space. Uh, so I can jump right out and I honestly its its good to have that kind of space in the trunk. Now the frunk itself honestly lets just not talk about it. It is small, it doesnt have a lot of space in there and it doesnt feel like something that I would recommend you throwing anything in there. Its really not worth it to put anything here from now. The overall Driving Experience of this car is really really nice. Ive really enjoyed driving this car everywhere and also again look gas prices are super high right, um, so Ive taken advantage of having an EV being able to drive where I want to go and use that pretty well now lets talk about the infotainment display and what We get with that honestly, its a solid experience if youve got access to your Maps, which you can easily find your EV charge stations by just.

Basically, this is an option right there. That shows you all the charge stations around. You youve got your Kia connect. So you can actually connect its a voice assistant, which I honestly didnt really try, because I didnt see the need for it um and of course you can change the sound controls. You hear it like the sound of the car which sound on a regular basis to whatever you want so thats an option thats. Also there. The heads up display is cool, though, because its got augmented reality and it doesnt just point left to right. It gives you augmented control, saying you look very right for your left or turn right or left whatever the case may be, so you can always be on the road. Sound system is from Meridian the sound, pretty good um and, of course, youve got Android, auto and Apple carplay. So if you use that as well, thats also plus now what about charging the vehicle? So your charge port is, on the right hand, side of the vehicle towards the rear uh. You can open it in the car. You can also tap and open up and Im at 150 kilowatt charge into every station Electrify America. Now, right now, it says from ‘ to to 80 will take about 15 minutes. It says 18, but now its about 15 minutes or so so uh. This car will fast charge 80 pretty quick. Now this is something with EVS that Im just not used to the fact that I have to spend 15 minutes just waiting for this car to actually get to a full charge is again an interesting experience, and I think um talking to super soft who has a Tesla uh, one of the things he just kind of reminded me, is like a lot of people do charge at home, so this is, for you know, top ups that you need especially for long road trips, but with 320 miles uh.

What have I done within this week now? The reason Im charging is because I want to show you I am down to about 111 miles and Ive been using this for a week. I started off at around 300 miles or so and one of the benefits. Of course you do have regenerate breaking, which you have four different levels. Youve got and you use the paddle shifters to actually change that um and Ive kept it on three, which is the second highest, of course, uh, and the reason why I like that is because it does add quite a bit to your uh. You know your battery gives you a little bit more as you move, I dont like the fourth one, just because its more uh, you know its like intelligent breaking. It does mostly like most of the breaking for you, which Im not too comfortable with, but you know that actually adds to the experience. Ive really enjoyed this car thoroughly. I mean I theres nothing wrong. I can say about the car. I would say that Im not a big fan of its crossover height, the crossover feel is great for the car, but I wish this was an SUV. It kind of reminds me of see if he looks like so Im sure well see an electric SUV from Kia, but I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, the interior, the feel everything this car is pretty solid. The drive has been great, and this is kind of leading me uh, more into checking out more EVS as well.

So honestly well see and my system kind of just went off here it. You know it turned off, but anyway you get the idea here and I think a lot of people will definitely enjoy this. So if you guys want to see more videos about electric vehicles, let me know definitely go check out my Tick Tock Channel and my Instagram, because I have some more Wheels trading, just different aspects of the car as well. But honestly, this has been a fun experience.