This is the mini sc or some people call it the all electric mini well to me to me at least this is probably one of the best cars mini has ever produced and lets get into that and see why Music so Music, all right, so actually the Mini sc arrived on our shores in 2020. This is actually a facelift version which arrived in 2021. Okay. So what sets it apart from the pre facelift car? Is this the front end? Everything else is pretty much the same, but the front end is new. Following all the other minis, which also updated in 2021, so instead of the bumper you get in the older mini now you get a hexagonal type face here on the mini sc facelift, theres, no more fog lights; instead, theres uh, air, inlets and thats about it. Everything else pretty much is the same, including the corona wheels. I mean. Sorry, sorry, not corona wheels power spoke wheels so, as you can see, theres not much to tell that its a mini electric okay. How can you tell that its a melee electric well at the front, theres? No more grille instead theres like a aerodynamic, flap uh. Also. What makes it different from the ice variants is that its got mustard, color, accents everywhere, theres some at the wheels, the badges at the wing mirror um at the back theres, none of it except for the badges, but what makes it different from the ice versions? Is this the charging port which, if you can tell its got a big mini electric sign on it? So since this is an electric vehicle, it has a battery, the battery is baked into the car at the floor, pan in a t shape.

So what capacity does this battery have in this mini its a 32.6 kilowatt hour battery? Okay, its not the largest battery in the world, but theres a reason for it and well get into that a bit later. Since this car has a battery, we got to figure out the charging right. So this car supports up to 11 kilowatts, ac charging and 50 kilowatts dc charging now thats the fast fast charging, so mini, says from zero to 80 percent. The 11 kilowatt ac charging will take 2.5 hours and for the 50 kilowatt dc fast charging mini says: youll get up to 80 in just 35 minutes now to get any form of faster ac charging. Youd have to buy a wall box now mini sells you that its around five grand according to the brochure and thats, not even including installation, but if you dont, want to go down that route. This car comes with a home charger. Its not you dont have to pay extra. It comes with the car and ive tried it out and its just a normal three pin socket just plug it in, and i managed to get about 10 in about two hours, just above 2.5 hours like that. Yes, thats not much, but if you just charge it overnight, many says: youll youll need about 15 hours to get it fully charged. I tried it out. It took a little bit longer than 15 hours, but it did charge it full in about.

I dont know 17 hours, usually when an electric vehicle is birthed from an ice platform. Somethings got to give, but in this case the boot, which is small anyway in most minis, is still the same size as the ice variant. Where is compromise is in the back seat, its a bit tighter and thats, because the battery is in the floor. Pan, okay, like i said before the mini se, has a 32.6 kilowatt hour battery and thats, not the biggest battery in the world. It gives you a very small range, and one of the reasons for that, i believe, is because many have tried to keep the weight down. Of course they had the limitations because theyre working on an ic platform, but they had to keep some of the minis characteristics which is like lightweight and because this mini sc is only about 150 kilograms heavier than the ice version. It still has the same lightweight. Fine driving characteristic characteristics as the ice version, but, in my opinion, theres a lot of things in this car that makes it even better than the ice variant so before we move on any further. Here are some of the standard stuff youll get with the mini se. So type 2 charging, cable and a home charger, reverse camera. You get adaptive cruise control, you also get autonomous emergency braking and you get lane departure warning a 12 speaker, harman kardon sound system manual, sport seats, which is leatherette adaptive, led headlights, ambient lighting, dual zone, climate control and head up display.

Oh yay, all right. So if youve never been in an ice mini, then you cant tell this is a bit more squished. In fact, you probably just think its a mini. I expect it to be a bit more squished back here, but there is a difference between the electric and the three door ice mini, but saying that. However, i mean im 55 and im okay back here. I can do a lot of um city moving about here and there im okay, but i think these seats are built for our kids. I mean theres two iso points here and, as you can see, theres a baby seat here, kids will probably be fine in here and i think thats what its for anyway at the front, its a completely different story, which is why i think this car was mostly Built for the two front, passengers – everything in here is as chic as any mini is going to be. I mean theres. All these tactile aeroplane style buttons here, toggles all the materials is nice theres, an anthracite headliner theres. Also an eight point. Inch infotainment screen with apple carplay, no android, auto, unfortunately, um theres also a digital meter cluster here, which is a really really nice one, because it moves with the steering wheel. So youre not gon na get it blocked if you move it up and down. Okay, one of the things thats interesting in this car is when you set it up to your navigation, it can show like a radius in your map and that radius tells you how far the mini can go now, thats a cool feature, and probably one thats useful, Because this car only has for my personal experience, im getting about 160 kilometers, but that is from changing it to green plus modes, but youre not going to drive it in that, because it just doesnt give the mini this character that it deserves.

What youre going to? Probably do is just be in mid, which makes it just a typical mini and thats going to give you about 150 kilometers of range fully charged. Now many says that this car can have about 200 210 220 kilometers of range, but i unfortunately have never reached that. Yet, probably due to my driving style, so yes, apparently you can do up to 200 kilometers, but realistically youre only going to get 150 kilometers of usable range and thats thats me like driving it like how its supposed to be. Yes, like i said you can put it into green plus, which ups the range, but everything is pretty limp. You know, and nothing really is what its supposed to be in a mini anyway see the aircon. Just went really warm but yeah. So 150 kilometer range its. Not gon na get you far far at all, so if you ever decide to purchase a car, you got to put it in your head that you know this is just going to be a urban dweller, its not gon na go far. But if you ever had several cars at home and you had to do chores and you had to do it first, this is the car that you want to be in all right because it is just phenomenal. So you get the mini cooper, the ice version, okay and its got a little bit more power and its a little bit lighter okay.

So this is 184 horsepower and 270 newton meters of torque and the ice version. The mini cooper s has about 189 horsepower and 280 newton meters of torque, so this car is down on power, its a bit heavier, but what it does have up sleeve is the electric power trade which, my god, it suits the character of the mini. So so much all right ill. Give you an example: okay, like in the ic variant, okay, its a turbo charging, a two liter turbocharged engine theres, always going to be ice problems with it. Okay, like i see turbocharged problems with it. Like you know, turbo spooling turbo lag. Yes, although many have done well in trying to minimize that its always still going to have it, whereas in this its a bit like a ballistic missile or just any missile for that matter, you see a gap in the road. You put your target there and you press it and boom youre, just there its so predictable it doesnt really like require you to say: okay, am i going to make it? You are going to make it because you already know what it can do and that gap there youre just there, and you know that the car will reach there in a certain time at a certain speed. Speaking of that, though, this car does tend to turn you into an driver im, sorry for my french language, but its just so much fun, youre, just gon na just drive it like a hooligan.

I mean, oh, my god. Never before have i ever tried to like be this much of a on the road ive, not even its, not me trying its just naturally coming out im, just like having so much fun. I forget, i forget that im being on the road, its just everything is just really really nice. Like i said, the electric power train is nice, theres theres, no legs just like the electric torque is just boom. This is on its going and the steering like any mini is just really tight, really precise, and when you combine that with the electric powertrain, you are going to be pure and simple, it just brings it out of you. Yes, you can try to be conservative because you know you you, you have range to be concerned about, but i tended to forget about the range and just enjoy the car as a go: kart, okay, its like a go kart built for the city, ah its just Its just speechless im just speechless its just so much fun. It really reminds me of the original mini. You know the one that mr bean used to drive, not the modern ones. Why? Because that one was probably manual – and this also has a manual characteristics. Okay, not like proper manual characteristics, but because of the regen braking. It almost feels like youre having like engine braking so its like, if you put it in the aggressive mode before a corner and you lift off the the accelerator pedal itll.

Just like you know like when youre downshifting just go, the engine braking is there and you have a bit more control going into the corner, and that is fantastic. But speaking of the regen, i dont think its appropriate for like slow moving traffic. But when youre on the b roads and youre trying to have fun like this whoop there yep so yes, you have that you know slowing down before the corner, so you can accelerate out, which is always fun bit in the car, but if its slow moving traffic. I suggest you change it to low energy recovery, so what that means is a less aggressive setting. So that means the car will still roll instead of like having this engine braking effect its not the fastest car in the world. You know: youve got the john cooper s and stuff like that, its even like down on acceleration time compared to the cooper s, but trust me. The talk matters in this car and because its instantly there, its just a whole world of fun in this car, and also i i dont know i mean a lot of people say: oh yeah youve got to have the sound of the engine to make. You feel alive and stuff like this, but i should like appreciate quietness now in the car lets. Try this corner look! Oh my god! Look at that! You just everythings just rolling around the car but yeah the car just grips and because the electric power chain is there its just boom, you press it.

You press the accelerator, pedal and boom there. You go thats what its all about in this car, its all about. Pure fun, yeah, i know a lot of people say: evs are fun like the xc40. They labeled it as a fun electric vehicle, but it wallowed around everywhere. It felt heavy. You know like a buddha youre driving a buddha, but this man is because its only 150 kilograms heavier than the ice version. It is still lightweight chuckable fun going around corners, my god man. This is what im talking about. This is what a mini is supposed to be like. There is talks there when you go all out, and that to me is what makes it even more fun its like trying to tame a bull. Ah, yes, this is what a mini should be like and to me, i think, probably one of the best minis ever created. I love it so much despite its drawbacks of only having 150 kilometer range but like if you put it into your mind that youre not going to be traveling. Far in this, you should be around town. You have a fine daily driver, thats, pretty much a go. Kart, okay, a go kart built for the city streets, but, like i said you got to be mindful of how you drive it because it just naturally brings out the bag in you, because its so much fun people say: okay, yeah its now heavier than the ice Version hows the suspension like, like weve, experienced in the xc4 tv, okay, im, not comparing apple to apple, but that car felt really heavy like just felt lumber everything you just hit a pothole and you can just really feel it.

But this car is quite pliant and the balance is just excellent. In this i mean the handling is tight, but it doesnt feel heavy. It doesnt feel like its just going to crash everywhere and its still quite supple, and i like that which presents a problem for many really if they were to like build an ev the next one after this and want to give it a bit more range. Theyre going to have to put a bigger battery theres, no two ways about it. So what do you do? Are you gon na lose that fun characteristic about the car, because its going to be heavier its going to lose some of that charm? This is a problem that mini will have to probably face its either that or just keep this as a limited range vehicle, but you know meaning youre going to have to pull something out of the head to do this, and i cant wait to see. Imagine this with a bit more range with this driving characteristics. Man, i just cant. Imagine it itll just be perfect. Sign me up sign me up for that. Come on all right, minnie i dont know man. This is just too much fun too much. Oh, it is just driving like it is on rails, its just simply sublime. Ah many, what have you done? Youre gon na have yourself a big problem. How do you increase the range without making this car heavier losing some of his charm? I dont know, but you got ta for the sake of electric vehicle fun, so that is the mini sc heres.

Another interesting fact about the mini sc: this is the cheapest mini you can buy in malaysia at just a smidgen under 190 grand. This is what youre gon na get okay, so, like i said before i mean, if you buy this car and think that youre going to be treating it like a long haul, cruiser youre all out of whack there. It has to be treated like a city car, a city, car that mini says, theyve done a survey. They said that most people, many many many customers anyway, they will use less than 20 of the range that this car can give on a daily basis. So i dont know if thats, true or not, but ive been driving it around for a few days now and yes, i havent really driven it all. The way down to like 20 kilometers range, ive always ended up with about 70 80 and ive, been everywhere ive. Even gone to putujaya and back and its still got about 50 60 kilometers of range, so yes, its okay, yes, the range is not the best thing, but if you put it in your head that you want a fun car, one that doesnt need to go to A petrol station every day and that you have to go home at night and charge it. This is the car for you. I really really say you really really got to try out, but with the mindset that youre going to only buy this to use in the city.

Now minnie youve got yourself a problem.