This is the latest. Bmw. I4 e drive 40m sport codename g26. Now let the sheer electric driving pleasure begins here are five things you need to know now at the front. The first thing that catches your eye is this massive kidney grille. If youre familiar with the bmw, m3 or the 430i, the i4 looks pretty similar at first glance. Now, what differentiates this at the front is the blue circle around the bmw batch and also the blue framing around the kidney grille, which also stores all the sensor and radar equipment? Oh, and not to forget the bmw, blue laser light. The bmw i4 comes with a standard m spot body kit which further accentuates the sportiness of this car, especially the sloping roof line. Thanks to the grand coupe design. Now, on the wheels you get, the standard 19 inch m aerodynamic rims. But what we have here is the sportier 20 inch bmw individual wheels, packed with blue m sport caliper. You also get a m spot badge flush door handles for better aerodynamics and at the rear. You get this really slick, tail lamp and below it a sporty blue, highlighted diffuser, but what i love most from the outside is actually this frameless door. Sexy now under the hood, the bmw i4 comes with a single synchronous, electric moto, that outputs 340 horsepower and 430 newton meters of torque 0 to 100 in 5.7 seconds, but top speed is kept at 190 km per hour.

Now, if these numbers doesnt excite you bmw, also has a more powerful m50 variant, powered by two electric motors, that outputs 544 horsepower and 795 newton meters of torque. But i guess the biggest highlight of this car is the electric driving range underneath this car is a 83 kilowatt hour, lithium ion battery that promises 590 km of driving range according to wltp cycle. Now, when it comes to charging the standard ac charger with a 11 kilowatt, charging power will take eight and a half hours for a full charge, while the dc fast charging at 200 kilowatt will, let you charge from 10 to 80 in 31 minutes now. First impression the cabin looks really familiar and what really pops up is actually this massive curved screen like the ix. This screen is tilted towards the driver, more driver, centric position. The front display combines both the instrument cluster and the infotainment system into one similar screen. You get a 12.3 inch cluster meter and a 14.9 inch touchscreen infotainment that runs on the new bmw os 8, which supports both apple carplay and android. Auto now, what is also similar to the ix is the physical climate control buttons are now all located on the screen. Instead, what a bummer? What do you guys think, but what i actually like about the i4 is retaining this gear knob, as opposed to the ix. Having this little toggle to switch between your driving modes, what really takes the kick for me inside the cabin is actually the new bmw, iconic sound produced by world renowned, hence bimmer zimmer iman check it out Music with a slightly longer wheelbase theres, no issue with leg Room, however, headroom is slightly tight because of the grand coupe design at the boot.

You get 470 liter of space, not bad for a copay, but if the seats are folded down, you get an impressive 1290 liter of space standard equipment worth noting are m. Sport steering wheel 3 zone automatic climate control, part assist 360 degree, camera qi, wireless charging, harmon, cardone, 17 speaker sound system and powered tailgate is included, heat up display and sunroof are optional. On the safety front, you get front and side airbags, adaptive cruise control with stop and go autonomous emergency braking lane centric assist lane, keep assist blind spot monitoring, collision prevention and rear cross traffic alert with auto brake and also parking assist plus and, lastly, the price. The bmw i4 e drive 40m sport is priced at 389 000 with extended warranty and service package for more information on the latest. Bmw i4 do log on to