Every single penny is being donated to local and national good causes. More recently, we made a donation of 1500 pounds to birmingham childrens hospital and thats off the back of people like you watching videos like this. So if you like, what you see, give us a like hit that subscribe button, and i look forward to seeing you guys soon cheers Music hi guys welcome back to cmd in another video. You join me with the polestar 2.. Another eevee for the channel im really excited to show you a little bit about it. Actually, it certainly surpassed my expectations. In the last few days, ive been driving it its been lent to me by a friend and work colleague whilst hes, making use of another vehicle, and so ive had a really good opportunity to sort of use the car for everything. I would use on a day to day basis and really get to know it a little bit, but this cars really caught me off guard um. It has a few different personalities. Initially lets talk about the exterior and the design to do that. Im gon na have to take you on tour, so design wise. I always thought of this as a saloon, but actually it sort of sits a bit like an suv, its not tall enough to call it an suv, but you can see. I mean the cars on 20s theres, a good sized arch gap there, and then it sits quite quite quite bulbous almost so it turns out after i did my research, obviously pole, star volvos previous performance arm.

Now, electric division actually used the volvo xc40 platform to develop the car. Hence the slightly raised stance. I quite like it, though its got some really really nice design touches. The wing mirrors are frameless. I think the front end this car, obviously black on black, but the black really suits it. Like a lot of electric cars, these days, limited color palette to choose from the boots huge its a great size. You can wave your foot underneath it im really glad that worked. Obviously, you know, excuse camera equipment but cavernous, nothing, you cant fit in there and yeah. I just think exterior wise theyve just really nailed the looks. Everythings very sleek theres lots of really trick lines. Blacked out glass, very un volvo until you get inside they put a nice sticker on here. Just to let you know what model youre driving what kilowatt hour you have, i think, thats something i might be looking to remove if it was mine but yeah. I think overall, i think theyve really nailed the uh the exterior. What do you guys think right lets get inside, and here we are in the interior immediately very nice very simple place to sit, however, in comparison to the tesla model y or in fact, any other electric car driven theres a it feels a lot more closed in Then theres theres a huge transmission tunnel here for what i have no idea: theres a small pocket down the side which is uh, which has got antibacterial hand, drilling interior wise, though its a very nice space, a little bit more closed in.

I actually quite like that feels like a an older car in that respect, but but actually i think theyve theyve missed out on a few tricks in the same same point: theres a small door card theres, one cup holder, which i mean a car like this. Arguably, if i was going to go ev, this would be a family car for, for me, youve got to have two cupholders there. It is, i found it ive thought of it. So if you open the glove box up, which does go all the way, theres another cup holder down here, along with a cloth to clean all of your high black gloss materials. Now, for those of you who watch the channel youll be aware that im not a fan of high gloss black, so we wont mention it. This car has got the grey interior seats are super comfortable ive got lumbar adjustment. I can extend the support under my under my thighs, its a really really comfortable place to sit nice steering wheel, very simple dash. Shall we go for a drive pop into drive like all evs and you go so like i mentioned ive spent quite a bit of time in the car racked up a couple of hundred miles. Its been recharged at home. Weve got a charger at home. Ive got a direct comparison. The wife has a tesla model y. So what im not going to do in this video is talk to you about um, how fast it charges kilowatt hours so on and so forth.

If youre interested in looking at one of these youll be doing your own research into that anyway, what i would say is that, in comparison to some of the evs ive driven, this is performing very close to the range predicted. The tesla seems quite good at it. You would hope so wouldnt you again theyre the benchmark right. Well, weve got an opportunity. National speed limit draw carriage rose if you uh. If you do put your foot down, it will go like a scolded rat and, whilst it is quite dramatic, it does throw you back in your seat and, whilst i might be minded to say it sounds like theres a lot of road noise, i think the reality Is because there is no other noise, it sounds like theres a lot of road noise, but theres not seeing position, i think, is, is really good, really strong, a criticism. I dont think the steering wheel moves enough. So i would like the steering wheel a little bit closer to me, but i am at the maximum level of that adjustment will not come out any further. I know a few others theyve got a little bit more. I think where this car thrives and excels, however, is in making a journey as easy and simple and laid back as possible. Theyve gone for a big screen in the middle uh theyve flipped landscape to to portrait and theyve got their own infotainment system, its relatively easy to follow im, not a huge fan of touch screens on the premise that i feel like theyre a little bit dangerous.

Sometimes, when youre trying to touch stuff and move but its a relatively simple system to follow into your driver modes, you can choose from steering feel you can have your esc on or off um one pedal drive. So if you want that off completely low or standard, and if you want the car to creep theres lots of other assistant modes there, you can choose from itll help you with your charge and a few of the bits. So the car status and all your settings into into locking, etc. If you move on to the main menu as it were, its sort of almost like a um, a tile approach, you have got google assistant, so you can speak to google, hey. Google turn on my heated seats, all right, turning on the seat heater for the driver, so that works quite well. Excellent and those are the other things you can use in there. Theres things like range assistance again great, but not great, while youre necessarily driving doesnt have apple carplay. You can play bluetooth media through your phone through a very nice harman kardon sound system, you can use spotify google maps and it all works rather nicely dash in front of you. Ive gone very simplistic, ive gone with the with the black tab display. If i push a button, i can have a map right in front of me a bit like the audi virtual cockpit, its okay. It works nice, but its of you know no benefit to me and the speeder goes quite small, and this is what its been like to drive on a day to day basis.

It is genuinely a very comfortable, very nice feeling very easy place to drive. It doesnt feel, like you, have to do a huge amount. The pedal is very intuitive um, the regen isnt too aggressive another thing you get, you obviously get a little cubby in the front of the car, very useful theres wireless charging usb c points um that at the moment has got my phone, the car key, my wallet And my sunglasses in – and i would use that as i have done – thats literally how its looked all week, really quick and grab theyve, definitely thought about the overall layout of the car. My only criticism of the interior – and it is genuinely my only criticism – is that i feel like were a little bit more pending and they could have made a little bit more use of the space when you start taking it for a bit more of a drive. You know youre aware its a big heavy car and back to sort of the size im, not an suv, height and im, not and im, not a uh at saloon height, its a really peculiar uh really peculiar place. I quite like it. The car feels solid firm. Its not an uncomfortable ride, you can feel it ironing out a lot of the bumps, but you are aware youre hitting them ive brought it down this road on purpose. I know its not the greatest, but it seems to be doing a good job of managing those.

The other reason i bought the car down this road is, i know it leads to some good windy roads. Acceleration can be very smooth, extremely linear, non dramatic. It really can – and i think i think the car sort of urges you to drive it like that. It drives at its best, i mean right now, 13 or 30, and its just very serene, very easy to drive um it doesnt make you feel like you want to do more, its really really lovely and then on with an upward into the into the fun stuff And the car will, i mean it handles very well obviously, big 20 inches on this car optional extra well worth ticking, i reckon, but it handles handles roads lovely. I think the mid range punch is as impressive as the as the pull off pull off like all electric cars. It just goes very light switch on off. I think the handling for being that little bit firmer, certainly benefits now, where its just very easy for a car, so big and so heavy. Its very trickable feels very competent im on a sort of a wet damp british road windy, and it just feels feels like you could do anything that you asked it to yeah youre away, throwing some weight around, but its lovely. I really like this pan roof. Its really nice its an awful lot of light into the cabin, because this has got the lighter interior as well its not something you necessarily pick.

Is it a grey interior, but i think it really suits the car. All the materials are vegan. Apparently, what that fully means, i dont understand, but i assume no cows were harmed in the making of it at least, and actually you know feels nice feels certainly comfy to sing. I wouldnt say i miss conventional leather for the um for the difference and if that is helping something somehow, then then im all for it. I hope youve enjoyed my thoughts and review on this car.