Gts bang in the middle of the tycoon range its below the turbo models and the base and 4s it cost 237 000 and porsche is saying its. The sweet spot in the titan range. So what do you get with the tycoon? Gts you get the porsche performance battery plus, which gives the gts a range of about 480 kilometers, making it one of the longest in the range. You also get performance of 380 kilowatts with over boost on launch control, thats up to 440 kilowatts and that incredible torque figure of 850 newton meters. It means a 0 to 100 time of 3.7 seconds which, if youre being honest with yourself, is probably all youll ever need from a performance car. So, as youd expect, porsche has differentiated the gts from the rest in the titan range, with some choice, body bits that includes a different gts, specific front. Splitter different side skirts different finish to the base of the bumper, and you also get the turbo s. Tycoon 20 inch wheels in black. As you see here, which look pretty good with the red body work. It really is a good looking car already the titan, but the gts really ups, the sportiness, i suppose, to make sure itll appeal to the porsche purist that wants a little bit more from their electric sports car. So once you get inside the tycoon gts, it really does feel the most sporty from the tycoon, family and thats due to all the alcantara you get in here.

It really is littered throughout the cabin all across the top of this dashboard in the center console steering wheel, which feels absolutely superb in the hands truly racy, as a paw should and, of course, in the doors as well so also as standard in the gts porsche. Has given us the sports chrono pack, which gives you your separate drive modes, so you can just filter through very simply on a steering wheel, dial, simple to use straight into sport plus or sport for your track session, everythings just seen through the beautiful digital dashboard. This one were in has screens absolutely everywhere its got. The optional screen for the passenger as well, but again porsches made this feel incredibly high tech. So we have done a deep dive inside the other titans in previous videos, so do flick through those to have a look at the back seat and all our storage as well. We just havent got time today to go through all those, but its actually were inside the gts like i say it just feels a little bit racier than the other models and thats a good thing, its the way, a poor should be so im out on track At the norwell motor complex, this is the ideal place for porsche to show us exactly what the gts can do it being the the most track, specific sportiest tycoon in the range, and it really gives us the opportunity to open the gts up a little bit better Than we can on the on the road of course, it being a 0 to 100 car in 3.

7 seconds. So what the gts scores is the same two electric motors one front one rear as youll find in the turbo and turbo s. Cars theyre just tuned slightly differently for the gts, give a more sporty feel you also get air suspension, thats tuned specifically for the gts and the porsche active suspension management, thats. Also gts unique again for a sportier feel you also get the sport chrono package as standard that gives me my sport and sport plus modes, just through a little dial on my steering wheel, and the thing is the sport mode as well. Has a sportier sport mode than youll find in other tycoons if that makes sense all right, and just as i start going through some of these corners, the things that that really grab you is. This is a 2 300 kilogram electric car. I can think of no other electric car that can do these sort of things it just has has done so much track work today and the brakes are still sharp. The cars had zero complaints whatsoever, and the thing is, if i just go through this corner, its a pretty fast, quick corner and the car just grips and the turnings beautiful the balance its just asipore should be. They really have managed to nail it with the titan, but just the gts just feels a little bit sharper and in sport plus mode like i am now the throttle is so keen as well.

It really does give very quick response: im just coming down from 150 kilometers now stand on the brakes, and the regen also helps you out. Youve got electronic braking there, helping out so yeah. What is just always mind blowing in this tycoon is just that grip. I mean its such a heavy car and youre just feeling coming out of the corners it just this very, very quick corner, and it just sticks it just holds on its its ridiculous. Its it really is incredibly good fun as well. Despite the weight, it does feel very light on its feet and it does just pull and pull, and when you open it up floor that throttle it just goes and youre at mega speed very quickly. Indeed, and again those brakes just biting and then the turn in it just pulls the nose in beautifully its just a brilliant car. It shouldnt do this. It really shouldnt do this its just a brilliant car. I think if you are going to buy a tycoon and do want to take it to the track, youd be mad not to look at this gts it. The turbo, i suppose, is more for the shoei performance car. If you want to quote all those figures, the ballistic 2.7 seconds to 100 kilometers an hour – i mean this one will still do it, a second slower than that and thats just more than enough for anyone. Surely, but yeah. It just feels very track focused as a poor should be so its its the enthusiast tycoon.

Have it alongside your 911 in the garage so thats the tycoon gts. What do we think? Well, it is a brilliant performance car. The tycoon already is a superb electric vehicle. We know that, but this one being track focused really hits home for the proper porsche enthusiast and as its proved despite its weight. It really is a brilliant handling, brilliantly grippy and brilliantly fast car 237 thousand dollars. It feels like good value in the titan range, and do you really need to get that turbo or turbo s? Well, that might be just for show, because this one could be the genuine one that you do want id love to know what you think about the tycoon gts.