My name is Frank. Gerard. We are located in West Tennessee how about an awesome ride here. Ive ordered this over two years ago, right about two years, 2022 Hummer EV, all electric 1000 horse, four wheel, drive Ive been in a lot of vehicle, but this is this tops them all. I believe, amazing performance Great, Looks GM ready. I did themselves on this one. This is the truck version, its got the lighting package. Youve got the off road lights on the top. They only work on the off road mode and youve got to push a button inside cool lights. These are the main running lights, they look low, but the vehicles. So high they had to put them in the bumper, so it wouldnt be in peoples mirrors feel like you get into a spaceship, obviously were going to have all our buttons power windows mirrors memory seat. How about the lunar map? Music, even down to the floorboard, got a nice heating cool seats, comfortable seats. Plastic is all left on, itll, be just like a new one. Its only got 52 miles Music and it will stay parked until you come and pick it up beautiful display this ones got the super cruise. I guess well turn it off and turn it back on. Youll see it kind of light up on the steering wheel, its red Music, its only on specific roads, but it its actually hands free cruise control. It does the steering for you, itll, overtake other cars, pretty much autonomous driving.

How about this screen here? Youve got your knob here. You can control Im still learning, but Ive got ta. Ive learned a few things theres, all your driving mode. Here you can customize how you want your vehicle to be to handle theres some preset. This off road itll adjust the suspension, how the vehicle reacts Terrain, tow mode and normal. Also it has a crawl mode to go into Chrome mode. You push and hold this button. Music graphic an effect and now weve got four wheel. Steering and this thing will actually move sideway and then you can see the camera. Its got. 18 cameras all throughout the vehicle underneath on the side shows you everything thats around you, obviously inside the vehicle. Now so theres also launch control or WTF watch to Freedom, which is pretty incredible. 0. 60 in three seconds. So you push this button twice. Well, if I had that receipt belt, all Im not gon na drive either I have for launch control. You double tap. This traction control button and you got ta hold it for about a second there. We go cool graphic seat vibrates and its got a humming sound like youre youre, about to get launch, and you are you push the continue button on the steering wheel thats going to lower the vehicle, obviously were not going to do it in here because were inside A building but try to show you the procedure, then you put your foot on the brake floor.

It sounds awesome and obviously Im not going to let go now, but there it is. I was trying to even the seat. Pulsates, pretty cool stuff. All right lets get out of this mode, so I dont take off and tear the doors up all right. So now weve got the navigation, its basically a Google map. I like the fact its got physical buttons, real buttons. Now this changes, you know, whats happening on the on the button, but you initiate the move. With a real button. Heated steering wheel, you can lock the front and rear differential park, assist its got your trailer brake controller, its got a wireless phone charger, even my big iPhone 13 Pro Max fits in here with a case and it charges get. Usb storage got the four panel glass roof. You can actually remove them, put them in the front trunk, and I have just a big open air environment, which is pretty impressive, feels good quality materials, get your own star, Homelink garage door, opener its got regenerative. Braking you push this paddle here and itll slow you down recharge the battery. Also, you can program a one pedal drive. We can use the just accelerator pedal to break and accelerate its pretty cool once you get used to it Im sure I probably forgot a few things, but its awesome thats. All you need to know. Applause lets, get rid of defrost. The back glass comes down to get real climate control, real Vance, USB and USBC.

Those are tire pressure sensors for the. If you have a trailer, so you can monitor those two beautiful 18 inch wheel with some good gear, Wrangler its amazing. They get this kind of performance as of some off road tires. This thing will grip. This is where you charge it: its got a 212 kilowatt battery pack, the biggest powder pack on the market, its about why I weighs 10 000 pounds about twice the weight of a normal F 150. Its got the optional power tonneau cover. You just push a button here that opens up very nice and push this button here that comes up and then youve got this. I had an order with the optional kicker sound system in the back with the LED lights, so you can sync up your phone. This is not the real way to do it. Its better with two hands got your towing package. I believe the towing capacity is 7 500 pounds get your backup sensors and this things built like a tank. If you look underneath Im meeting, everything is – and this is how you shut this – its been waxed ready to go its actually cleaning and you, if you buy it at the dealership, nice touches now. The graphics on the Springs were designed by the fortnite people, people that designed the video game thats, why it kind of looks pretty cool, got both keys on his manual original window sticker. This will be a collectors item they only made so just a few of them.

So kind of one of a kind theres the lights, theyre pretty bright when you turn them on, I guess thats got to be an off road mode and push the auxiliary the digital every button on the screen, and you push this button twice, and this is what Happens, how cool is that and all the goodies are here? Theyve got the charger, its got the 240 plug in thats, the cover for your panels for the roof and, I believe, thats, a complete truck cover very nice, feel its good quality. Weve got an outlet here for 12 volt, so you can you put a cooler back here when them lecture coolers, very nice. If youre looking for a cool, unique vehicle, I believe you found it see if this harm is still on for sale. Go to my website. Sunsetmotors.Com, if its on the website its for sale, if not youre too late, then its gone. I dont believe this will last long. So this is what youre looking for give me a call. We can arrange for shipping also, you can call or text anytime. 731. 686.