Now we already know the ev6 is a brilliant electric car. It is, after all, our 2022 car of the year, but this is no ordinary ev6. This one has 577 brake horsepower from its two electric motors, one on the front axle and another on the rear. So its four wheel drive it costs around about 62 000 pounds to buy, and on paper at least it can do naught 62 in 3.5 seconds. This is the audi rs3, obviously its, not electric, but its available for similar money. If you go for this particular version, its got less power about ‘4 brake horsepower. It weighs a lot less, though so, thats 1570 kilograms and the claimed not to 62 miles per hour. Time is 3.8 seconds so which is quicker, were about to find out, but before we start make sure you subscribe to our channel, so you can see all of our other new car reviews as soon as they go live and tell us in the comments below what Drag races youd like to see and if youre looking for a new car dont forget, go to for a great deal Music right, so im going to push this little gt button here and that puts everything in maximum attack on paper, at least as ive already Said this car should have the rs3 to 60 miles an hour, not sure about the quarter of a mile, but lets find out what happens in real life.

Three two one go lets go were away. Oh ive got him off the line, i think were away. My foot is absolutely pinned to the floor. Oh my god that ev6 is just absolutely cannoned off the line. That is ridiculous. God, this things fast im pinned im pinned. Is it going to get back at me? No, if anything, pulling out a bit more of a lead, absolutely annihilated. I didnt expect that. Well, my god that was ridiculous. Ridiculous right come on rs3 i dont want to get murdered in the comments. So im in dynamic traction control is in sport. Stop start is off, launch control should just work again. Lets see here we go come on, come on, get off the line, get off the line, but hes away. Oh weve had him off the line, its quite close, though oh my god get absolutely dropped. Oh well. This does sound a lot better though doesnt it. I think we might have him yes and across the line, so it was a surprisingly easy win for the ev6. In the end, both cars were actually very closely matched from zero to 40 miles an hour. Although a slight delay on the audis launch control system meant it was always a few meters behind in the race above 40, the ev6 started to pull out a comfortable lead hit 60 miles an hour in 3.5 seconds and did the quarter of a mile in 11.9 Seconds almost a second faster than the audi, and that was on a relatively low grip, dusty surface on stickier tarmac.

Both cars would have been even faster. Now the gt costs about 15 000 pounds more than our favorite gt line model and apart from a lot more power, of course, what else do you actually get for that? Well on the outside? The car actually looks very similar, although you do get a gt badge. So people will realize youve bought the fastest version. The biggest difference, though, are these wheels. They are 21 inches as standard the gt line, s that gets 20s and the gt line and the air models they get 19s. You also get much stickier michelin pilot sport 4s tires. You probably see those neon yellow brake calipers there they are standard and of course, you get more powerful brakes as well to handle all that extra performance. The neon yellow color scheme continues. Youve got a gt button here and some stitching on the steering wheel. Youve also got some matching piping on the seats here now. These seats are actually different than they are in other versions of the ev6 theyre, not full bucket seats, but they are a bit more supportive. They hold you in place better when youre going around corners. The only thing is, though, is theyre, not electric, so on other versions of the ev6, including even the gt line version, which is much cheaper than this. As i mentioned earlier, you get full electric seats as standard, and you also get a handy feature. That essentially means you can turn the seat into the type of bed.

Youd get on a business class flight by pressing a button down here and thats really handy. It means you can have a snooze or just chill out, while youre waiting for the car to charge. You dont get that on the gt version and to move the seat around. You need to use your own muscle and thats a little bit disappointing, given all that extra money, youre spending, so the ev6 gt has just proved how insanely fast it is in a straight line but whats it like if you throw in a few corners. Well, this car actually has completely different suspension to other versions of the ev6. This car has an adaptive setup, whereas lesser versions of this car have passive suspension and what that means is here. You can adjust the stiffness of the dampers, so you can do that in one of two ways: either by choosing one of several pre selected driving modes. So theres normal theres sport and theres gt as well, but if you do that, then it also affects the steering and the accelerator response as well. If you want to mix and match, then you can do that, but you have to go into a sub menu on the touch screen here and that allows you to say put the suspension in its most comfortable setting but make the accelerator response as sharp as it Possibly can be, and interestingly albert biermann, who recently retired but did a lot of the development work for this car and loads of other hyundais and kids over the last few years.

Apparently his preferred setup is everything in maximum attack. Apart from the suspension, which he reckons is best left in normal, and i can see why actually – because if you make things too stiff, then particularly on a bumpy road, this car gets thrown around quite a bit, particularly when youve got cornering forces involved. It makes it hard to be smooth and this car doesnt really flow along the road very well. If you make the suspension softer, put it into its normal setting, then it does flow better, but then youre left with a bit more body lean, so really youre left with something thats not too dissimilar from a regular ev6. Only that can carry loads more speed into corners. There is, of course, more grip, because this car, as i said earlier, has really sticky michigan pilot sport 4s tires. This is also a tall and very heavy car. It weighs about 2.2 tonnes, so its nowhere near as agile as something like a tesla model. 3 performance thats, an electric car that costs around the same sort of money. As this now, the tesla isnt as delicate as involving as the best petrol performance cars like the bmw m3 and the alpha julia quadrifoglio, but it is incredibly effective at going around corners, theres loads of grip body control is exceptionally good and because of how direct the Steering is it gives you confidence to push really hard close to the cars limits. This, if im honest, feels a bit overpowered for the chassis.

It has fine, if you just want something that can now accelerate 99 of other cars on the road and is also fairly easy to live with the rides, not that much firmer than it is on other versions of the ev6. But if you want a really great all around performance car that isnt just crazy, quick and straight line, but its also capable through the corners, then there are better options. Even in the electric car class. The rs3 might not be quite as quick in a straight line, but its in a different league as a drivers, car its much lighter and has a lower centre of gravity as well, so its way more agile and better steering more predictable brakes and a more playful Handling balance make it way more fun on any road, with corners for lots. More information on both cars head over to our website, whatcar.